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Seagal's New Accuser

Ray Charles Connection

4/21/2010 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0421_ray_charles_granddaughter_EX_02The Steven Seagal alleged sexual assault scandal  now has a Ray Charles connection ... TMZ has learned one of the women who just came forward accusing Seagal of making unwanted sexual advances is Ray's granddaughter.

As we first reported, two new women have given sworn declarations to back up Kayden Nguyen's lawsuit against the star.  One is Blair Robinson -- who claims she first met Seagal at her granddaddy Ray's funeral in 2004.

According to Robinson, she was invited to Seagal's home after the funeral -- along with her father Ray Charles Jr. -- to discuss a job opportunity with the actor.

In the declaration, Blair claims she took a job as Seagal's assistant one month after the meeting -- but on day 1, she claims Seagal came to her room and told her she was required to give him massages. In the docs, Blair also claims Seagal tried teaching her the proper method by massaging her.

In the docs, Blair states, "It became clear to me that he wanted and expected sexual favors as part of my job duties." Blair claims she quit after the first day.

Seagal's lawyer, Marty Singer, vehemently denies the accusations and claims Seagal has "no knowledge" of either Blair or the other woman who provided declarations.

Singer added, "The declarations were clearly prepared by Nguyen's lawyer to be leaked to the media to help bolster his client's meritless claims."


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who the hell thinks Ray Charles grand daughter has the money, the connection and so on. i did not know Ray has a grand daughter. if she was so connected why was she looking for job with him at the first place. she too is looking for a way to come out. now TMZ, would try to find her and she would debute her own TV show. mark it on your calender. she too is desperate like all of them. why did she wait for this long to come out.......please.

1646 days ago


Damn!! Now that I don't blame him. I'd try to put my hands down her pants too!!

1646 days ago


Damn!! Now that I don't blame him. I'd try to put my hands down her pants too!! She is f..... smokin!!

1646 days ago


his lawyer can "vehemently deny" all he wants, but the truth is finally coming out on this low down s*** bag. He is an ugly, bad acting, womanizing, loozzeerr....who needs to get his ass locked up and his ego knocked down about 20 notches.

1646 days ago

Just Sayin    

Females these days amaze me!

1646 days ago


Wish I was a woman Id come forward for some money too. FYI this is why we dont respect women anymore

1646 days ago


How weird is this? Blair used to work for a company I worked for and so did Steven Seagal's daughter-in-law. Small world huh?!?

1646 days ago


Wow... you mean just because he has a history of hiring pretty young girls - to be personal assistants - he may have a predilection for having sex with them?

There is no other possible reason to hire pretty young women, to me a male actors personal assistant? say it ain't so.

If he were half as smart as the characters he plays (& they ain't representing much above the dubble digits) he'd not hire pretty young lesbian women :)

1646 days ago


Anyone who believes what these woman are saying is an idiot, period. Argue, scream, yell, your still an idiot. This is a publicity stunt perpetrated by a couple of wannabe female stars and a once was, but never really was, and still wishes she was cause she can't ride her grand daddy's coat tails no more, airhead.

1646 days ago


Nah, not even Segal is that stupid

1646 days ago


Is she vision inpaired like her Grandfather...? because she may have been sleeping with his aide and did see it

1646 days ago


Is she vision inpaired like her Grandfather...? because she may have been sleeping with his aide and did see it

1646 days ago



1646 days ago


Segal household has always been a wreck.......

One woman sleeps in one room the other sleeps in another room that he never married..... Mix that in with a few assistants and its no difference from a man trying to keep up with multiple wives under one household.

1645 days ago

Come on!    

Amazing how women are unconditionally "demonized" by so many. Because of this, it is easy to see why women do not come forward in abuse cases. This s*** bag had this coming to him. He can only get away with it for so long. About time someone calls him out on his disgusting power/predator behavior. Enough is enough. S*** bag.

1644 days ago
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