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TMZ Live: Michael Lohan Explains Himself

4/22/2010 6:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan sat face to face with Harvey Levin today -- moments after he and the L.A. Sheriff's Department left Lindsay Lohan's apartment ... to explain everything that went down inside.


UPDATE: Lindsay is tweeting up a storm. Among her slings and arrows:

- Michael is full of it that she sleeps on the floor with a mattress ... "Hahaha also, just an fyi, i sleep in a bed, it's a comforpedic & it's fantastical!! so that is ah-really ah-rude to say i have no furniture."

- "My friend doesn't drive 100mph!! my dad is the one who drove into a telephone pole!!!! hello! i'm not up ALL NIGHT!!! stop lying!"

- "The police had NO probable cause breaking and entering into my home which is the only place i find privacy ... this is MY personal space."


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Apart from celebrity, this is a family I know so well.

1609 days ago


Apart from celebrity, this is a family I know so well.

I don't know the Lohans personally or specifically, but this family drama is not extraordinary and happens on every street in every neighborhood in every town or city. What makes me mad is how so many choose to dehumanize these people simply because of fame (I guess?).

Reaction is normal, but thought *then* reaction is useful, and I wonder at the amount of the volatile comments here are just reactive to publicize disdain (while chiding Mr. Lohan for doing the same). Weird.

Anyway - couple of ideas:

1. Lindsay Lohan is an adult. Her father cannot and does not have much legal say over her actions, however destructive.

2. Mr. Lohan did have the legal right to conduct a formal welfare check on his minor child. The police would not have cooperated under any unlawful or spurious cir***stances.

3. Mr. Lohan may/may not be a jerk, narcissist, loser, (whatever). Assuming that his only intent is the spotlight is insane. *ANYthing* involving is daughter Lindsay is tabloid fodder. Any father who would just "leave his minor daughter alone" or not care about his adult daughter's addiction would be reviled in any and every community for not taking action or "caring".

Say a pretty young woman in your town won the lottery and became a millionaire. Wonderful! The neighbors would say... she can finally escape that dysfunctional home she grew up in!

And she does.

I guess a bunch of folks posting here have forgotten or don't know that addiction is hereditary (how or why, we still don't know), but that does not mean her parents don't care or love their children who become addicts - especially those who've become sober themselves. Imagine this young (non-famous) woman, suddenly wealthy, destroying her life - knowing her upbringing was rife with parental addiction, egotism, psychological abuse or disorders, even criminal behaviour. One of her parent's claims she's okay, and fit to care for her underage sister, the other parent (sober) seems to be manic about doing anything to either save his older daughter's life or removing his younger daughter from the same destructive fate. He tells his buddies at the bar that he doesn't care he his daughters end up hating him... he wants them to live.

You going to judge this neighbor on his past or his doing whatever it takes to save one or both daughters LIVES?

I've told my daughters that if they give me a reason, I'll stop at nothing, including embarrassing the BJeez out of them - if I have to in order to protect them when they do something dangerous (like drug dependence).

I'm not a "fame wh*re", I'm a parent. I've grown up with an alcoholic parent who became sober when I became dependent, which infuriated me. But she never gave up, and we both came out clean and closer than ever. Had she not taken that step (as I believe Mr. Lohan has, too), I wouldn't have been able to be furious at her for her tough love - OR - for saving my life.

Give this man a break. Nothing happens regarding Ms. Lohan or her sister without media coverage. Whether he promotes it or not is irrelevant. It's going to be there - in droves. It's there when she walks to a car, you think it's HIS fault it's there for anything even **slightly** more interesting??

Last thought - divorce is horrific and destroys everyone involved when contentious. It never stops, regardless of when the divorce was settled, especially when there are children or greedy, vengeful adults involved. Custodial parents aren't necessarily sane, and imperfect parents shouldn't necessarily be disqualified of legal rights, but Family Court is HeII, and the children always lose.

Post/Last thought - Ms. Lohan is on the Hollywood diet of prescription speed. It keeps all the actors/actresses skinny and energetic whenever film crews or gossip cameras are upon them. If she were deep in illegal drugs, she'd be nailed for it by now. She's on Hollywood Skinny, and THAT'S likely why the cops saw no obvious illicit paraphernalia upon entering her home.

Get real, folks. This man is a father and nothing he does will go unnoticed by the media. Saving or trying to save one/both of his daughters is ONE thing that he should get ZERO guff for.

seriously. he's a father - and he's being shot down for caring about his kids? You want him to just watch them die/become addicted/be neglected?? You would never say that if it was happening 3 doors down...

