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Jackie The Joke Man: Howard Won't Quit Radio

4/26/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Howard Stern's former right hand man -- Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling -- doesn't think the King of All Media will ever leave his radio show ... as long as Howard can breathe.

During a burger run in L.A. last night, Martling told us that Howard loves radio so much, he'll be doing it "until the day that he dies."

Interesting, considering Howard's contract with Sirius is up at the end of the year -- and Stern hasn't said whether he'll come back or not.


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Crazy Bennett    

Jackie quit when he was denied a pay raise. He works on one of Howard's Sirius stations.

1608 days ago


Jackie's still funny, unlike Howard.

1608 days ago

LaToya Jackson    

Love Howard, Love Jackie, Love Sirius. It's all good !!!

1608 days ago

Mista Celebrity    

The funniest was when Jackie was writing for the show and Billy West was contributing. Backstage with the Three Stooges was hilarious! West could do a perfect Larry impression.

1608 days ago

me not you    

That's because Stern doesn't have the face for television - ugh! That being said, Vintage Stern is the best and this Sirius show is the worst. Howard was much funnier when he had to watch his mouth and was faithful to his wife. I remember when he swore up and down that he would be married longer than Kathie Lee Gifford and in the end, he turned out to be just another ******* chasing a woman 20 years younger than him who he knows is a gold-digger. Certainly can't be his looks that attracted her.

1608 days ago


Howard Stern is irrelevant since his wife divorced him, he left free radio and married a younger woman. He has to create crap just to get let people know he is still around, for example, suing Jay Leno. He is really pissed at Stuttering John but is going after the deep pockets of Jay.

1608 days ago


Why would Howard say he was staying. He just loves for people to talk about him and speculate. He will quit radio when he dies.

He'll go to 3 days a week when he signs his new contract.

1608 days ago

Timmy the Cat    

f jackie!

1608 days ago


Stern has been a drain on Sirius for years that is why his contract might not get renewed.

Stern’s publicist is spreading false rumors about Idol and other projects to get Sirius to think he is a great asset. Hopefully Sirius/XM will take his BS salary and channels and give them to newer better talent.

Stern should be cancelled, but then will take credit for inventing unemployment.

Hoo Hoo Robin, I invented being fired!

1608 days ago


Artie may be alive.. but Howard's show has been dead for years now lol. The Jackie years were the best. Artie, Jackie, and Gilbert Gottfried should team up for a new radio show.

1608 days ago


Sirius wont make the same mistake twice. No way will Howard get the same kind of deal....

And no one in radio will give him that much money either

1608 days ago


i quit listening to Stern and i canceled my comcast Stern channel because i got sick of seeing Sal and Richards genitals and anus's every ten ****ing seconds.

apparently Howard thinks it's REALLY funny to have Sal and Richard get naked, but it's really just gross and it's been so often that now it's gross AND boring.

Howard was awesome at celebrity interviews but ever since his move to Sirius it seems like every show is all about his stupid staff.

"did Ronnie the limo driver dye his beard?"

"does Sal scratch his butt too much?"

"who dribbled pee on the toilet seat?"

it's lame.

wake me up when Howard interviews celebrities cuz other than that i just don't care.

1608 days ago


I love Jackie. IMO the show was a lot funnier when Jackie was on.

1608 days ago


10. f jackie!

Posted at 10:52 AM on Apr 26, 2010 by Timmy the Cat


And a bababooy to ya all

1608 days ago


All of you saying Stern is dead must not have Sirius. He had one of the greatest shows ever the other week with David Lambert and David Arquette.

Get the posion out Raven!

1608 days ago
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