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'Seinfeld' Star In Car vs. Bike Collision

4/27/2010 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0427_jason_alexander_EX_Getty_01UPDATE: Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Alexander was not "at fault" for the accident.

As for the condition of the kid, we're told he has a slight laceration on his head -- but he'll be OK.

TMZ has learned "Seinfeld" star Jason Alexander was involved in a car vs. bicycle collision in L.A. this morning -- but fortunately, no one suffered any major injuries.

Law enforcement sources tell us the bike rider is a 14-year-old boy who was on his way to school -- when he collided with Alexander's vehicle.

We're told the kid fell off his bike and suffered a few bumps and bruises. An ambulance arrived to the scene -- but the kid's parents decided they wanted to drive him to the hospital for evaluation.

We're told speed was not a factor in the collision -- neither were drugs or alcohol. Jason was not cited for the incident.

We're told Alexander "acted responsibly" after the crash -- and exchanged information with the kid's parents.

We spoke to Alexander's rep, who told us "Jason stayed with the cyclist until the paramedics and police arrived and all indications are that the injury was minor."


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I was trying to think of a good Seinfeld Costanza line, but they are all being used up. A lot of Seinfeld fans on here. Nice to see instead of all of the hateful comments that usually saturate this site.

Oh, yeah here's one. "I was in the pool!!" Shrinkage.

1606 days ago


"You have 30 minutes" --- priceless!!!!

1606 days ago


I have never liked this guy and don't think he's funny at all, but kudos to him for staying with the kid and acting like a responsible adult.

1606 days ago


Costanza! You just hit a cyclist, Costanza... I think he may be dea...wait, what's that smell? A calzone! You've got Calzones, Costanza. My nose never lies... well one time it lied, I thought it was lady, I really did, smelled like tuna... but that was a long time ago, Costanza.. a long where's that calzone! You know you're job's not that secure, Costanza...not that secure. I'd ante up if I were you... I remember the time Reggie had that calzone... it was right after he hit those three home runs... and they named a chocolate bar after him... but he didn't share that calzone, Costanza...and where is he today...not playing for the Yankees I can tell you that!

1606 days ago


Fortunately the kid doesn't have Tito Ortiz Tourette Syndrome Lawyer who can't stop saying "unfortunately" every other word. And Jasons rich. Jackpot!

1606 days ago


Jason is probably calling the Jackie Chiles actor to rep him not realizing he only plays a lawyer on TV.

1606 days ago

passing by    

Jerry Seinfeld: You ran over some pigeons? How many?
George Costanza: Whatever they had.

George Costanza: Miranda thinks I'm a butcher, but - it's not my fault, is it? Don't we have a deal with the pigeons?
Jerry Seinfeld: Of course we have a deal: They get out of the way of our cars; we look the other way on the statue defecations.

1606 days ago


I smell a lawsuit

1606 days ago


Ya dont ever want to hit a kid with your car, no matter whos at fault. That's going to keep him up at night. Glad to see the kids OK.

1606 days ago

Pure Player    

Even if he did hit the kid intentionally or even if he was drunk or high, DO YOU THINK THE ISRAELI/AMERICAN LAWYERS WHO LOVE SEINFELD would allow him to go to jail. How about TMZ"s Harvey "Israeli" Levin? You think he wouldn't make it so that the kid hit the car and not the other way around. Come on.... Its a Hollywood media protection plan for those who support Israel and especially those who support the Israeli occupation and reach the 300 million Americans who know nothing of this illegal land grab.

1606 days ago


"We had no deal!"

1606 days ago


This is killing independent George!

1606 days ago


and you want to be my latex salesman?

1606 days ago


He better get ahold of Jackie Childs....have him call doctor Bison to check out the kids injuries.

1606 days ago


they should make jason alexander be a butler to the kid

1606 days ago
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