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Former Lindsay Friend

'She's a Lost Cause'

4/26/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0421-lindsay-lohan-ex-tmzOne of Lindsay Lohan's former close friends tells TMZ virtually all of her friends have just thrown in the towel.

The ex-pal, who requested anonymity but we know was very close to Lindsay, says, "talking to Lindsay is like talking to a wall -- and if you ever say anything negative to her, she cuts you off."  The friend described her as "a lost cause."

As for getting Lindsay help, the friend says several of Lindsay's buddies have tried reaching out to her mother, Dina -- but mama is in denial.


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1577 days ago


IN REPLY TO (Good riddance!)
You stated:
So you realize that Daddy Lohan also has a long criminal history and serious substance abuse problems, right? But the worst thing is that he routinely beats up women and threatens others! He's your hero in this, right?

Females such as Lindsay Lohan and her trifling mother, should be beaten.
Ideally in a consistent, frequent, and thorough fashion.

Thorough beatings is exactly the medicine the doctor should prescribe for these two females, and females of the same ilk.

Beatings should be issued out in the attempt to bring Lindsay and her, (more or less) mother back into full focus, and return them both to reality, before it is much too late.

Good day......Artofwar

1577 days ago


So let her die already.

1577 days ago


Sounds like a friend of mine. Speaking from experience, I don't understand how someone could consider you their close friend, and yet completely disown you in a second if you say something that they don't agree with. I just don't get that type of thinking.

1577 days ago


I have no doubt her friends have departed and left the ones behind that use and say yes to her every whim. This is all in the usual progression with addicts. Her biggest problem is her mother. She may think Dina is swell because she doesn't ever say the necessary KNOCK IT OFF to her daughter but it's her dad that recognizes this for what it truly is. He is her only chance. Dina should be arrested for child endangerment of Ali. You don't send your 16 year old across the country to be watched by an addict who is out all night every night. Lindsay just can't stop. She needs immediate help and this time for a year or so.

1577 days ago


put a fork in her cause she is done. her career is over. her next role will be in some d-list movie, which goes straight to dvd.

1577 days ago


Lindsay posts here. You can even tell which posts are hers. Battling against any kind of authority and deny deny deny. That's part of her disease. She's an addict.

1577 days ago

Big Daddy    

I feel sorry for Lindsay. She is a victim of her own addictions, her parasitic friends and a society that appears to be rooting for her to perish for its entertainment value.


1577 days ago

Just Karen    

31. someone obviuosly abused her sexually as a child

Even though Lindsay didn't say this, I'm so tired of people not taking the responsiblity for their own actions. The girl just likes to party and doesn't know when to quit. That's obvious. Somone doesn't have to be physically, mentally or sexcually abused to be an alcoholic. The problem with Lindsay is she doesn't give a damn. The lets phtographers take pictures of her when she's smashed and she mustn't care because she does it over and over again. Until Lindsay and ONLY Lindsay can help herself. Everyone else can talk themselves blue in the face and if Lindsay doesn't want help, she'll remain the same which is a shame because she USED to be talented. I also heard that she just lost another movie because she's not "bankable." So sad.......

1577 days ago


Dear Lindsay,

There is a long list of your movies I have seen on
You are a great actress.
I hope you make many more movies for me to enjoy.

800 Pound Gorilla

1577 days ago


Lindsay, GET HELP if you do have a substance abuse problem! Don't want to see this girl die, unlike a lot of these pathetic readers.

1577 days ago


It's sad to hear that. She is a spiritual person who has not embraced her spirituality. She cannot drown out her issues with booze,etc. I care even though I don't know her because she is a human being and still rather young. She can turn the negativity around. She has to calm what is raging within herself and it can't be done with brooze, drugs or sex. I hope one of her fans can get the message thru to her. It sort of reminds me of what happened to Marilyn Monroe and/or Michael Jackson and others. Tender hearted people get consumed upby publicity and then are thrown away. That's sad indeed/

1577 days ago


I agree with #2 start getting ready for her funeral. She is too afraid to actually kill herself so she is doing it slowly and just maybe hoping one day she won't wake up..
SHe is a complete has been. No one will hire her... she did it to herself. although I will say her parents were a HUGE force behind the loser she has turned into.

1577 days ago


I am so sick of all the articles predicting her demise. Disgusting. No one is a "lost cause". If she can confront her issues and get some distance from her awful parents, she may have a shot in hell of cleaning up. In the meantime, predicting her death is just mean and is certainly not helping anything.

1577 days ago


Put me down for July 3rd in the LL death pool. I just hope the only one she kills is herself, nobody else screwed her fame up but the fugly skank in her mirror. Ali, look out sweetie - the future is about to be yours, and it ain't pretty - just take a gander at your sister there, then your mom. Run. Run fast.

And Michael Lohan is a disgusting letch who probably steals LiLo's coke to give to his whore girlfriends.

1577 days ago
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