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Justin Bieber -- Childlike

4/24/2010 5:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber remembered he was a 16-year-old kid and allowed himself some fun, playing a little football on the beach in Sydney yesterday.

Sometimes even a teenager is allowed to take a break.


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He looks like a young Jim Carey in this pic. If only he were as talented...

1610 days ago


he is 100% gay ugly mf little bitch

1610 days ago

Jeff Stamos    

Good music is good music. The kid can sing, write and play really well. Jealousy is an ugly thing.

1610 days ago


...lotta jealous, closeted, judging, scared boys and girls commenting on here"
look in the mirror
why condemn?

he looks like he looks like
care to post your 15 yr old stud photo here??

1610 days ago


i have underwear thats older and looks better than him

1609 days ago


A maioria dessa pessoas que falam mal do Justin tem inveja! Qual seria o outro motivo? Por que perder o tempo de vocês odiando um garoto de 16 anos? Garanto que quem diz que ele canta mal,nunca escutou o disco inteiro dele,é mais por falta do que fazer!
Não entendeu? Coloca no Google Tradutor hauahauah

1609 days ago


Fun picture! I dont know what his opinion would be.. If that was me no lie id be crazy blushing. Id probably cry haha. ( no i would cry )

1609 days ago


...that's cute...haha...he reminds me of someone...a really famous actor...hmmmm....

....but he's still my justin bieber....haha...<3

1609 days ago


LMAO--You guys' comments have me lauging my ass of here at work!!!! So mean...but so true!

1609 days ago


The kid is 16. People expect a mature confident James Bond type at 16?
They expect what at 16?
fact of the matter is he's made a worldwide name for himself and is having a great ride. If it is only for a few years, so what??
It's a few years more fame than the fools who knock him. Set for life financially too, so not sitting in Mom's basement like the fools here who knock him.

Millions of girls his age have a mad crush on him? Good for him.
Those who dis him need to dis successful people to feel superior. It's pathetic.

1607 days ago


I just don't get it – n’uff said

1606 days ago

Jim Jones    

What is truly weird Is all the freaky comments about this kid.

Jesus you people need to grow up, and let him grow up.
Remember how dorky you were at his age?
give the kid a chance to grow.

And please stop with the perverted comments,
Can't people just comment without adding something perverted?
you look like Pedo's posting that crap.

No Drink My Kool-Aid

-Jim Jones

1606 days ago


he is soo cutee

1599 days ago


He is a child, eh? Only 16, but still young. Anyone ever heard of this? "Nobody's perfect." You can't blame him for singing so high. He might have a disorder or something, but he is just making the best out of it. All you haters, what has he ever done to you? It's not like he ever met you personally in real life. If he did, then you can have a reason to hate him. If you didn't, and only saw him in vids, media, etc., please, PLEASE do not "flame" (hate) him. He didn't do anything wrong. It's not like he will have that career forever, although I hope he does. How many teen celebrities are sucessful? Not much, eh? Look at some teen celebs! For instance, the show "Hannah Montana" ended where I am. Miley Cyrus didn't last forever. There will always be a bump on the road, and it just depends how the person drives over it. Justin Bieber has done nothing wrong. He hasn't hit that bump yet, but he has so many haters! Justin Bieber, if you see this, how do you manage with this? @all the haters: Do not hate, if you don't know the person. "Step into one another's shoes". You should understand Justin's situation.

1597 days ago


i think he looks cute in any video/pictures! i love justin bieber <3 justin bieber

1597 days ago
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