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Bret Michaels -- Stabilized

4/24/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0423_brett_michaels_EX_TMZ_01Bret Michaels is awake, in good spirits and talking ... TMZ has learned.

Ambre Lake, the Season 2 winner of "Rock of Love," tells TMZ she's spoken with people who are close to Bret who say he's stabilized and conscious. 

Lake's tale matches another contestant who has also spoken with Bret's bandmates.

We're told the next 24 to 48 hours are critical -- Bret will be closely monitored.


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Vickie Pruitt    

Bret u are being prayed for the world over....Those of us that have listened to your music over the years love you and I myself know you can pull through.

1612 days ago


Bret was not a very healthy guy I have no ill feelings towards him but all the drinking and hard partying and warped moral character plays a toll on you over time and with his underlying medical conditions on top of all that..that always culminates into one lethal internal coctail for disaster. Hopefully he will pull thru and get his life together and stop doing these demeaning shows so he can have all his random sex with random girls.

1612 days ago


bret iam glad ur stable keep it up baby aim praying for u honey and for our daughters too still praying for a complete recovery keep it up i encourage everybody to pray for bret and his daughters because it does make a difference i love u bret a lot our an amazing person with a gorgeous soul

1612 days ago


I am not going to read anymore of this crap, and noone else should either.
Awake, talking, in good spirits, slurring his words, has double vision. ??? The world is crazy. The man has a brain stem bleed that is still bleeding. The brain stem, the center of your entire being. Come on stop reporting anything at all, this is all a bunch of nonsense. They normally put you in an induced
medical coma in a case such as this. Next I will hear he's walking around too. Unbelieveable!!!!!! I do wish him the best possible outcome. A literal life and death situation and the reports of these things I have read is disgraceful.

1612 days ago


I found it to be a bit strange for him to be awake and talking that quickly after suffering a brain bleed so that one is somewhat over exaggerated. If he does pull through this I wonder if he will Stop doing all the sinful things that he has been doing? Sure hope for his own good that he changes the way he leads his life for himself and his children.

1611 days ago


I had always enjoyed Bret Hart's reality show. I didn't agree with the multitude of girls he had to deal with. I always thought he needed a real woman to tame, but once a rocker with his groupies, always a rocker with more groupies.

I like Bret and am enjoying him on The Apprentice. I wish the best for him and his family a speedy recovery. My prayers are with you. Much love, Linda

1611 days ago

Gloria Kurkowski    

I'm beyond confused with all the MRI's with contrast/CAT scans,etc.,and all these "neurological specialists" we have, our country with the best health care in the country. This creative young man has been lying in a hospital with conflictive reports, "in critical condition", "stable condition", "mumbling and talking". Does anyone know what's really going on? As a nurse, watch the video where he gets hit in the head (it's on the celebrity shows, Doctors', get some intelligent people in there who can zone in the approximate area, use the equipment you have and DO something. If I were his family, I'd be livid with the care he's not getting. The longer this goes on, the worse this can get. GK

1611 days ago


I do hope if this was due to drugs that his family has the strength to come forward and educate the so many people they can reach due to Brets celebrity. I very much do not think they will though, and will probably keep the truth to themselves. I urge those that do these recreational activities that when you hit the mid-40s, you are at a severe risk of a stroke, depending on your artery make-up and such, the amount of use of any type of drug whatsoever, and what kind of drug etc is used, and amount of alcohol intake, and amount of smoking intake, and not taking good care of yourself with diet, and the length of all these, and the continuing damage that is happening to your arteries/veins. This damage cannot be reversed.
Also, if you have heard of a drug that can be used in the first three hours of a stroke, it cannot be used on a person that this is the suspected cause.
If you are young and doing this STOP NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not wait, unless you want to be 40 in diapers, drooling, laying in a nursing home or having a family member care 24hrs a day for you, have a feeding tube, a hole in your throat and a respirator to breath, half of your skull removed to enter the brain, which will be an indent forever with no skull there, as to put back the piece of skull is more dangerous than not putting it back in, unable to speak or speak a few words, unable to walk, paralyzed, unable to read, unable to write, and so much more. And the daily torture of your family as they relive every single decision and always wonder what was the right choices that you would have truly wanted, as most of us do not know when seriously confronted with this and you are incapacitated. Do not think they will not be asked to "decide" your fate, though they do not use the word decide, yes your family will have to. As your family is hearing all that will be your prognosis, nothing matters to them at the time except that you will be alive. What is worse, being able to see your loved one, or having them live a life like that....I still don't know. And imagine being the one that had to decide this. Do not put your family through this. Nothing comes of this "recreational behavior but heartache and destruction. Live your life to the fullest and appreciate every single moment of it and respect your body and your loved ones. Life is truly a gift.

1611 days ago

donna mccormick    

I am praying for you Bret. I hope you have a speedy recovery. I am also praying for your family. Get well soon

1610 days ago

Jeff Keith    

Bret, I have been praying for you to recover, I am 51, I have always loved Poison and all your tunes. Hang in there man ! The World is not ready for you to leave us yet !!

1610 days ago

donna mccormick    


Prayers are with you and your family. Hope you have a speedy recovery. Alot of fans are thinking of you

1610 days ago

Jeff Keith    

I have just learned that his condition is stable !!

1610 days ago


Stable means, laying quietly with no change. been there, know it.
those who think this is something simple and he will be jumping around sometime, will find out in time. i love bret...sorry this has happened, but know all too well the outcome. those who insist this nonsense, be prepared.

1610 days ago

Jeff Keith    

He is awake and in good spirits !

1610 days ago


oh come on now, yes, my husband was so awake from this and in good spirits it was amazing. NO, NO, NO, he was put into a medically induced coma due to the pain and seriousness and most likely passing away. i dont care who says what, until I see this miracle I dont believe one word of it. i will go so far as to say he has a hole in his head and a machine the is draining out the fluid on his brain, what the hell is wrong with everyone. i would love to say he is sooooo consious and so much in good spirits. no way, no how, be prepared. the man is disabled as he lays, 120%, enough of this nonsense reporting to appease the public and enough of the people that think they know about this subject. whether he lives or dies, trust me, noone but family will ever know the real truth of the whole incident, this is a guarantee.

1610 days ago
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