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Tiger Woods -- Back on Course

4/24/2010 2:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods played a round of golf yesterday at the Isleworth Country Club as he gets in shape to play the Quail Hollow Championship in Charlotte, NC next week.

Much like he was at the Masters, Tiger is the betting favorite next week as well.

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Can't wait to watch the "gallery" (fancy name for idiots sitting in audience in lawn chairs) cheer on such a fraud like a bunch of puppets.

1643 days ago


Tiger Woods is not my favorite player anymore...I would have to give that to Phil! I am looking for a good golf update service on my cell- Any one know of one? I use Fuzion Mobile's autopay plan and have unlimited texting to take advantage of!

1643 days ago


Yeah, well....

He didn't win the Masters. Now did he?

1643 days ago

demis bicycle seat    

Tiger, the reason all those folks at the Masters were nice and supportive to you is that they are all MEMBERS of the golf club. If they hadn't been nice to you, then you probably won't be back to play on their course, which would deprive them of your entertainment and also monies flowing into their community.

Posted at 11:36 AM on Apr 24, 2010 by Lilarose in Oregon

uhhhh NO augusta has around 300 members i think they had a few more then 300 patrons as for money flowing into augusta the tourney is sold out each and every year with rooms booked well in advance with or without mr woods this tourney will go on

1643 days ago


tiger you are the man ititrips me out to hear grown men talking about what you did on the side. I aint with it but when it comes to slinging that golf club you are Da man be good

1643 days ago


My Dad was just like Tiger Woods. He had his women on the side, his business came first, friends second and family last. And he had 2 faces, as well. One for company, and one when everyone was gone. Like night and day. Hopefully Elin will find a good decent man for herself and one who will be a there for the kids. There are plenty of good men out there. I know, I found one thirty five years ago.

1643 days ago


Uh Debbie-

Have you ever heard of the Stockholm Syndrome? If your husband was a cheater why are you defending a cheater?

1643 days ago

really bored...    

I wish people would realize Tiger was held to the highest standard a person could be held to...and thats what caused this mess, he is a human being like anyone else and you guys who slam him are only hurting Elin more!

1643 days ago

really bored...    

Does anyone out here beleive that Tiger is the only golfer to ever have this problem??? wake up, maybe they havent been caught, but guess what...I bet many have cheated on there wives!

1643 days ago

really bored...    

Now I am off to buy me a pair of new nike"s

1643 days ago


You people are nuts! How is Tiger a hypocrit? Would you mind making a list of the places and dates he stood before America and claimed he was perfect or a model husband? If he did I missed all those declarations. All I ever saw Tiger claim was that he was an excellent golfer and that he has been and is and will be. Any of the other stuff are issues with his spouse and not us. Further you are proclaiming the golfers that are better than him morally when if fact you know nothing about whether they are philandering husbands are not. The only thing you do know is that if they are they just haven't been caught yet. I am pretty confident that Tiger is not the only golfer that has been tempted by the celeb lovers that are available to the pro athletes.

1642 days ago


If you despise the man so much, why do you waste your time looking
and responding. GET A LIFE!!!

1642 days ago


why does tiger have a handicapped flag in his cart...so he is too lazy to park on the cart path and walk to the green???

1642 days ago

pat m    

Since Tiger is soooooo glad that all his fans are supportive and warm to him I wonder if he'll still need his mega legions of goons to provide security for him at the next game? If everyone welcomed him back like he says then it should be just him and Stevie....

1642 days ago


what a bunch of pathetic followers. he deserves to get back to his life just the same as any one of us. what he did is between him and his wife, period. i was on her side completely until she pulled this about-face because he started playing golf again. it is what he does and she is making a mistake by trying to stop him. golf is what he does and will help him heal. she should know that. problem is she will never trust or forgive him and i don't blame her. but running away and blowing money on his jets is not the answer. just divorce him so they can both move on.

1642 days ago
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