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Charlie Sheen -- Marriage in Limbo

4/24/2010 11:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's marriage to Brooke Mueller is on life support, but Brooke has not decided to move out of the house or end the marriage ... at least not yet.

"Brooke is absolutely frickin' ballistic that he is seeing this hooker while she is working on the marriage," a source very, very close to the situation tells TMZ.

Photos surfaced last week of Charlie wearing a disguise and allegedly leaving a high-end hooker's apartment, something Charlie's rep denies. 

Several magazines are reporting that Brooke has moved out of the house and the couple is splitting, but we're told that hasn't happened. One source says, "Brooke's stuff is still at the house.  She spent the last two days living at a spa, but she hasn't moved out and she hasn't split with Charlie."

The source adds, "She's absolutely crazed that her children's father would shave his head, put on a disguise, wearing pajama bottoms and come out of a hooker's house so that some day his children will see this."

Brooke is telling people, "I've had it" -- but we're told she had not decided to leave Charlie. They are still talking and texting multiple times a day.


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What about the kids ?
My God they didn't choose to have such losers as parents.

1643 days ago


Krazy Kooky Klown and Balls are pediphiles. Look it up!! Gottcha now, jail is awaiting!!!

1643 days ago


How about the fact that one day Charlie's kids will know he is a WOMAN BEATING, DRUG USING, MORALLY BANKRUPT REPROBATE. That guy nees to do us all a favor and end his own life. Do it Charlie, do it!

1643 days ago


These comments are disgusting!

If I were Brooke (and I have been in her shoes with an abusive, alcoholic, chronic cheater of a husband who can charm anyone into thinking he's a GREAT guy, just minus the millions of $$) I would get the help I need to be sober, and leave him in order to focus on my children. I would become GOOD friends with Denise Richards and learn from her. Sometimes, you gotta leave someone even if you do still love them. I wish her and those beautiful babies well, and will NEVER look at Mr. Sheen the same way again... I mean, a hooker?! Did he NOT learn a thing from the whole Heidi Fleiss ordeal?! Idiot!

1643 days ago


In a sense Brook has no business being pissed off. I'm not condoning Charlie's actions, but this is who he is and how he's lived his entire life... from one bed to another, sleeping with other women while in a 'relationship', paying for sex, et all.
His affairs and violent behavior has been in the press many many times over the years. Any woman who gets into a relationship with him is only asking for an abusive, unloved, unstable life.

1643 days ago


Charlie, if you don't slow down on these divorces, you'll end up having to borrow money from Randy Quaid. You were better off with Heidi's crew.

1643 days ago

Al Janes    

really folks... is anyone surprised about any of this. Mr Sheen can and will do whatever he wants....he is The Sheen!! Don't Believe me.. check it out at

1643 days ago

he still looks nice    

He's so beuitful I saw his new look and I thought he's so neat
I wouldn't anyone to know who I am and I sure as hell wouldn't want make my face apparent, his wife and the women that are around him are just like "wow" amazing, they look like barbies, I would be just to embarrassed!!! I think of sheen for a happy place because I'm like a peter rabit ornament, fuzzy little aninmal with out any friends!! peace,, love carrots !

1643 days ago


THEY ARE BOTH VERY SICK PEOPLE!!!!! They both need to go their separate ways and get the help they need before they kill each other. I feel so sorry for their Children. GOD TAKE CARE OF THEM.

1643 days ago


Charlie Sheen is insane. No matter how rich someone is, they will be impossible to live with, if they are like Charlie Sheen. This is a guy who still thinks George Bush conducted 9-11. Someone like that probably is a little weird in other areas of his life. We live our lives as a reflection of our beliefs. For Charlie Sheen this means therapy, therapy, and a little more therapy. We'll go from there. Is the woman worth talking it our business? Let me help, No, and No.

1643 days ago


Good luck to Brooke and the kids. And Brooke needs to apologize to Denise.

1643 days ago


He claimed he was making a 12-step call. Duh. No one in rehab makes a 12-step call without a sponsor. He's a creep.

1643 days ago


She may be crazy, but she looks sexy hot and nasty in that shot.

1642 days ago

James Woods    

Just because you marry a guy doesn't mean your not a hooker. From what i've read her career as a real estate investor is about as wise as a hostess.

These girls marry these guys for their money and power. Obviously Charlie has a pretty good pre-nup against this one, otherwwise she'd be out the door.

I think she's cute.

1642 days ago


Does Charlie know his HIV status?

1642 days ago
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