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Michelle McGee Strips with Hitler's iPod

4/25/2010 4:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If Michelle "Bombshell" McGee wants people to think she isn't a Nazi, she should stop stripping to German heavy metal music.

Jesse James mistress #1 was the headliner last night at the preeminent Vegas strip club Deja Vu. We're told she performed two songs -- one of which was called "Feuer frei!" by Rammstein. According to the most accurate website in the world, Wikipedia, "The title is from the command to start shooting in German military language, can be compared to 'fire at will,' or 'open fire.'"

The song, which is all in German, features this glorious verse translated to English:

"Whoever knows pain is dangerous
from the fire that burns the soul
bang bang
the burned child is dangerous
with fire that separates from the life
a hot cry
bang bang
open fire!"

If that doesn't get you ready for a lap dance, nothing will!


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R u kidding - or just playing with us - I may have to make a change if u guys keep posting vomit inducing photos of bsm on your website! I thought u guys had grown up and were playing with the real people now. TMZ has moved in a professional direction -- up until bsm repeat photos -- really guys -- really?

1620 days ago

John Q    

I completely agree with Lisa O on this. This is just another example of TMZ trying to get a story where there is no story. Rammstein has never spoken in favor of Hitler, and like Lisa O said, just because the song is in german does not make it Hitleresk. By TMZ standards, the band Tool also supports Hitler with there song Die Eier Von Satan, the song is in german also. The only thing is, the song translated is a cookie recipe. TMZ is getting a bit desperate for stories.

1620 days ago


Gor God's sake people.

1) It's a joke, clearly. What horrible lives you must all lead if you take every phrase so seriously.

2) Of course not all people who love German music are Nazi's, just like not all Nazi's love German music. That was not their point.

3) The joke was, we think she is a Nazi-sympathizer, and she is listening to German music, which has very Nazi-ish lyrics. It's not like they're accusing a random German music listener of being's specifically her because we have reason to believe she IS an actual Nazi-lover and this is just icing on the cake.

But like I said, these are clearly not actual, serious allegations but rather humour. Learn to chill.

And Rammestein is so overrated. There's better German industrial, that just happens to be the only band every computer dork knows.

1620 days ago


Rammstein a Nazi band? You mean the band whose guitarist married Caron Bernstein, a jewish actress in a jewish ceremony? OMG, what a bull**** :-)

1620 days ago


A couple of things have come to light after reading all these posts:

1. Rammstein really has a hell of a lot of fans who follow TMZ. (they should tour the states)

2. A lot of Germans also follow TMZ

3. If Harvey really approved this story, then he is a bigger racist than I thought he was.

4. If an apology is not given to the Germans who were so offended by this article, the I will NEVER eat my matzo soup at Canters again, until Harvey issues an apology.

5. Does Harvey the Jew even know he offended Germans?? If not, someone should take him to the museum of tolerance, lest he forget what some Germans and an Austrian did to his fore-fathers.
And if they did it once, they are capable of doing it again.


1620 days ago


#190 - Whateverpeeps......

Understand something boy, the Jews dont like it when the Germans make fun about the holocaust. So understand it when the Jews keep bringing up Nazism and holocaust, like Harvey so insensitively did, and the Germans find it offensive.

**** I guess Nena (99 air balloons) is even a racist, as is Roberto Blanco, the Scorpions, Heino, Harold Jhunke, Juli, and the rest.

1620 days ago


This report is just plain irresponsible journalism. The notion or claim that Rammstain is associated with Hitler or Nazism is idiotic on its best day. To draw a connection between Rammstein and the fact that this twit of a woman has had affiliations with the White Power movement and the American Nazi Party is stupid. She is a dumb f***ing wh*re who doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same story as Rammstein. TMZ ... please do your homeowrk on the rest of their lyrics before jumping to conclusions.

1620 days ago


This is soooooo OLD! Old Boobs, Old Tatoos. Helloooo, she doesn't even have her chest tatoos in this video. This was not recent

1620 days ago


I like Rammstein! Guess I'm a Nazi lover too!
Way to fail!

1620 days ago


german =/= nazi you tools

1620 days ago


You are idiots, this is a stupid commentary... RAMMSTEIN aren't nazi, they just write good songs and tell histories with their talent, you must be sorry to public something like that, but at the end of the way, there are many people that love RAMMSTEIN and know them much better than you...

1620 days ago


TMZ, are you serious? Is this a joke? Rammstein, Nazis? Clearly you all know nothing about the band nor the song.

1620 days ago


All I seen her do is swing around the poles! Can't she dance? evidently not!! I don't understand why a man would jeopardize their relationship with any woman, let alone a stripper, and no I'm not degrading strippers, but thats how they make their money, leading men on to think they want them, and more power to them, its the mans fault for letting them, but when these celebrities do this kinda of thing evidently doesn't think the about the long run, because they know that they can take it public and then they will make money off of it like she is, come on men, when you play you'd better be willing to pay the price, of a little bit of fun you can have with your wife or girlfreind!!

1620 days ago


She kinda has the same sense of dance as Kate Gosselin! Actually I think Kate might have been better. 1, 2, walk to pole, 4, 5, no, 3, 4, walk to other pole. Slide up, slide down, slide sideways, rub boobs, shake hips...1, 2, walk to...! PLEASE! give me a break a sleaze she is, a dancer she isn't!!! Throw pennies and ask for change!

1620 days ago


you should apologize all Rammstein fans around the world! they are not nazi, stupids!!!!!!!

1620 days ago
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