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Michelle McGee Strips with Hitler's iPod

4/25/2010 4:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If Michelle "Bombshell" McGee wants people to think she isn't a Nazi, she should stop stripping to German heavy metal music.

Jesse James mistress #1 was the headliner last night at the preeminent Vegas strip club Deja Vu. We're told she performed two songs -- one of which was called "Feuer frei!" by Rammstein. According to the most accurate website in the world, Wikipedia, "The title is from the command to start shooting in German military language, can be compared to 'fire at will,' or 'open fire.'"

The song, which is all in German, features this glorious verse translated to English:

"Whoever knows pain is dangerous
from the fire that burns the soul
bang bang
the burned child is dangerous
with fire that separates from the life
a hot cry
bang bang
open fire!"

If that doesn't get you ready for a lap dance, nothing will!


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@euro kid - LOL, to bad TMZ doesn't have any presence in Germany and Germany doesn't have any jurisdiction in the US.

1611 days ago


Strippers dance to metal music all the time, this is nothing new. To automatically associate Rammstein with Nazi's or Neo-Nazi's simply because they are German is absurd. Harvery you should really rethink this. I took the liberty of passing this "news story" onto Rammsteins management and label.

1611 days ago


"They are also not heavy metal, rather Industrial with influences like Ministry."

Bull****, if they aren't heavy metal then nothing is.

Still they aren't nazis. But I think the point was considering the controversy around her and the fact she has argued against being a nazi, maybe using a German heavy metal band to strip to isn't the best choice?

This doesn't "Prove she's a nazi", but it was a poor choice IMO. TMZ could have done some better work on the article though, using the "hitler's ipod" comment is a bit harsh.

1611 days ago


Rammstein is awesome, gtfo tmz!

1611 days ago


I listen to Tokio Hotel. They're German. I didn't know that made me a Nazi. Since we're talking about Michelle McGee wasn't Sandra Bullock's mother German? I guess that makes Sandra half Nazi.

1611 days ago


Out of context error...

If TMZ would do a real research on the lyrics, they would stumble upon the end:

Dein Gluck
ist nicht mein Gluck
ist mein Ungluck

You luck
is not my luck
it's my misfortune


Be advised that this song is NOT about gloryfying war, brutality, fire etc. It's the plain contrary.

Btw, Rammstein is weird, strange, hard, mega-german but I personally don't think they're (Neo-)Nazis. They've got many political views I dislike, but they're no right wing radicals, nor are they Nazis - that don't fit to their lyrics.

1611 days ago


There is nothing wrong with Rammstein. I think you need to understand German culture before you judge..especially when you compare things from 1940s Germany to present-day Germany. I lived over there for a while doing an immersion program and learned what a great culture they have. "We just push boundaries", said Till Lindemann in an interview with rock magazine Kerrang!, "We can't help it if people don't like those boundaries being pushed".

1611 days ago


Huh, I would have thought Hitler's iPod would be loaded with Nazi propaganda approved Germanic stalwarts like Wagner, Beethoven, Anton Bruckner, Hans Hotter, Clemens Krauss, and filled out with a few vehement anti-semites like Elly Nay and Li Stadelmann. One Jew to another Harvey, you need to brush up on your 20th century history! I don't know much about Rammstein but if i were a betting man i'd bet Hilter would have had them trucked off to Dachau for being degenerates.

1611 days ago


Strip Heil!!!!

1611 days ago


This skank had an agenda & she isn't news. Quit putting her on your site or I'm done. She's in let anything about her stay there. Nothing but trash

1611 days ago

Fritz the cat    

You guys can be funny at times and complete *******s at others.

How do you get from Rammstein to Nazi

Take a listen to Amerika. It was written for idiots like you.

1611 days ago


Read your history books ... "German" plus "military" hasn't equaled "Nazi" for over 60 years now. And Rammstein might be controversial, but they are definitely not Nazis ... geez, irony is lost on everyone these days.

1611 days ago


All she does is walk around and around the pole really quick so you don't see her flat ass.

1611 days ago

mr attitude    

All I can say is... Essen Sie Scheiße

1611 days ago


So according to this websites logic, anything that comes from Germany means it's Nazi related? Wow. What dumb ass posted this story? So because their a group is from Germany, they're automatically Nazi's? What a ****ing dumb statement. Do the dumbasses that run this site even know we're friends with Germany now and have been so for years? Rammstein aren't Nazi's you idiots. Way to dispel the ignorant American stereotype of assuming that all German people are Nazi's. Way to go. No wonder the world hates us. It's because of dumb ass people like the author of this article.

1611 days ago
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