1609 days ago


@166: This isn't political, though I acknowledge your larger argument.

It's not about fatherhood (specifically), either - or motherhood.

It is about the reality that no parents are perfect, all mess up, some seriously with addictions and crimes. Any parent who gets past that, unlikeable or not, deserves respect when he/she takes any step to care for his/her child when their safety or well-being is compromised.

Mr. Lohan is a parent, and one or more of his daughters are at serious risk, one is a legal adult who's fate is in her own hands (barring reasonable, legal action) and one is a minor who... enough said... she's a minor. Minors aren't just cast off in hopes that they may become part of a star-studded A-list scene, even if the other parent's hopes are fully unselfish, thinking it's the best way for their minor child to succeed.

They're wrong - IF - that child is not in a reasonable environment. Man, how does someone retain full legal custody in such a case? Anyone who's ever filled out an adoption application for a dog rescue knows that this parent (Dinna?) would be disqualified. (Lousy analogy, but I've typed too much. Hopefully, point is taken).

1609 days ago


By some of the code words used by Lindsay's "father", he is a big time 12 stepper, and I wouldn't be surprised to find out the divorce happened over his aa attendance. He is obviously trying to force Lindsay into the 12 step world, and being that she probably witnessed aa destroy her family with all it's "codependency" and "detach" nonsense, she wants nothing to do with it. He is slimy like others on here have noted. I have seen many old timer aa members act just as slimy. Lindsay, stay away from 12 step "treatment"! When you decide to quit, you will, and you can do it without 12 step.

1609 days ago

Sheeple Herder    

Yup, she's screwed when an ex-con, druggy, drunk, physically violent crotch kicking, egomaniacal, fame whoring A-Hole is supposedly her savior! These losers will always find a way to destroy each other when they're no busy screwing over other people. You douches defending both of them are idiots! The Lohans are as nasty and vile as they come!

1609 days ago

Meg933 here's the deal. All ANYONE has to do is take a look at Lindsey to see how bad of shape she is in. I have seen her on different programs recently and even the makeup artists must have one hell of a time making her look presentable. My Grandmother is OLD but even she looks better that this child! It is heartbreaking.

Michael may not be the poster board rep for being a perfect husband or father. But he is right about a few things. Take a look around and listen to the tongues wagging about Lindsay's condition. All she has become is a tragic tabloid seller. She is a pathetic joke among her peers. I really don't see anyone else stepping in to try to make this girl understand she needs help badly and actually helping her. Michael is at least appearing to want to try to do something before be receives a phone call or sees it on a TV headline that his daughter is dead. And Ali being 16 and allowed to stay in that environment with her sister. NO WAY!!! She needs to be in a consistent stable environment where rules are set and enforced, not at party central with big sister Linds. And why does it seem as tho Hollywood personalities are permitted in these clubs and allowed to drink etc. at ages that are much lower than the legal limit elsewhere? I have not seen or read one thing about Dina having any concern with these two precious children of hers. The only reports I have heard from her are about what a monster Michael Lohan is or else to see picts of her provocatively exiting a limo at one of the many trendy clubs she frequents. She needs to grow up and realize that above all else her main responsibility should be to her children and not posing and looking pretty for all the cameras. If Michael is the worst of the two parents then none of these children can count on much support in their lives ever. This is just an example of why for some children it is better they are abandoned at birth or even worse before birth.

Even despite Mr. Lohan's past history I am afraid I have to be on his side because if it were my children I would be looking into and exhausting any option I come up with to save them. and as far as my ex....if they didn't want to be on board...they could eat **** and die!!

1608 days ago


michael lohan is S***. the only reason lindsay isn't getting help is cuz she doesn't want to give in and say michael is right.

that man may be on a quest for redemption, but lindsay doesn't owe him ****. he gave up that right by abusing her mother, and then gave up any chance for forgiveness by selling stories to the media.

the only thing that dude deserves is a jail cell. definition of trash, he is.

1608 days ago


Michael is their final hope so maybe people should give him a chance. As far as I know, he gets no money from his children, he's not rich, and attorneys cost a lot! If he has to whore himself out to get the money then fine, that's just the way it is. On the other hand, I believe the mother has and does make money on Lindsay and she has custody of Ali but couldn't care less about either of the children. Why do all you women object so much to fathers actually trying to help their children, especially when the children so obviously can't help themselves? Where would Britney be now if her father hadn't stepped up and helped. Dead? Institutionalized? Young women without fathers, as a group, don't do well. Fathers keep their daughters grounded and on target. Mothers don't have what it takes to do that.

1608 days ago


I hope someone puts a bullet in this guy.

1600 days ago
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