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Celine Dion's Home -- The Ultimate Water Park

4/28/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Celine Dion is literally drowning in money -- so much so, that she just built a massive water park in the backyard of her equally massive Florida mansion.

TMZ has obtained a photo of Dion's $20 million mansion on Jupiter Island -- which is where some of the richest people on the planet live ... and where Tiger Woods is also constructing an oversized estate.

Included in Dion's ridiculous setup -- a huge pool, lazy river and a water slide.

Because why not?


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1637 days ago


It´s her money...she earn it.....she can do whatever she wants with it!
By the´s just one slide, not a "waterpark".

1637 days ago


What a self-absorbed, selfish and self-indulgent B*TCH! Stupid old cow. Hate her.

1637 days ago


***HOW ABOUT 18,000 GALLONS OF WATER PER DAY! I live near her. And this is the most ridiculous thing. We locals are told to conserve water every single year. "No watering except on odd days." And then the Martin county water police come to give citations and encourage neighbors to rat each other out about people using too much water. Celine's water bill was about $10,000 PER MONTH. Google their DAILY water consumption: 18,000 GALLONS A DAY. I guess it is fine to Martin county that they use up the equivalent of 20 homes PER DAY that most homes use in a month down here. IT IS DISGUSTING.***

1637 days ago


It does seem extravagant but she is filthy rich and she does seem to have a peculiar need for luxury, similar to Oprah's insatiable need for expensive stuff. I hope she built it for her family and friends too, because otherwise it would be a terrific waste of fresh water and land. Florida is practically covered with these over-built "homes", I just don't see how one could live in it and not feel like a marble rolling around in a big box. I have a sneaking suspicion that it is packed with ridiculously over-sized pseudo-Louis the something or other style furniture.

1637 days ago


Wow, ridiculous spending.

"For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required..." (Luke 12:48a)

Too many jobless, homeless, & sick people in this world to have a water park in your back yard. Unbelievable.

1637 days ago


Eh Shirley, what is your biggest problem with Celine? Her talent is not a question, if she wasn't talented then who would pay to go see her shows? She's talented, thats a fact, even though YOU don't like her style. So I think your only problem about her is that she's "french" canadian. Our country is so big, there is so many people with different style of living from east to west coast. Do anyone reprensent ALL Canadians... that's impossible!

1637 days ago


The architects and engineers tried to reason with her as I understand, but this is her design.

1637 days ago


I realize she has all the money a person could want but this is ridiculous ..I have a 40 by 20 in-ground and get sick of the up keep ...This is just over kill ....

1637 days ago


I like it, in fact I think it's awesome. Good for her, it's her money and it's a free country. Who cares how she spends it? Isn't that what this country is all about? I think most of you should move to a socialist country where you can enjoy your world of equal material wealth for all and EVERYONE lives in poverty.

1637 days ago


Imagine any celebrity of that magnitude taking their kids to one of America's waterparks. Even if they rented the entire park out, they would still have to swim in the same urine-filled pools the rest of us do and, as a result, breathe in the trichloramines that give swimmers asthma and other breathing disorders.
If she loves her kids and can afford it, she should build her own waterpark!

1637 days ago


When your famous you can't just walk into a waterpark with your child. She is probably doing this for her son so he has somewhere to play. I know my daughter would love this and play in it everyday and she is at an age to enjoy it and she loves to swim. As she ages it would get less use, like the trampoline in our yard, but then as a famous celebrity, Celine can always sell the house to another famous person with kids and move to one more suitable at the time.

1637 days ago


OMG... I am soooo jealous! I would never leave the pools -- ever. If you're not a pool person, I can understand how you think it's overkill. But to insult her because she chose to spend her money this way (vs. giving it to uncle sam) in no one's business. I just love how the "have nots" insult rich people's spending habits. Seriously -- why do you care? Is it hurting YOU? Didn't think so.

1637 days ago


Wow, where's a Hurricane or Typhoon when you want one?

1637 days ago


Disgusting pig.
She obviously has no mind or soul and clearly has lost her way on this planet.
Sometimes you can see, THE BEGINNING OF THE END of a person and this is it!

1637 days ago
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