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Dr. Drew to Lindsay:

Don't Blame Me!

4/22/2010 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is holding Dr. Drew Pinsky responsible for "provoking" her father's surprise police visit today -- but Drew tells TMZ he's never even met Michael Lohan.

Moments after Michael -- along with several officers -- rolled through LiLo's apartment to check on 16-year-old Ali Lohan, Lindsay claimed that she "agreed" with a Tweet that read, "This is all that quack, Dr. Drews' fault. He purposely provoked your unstable leech of a father."

The Tweet was referring to a statement Drew made recently, in which he claimed if it were his kid he would plant drugs on her and have her -- as a last resort -- arrested in order to save her.

Drew tells TMZ, "I've personally never met Michael Lohan, nor Lindsay. My comments were in relation to what I would do as a father."

Drew added, "I have no direct knowledge of her case, but I hope she gets the help she needs."



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Lindsey is clawing her way through twitter trying to justifiy the train wreck that she has become. It's a shame she and her mother keep blaming everyone but Lindsey. I hope her dad can save Ali before it's too late for her too.

1644 days ago


It seems like that whole family is on something. But Michael, do what you have to do before someone is seriously hurt.

1644 days ago


I am so tired of hearing druggies blame everyone else...

1644 days ago


Dr. Drew is such a smart man. Get your daughter arrested for drugs and put in prison. Yep that'll cure her drug problem. He's such a repulsive media whore.

1644 days ago


You could at least credit me for my tweet, TMZ! Follow me on twitter - OMGTilaPOW

1644 days ago


Lindsay take it from someone who knows you better jump on it things can get bad, oppurtunity keeps knocking at your door come on skank answer it ,God bless you

1644 days ago


Did Doctor Drew advocate this illegal search? Sounds like the Good Doctaor and the Father are in it for Lindsey's money.

Read the orange papers, and end the addiction to 12 step cults, like scientology and the Jonestown type baptists.

Drug war is a quazi-religion.

1644 days ago


I like Dr. Drew, but he should have known better than to comment on cases he has no first hand knowledge about.

Lindsay is on drugs, anyone can see that, however, her Dad is a sleaze, and I don't believe for a second he's only "trying to do what's best" for any of his kids.

1644 days ago


As an ALLEGED mental health professional, Drew should know that no one can truly benefit from "help" if they don't want it. Getting her falsely arrested is a very temporary delay of the inevitable, and might actually do far more damage.

1644 days ago


That Psych Jockey should check into Rehab for his addiction to fame.

1644 days ago


If nobody obvious can help her, may I suggest that the Rolling Stone's Keith Richards get in touch with her. He's managed to be a drug addict for decades and, unfathomably, is still alive. Lindsay may be tabloid fodder, but she IS somebody's child and sister and friend. And she could easily become the headline: Lindsay Lohan Dies. Sad, yes?

1644 days ago


1), The twitterer and Lindsay are likely right. Dr. Drew's public statements about Lindsay gave a big green light to her Dad.

2), Re: "I have no direct knowledge of her case, but I hope she gets the help she needs." ...He is so full of it! He admits he has no direct knowledge. Then how the hell does he know she needs help! Just shut the F up, "doctor."

1644 days ago


ALLEGED is the key word there ManiacalZebra!

1644 days ago


"I have no direct knowledge of her case, but I hope she gets the help she needs." - Then when your asked about her you should probably STFU and stop right there Dr. Drew. That is if you want to have any credibility as a medical professional.

1644 days ago


Hey Doc don't waste you time with this bitch you forget she thinks she's smarter that the average bitch

1644 days ago
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