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Sandra Bullock Divorce

No Patience for Nazis

4/28/2010 10:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0428_sandra_BN_Getty_01Sandra Bullock -- who has now filed for divorce -- claims she was absolutely dumbfounded when she first saw the photo of her soon-to-be-ex husband Jesse James giving the Nazi salute ... claiming, "This is not the man I married."

10 pages into her adoption/divorce interview with People Magazine -- after front-loading the story with everything but her relationship with Jesse -- the magazine asked the question, "Were you aware of any interest [Jesse] may have had in white supremacy or Nazism?"

Bullock responded, "The photo shocked me and made me sad. This is not the man I married. This was stupid, this was ignorant. Racism, anti-Semitism, sexism, homophobia, anything Nazi and a boatload of other things have no place in my life."

Bullock added, "And the man I married felt the same."

As for her newly adopted African-American baby, Bullock told the magazine she arranged for the child to have a bris -- the Jewish circumcision ceremony.

Question is ...


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I have completely lost respect for this woman. No way in hell that she didn't know if Jesse was into Nazis'. (BTW I'm a black woman and I find them interesting, so does the history channel because all they tend to show are things about Hitler. Pretty damn sure I aint no damn Nazi because I watch things about them on television.)

It's such a publicity stunt to redeem her self in the public eye.

She knows that Jesse is not some freaking Nazi. She knows that it was just some silly pic at a party. People are so damn politically correct that it makes me want to puke.

Sandra dated Jesse for over a year b4 she married him. She was with him when he was still married. She was married to him for 4years. She knows him, she's just covering her ass and using a black baby to do it.

Everyone slams him, to me this is 100 times worse. No more bullock movies for me. I feel bad for this baby. Minority children aren't pawns to be used to make your self look self righteous.

(all u dumb ass people better not so much as compare her to Brad and Angelina. This is a totally different situation and you know it.)

1647 days ago


To I_am_the_dude,

Your mother must have dropped you on your head when you were young. It's the only thing thaty could explain your idiocy. Blame the victim, what b-llsh-t.

1647 days ago

a poster    

Not buying any of it. I'm sure she has enough money to have paid of some poor woman for that baby. I would have to see the adoption papers from the adoption agency. And she didn't know about her husband's BLATANT fascination with Nazis? Gimme a effin break!

1647 days ago


I am glad she is ending the marriage - I questioned it, in my own mind, in the first place. What I'm struck by is the similarities between the real person and the movie she played in.
She was surely blindsided and now has an African American son. those are some coincidences.

1647 days ago

mary poppins    

She is crazy and Jesse is good to get rid of her. She drove him nuts with these crazy ideas of adoption and who knows what else.
She is a crappy actress and a fool. Deport her.

1647 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Yeah sure Sandra. "I AM DONE WITH BAD BOYS."

Let me be the first to predict that she'll be hooked up with another bad boy within a year.

And then another.

And another...

1647 days ago


now i have lost all repe cct for sandra, never did like jesse but her? i thought she had som eclass, boy was i wrong! adopting ablackbaby? unbeliveable, screw up your life for being politically correct? make obama happy? anyone notice since super spook obama got itno office there are more blacks on t.v. and everyone wants to have one as a friend? haah the second that loser is out of office be back to thier same ole ways,and be a lot of blackbabies returned,white people shouildnt adopt black kids or anyother race but thier own, it wont work different cultures different ways of living, maybe she thinks she willraise a pro football player? like in her movie, hahahha right,

1647 days ago


I am completely sickened by the comments on this page. Why in the world would anyone think that Sandra Bullock, America's Sweetheart, would go out and intentionally decide to adopt an africian american baby as her son to prove a point to Jesse James or anyone else in this world. In case everyone is having a hard time getting their eyes to focus on the story, Sandra and Jesse started the adoption process together, years ago. They're new bundle of joy was recieved back in January. They didn't need the world to know about this. Sandra Bullock isn't an attention wh0re. She is probably one of the few celebrities who exemplifies class, integrity, and grace and the people on here should take some lessons.

As far as her not knowing things about Jesse until recently..I can totally see that. What people need to understand is...your spouse, your friend, your significant other...they only tell you what they want you to hear or to know. No one ever knows someone completely unless they allow you to know them. Even if you trust and give yourself to a person, it doesn't mean they are giving themselves to you. And honestly a lot of people in this world fail to have that sort of trust in another person.. to tell them everything good and bad about themselves.

Sandra probably made Jesse want to be a better person and he didnt want to tell her about all the bad things in his life. But his constant infidelties and the level of disrespect towards her by them, shows that he's not the man she thought he was. She obviously thought that he could be trusted and he failed in his position. Maybe this had to do with a mental illness that Jesse doesn't even know about?

I'm glad to see Sandra is picking up and moving on with her new lil man and still wants to be in her step-childrens lives. This just shows the kind of person she is. Things will only get better for this strong, compassionate, amazing woman.

Oh and one more thing. It doesn't matter what color a child is or what color the parent is...If a brown mother wanted to adopt a white baby or a black mother wanted to adopt a yellow doesn't matter. It's about loving the child. They can be well loved and take care of from someone who isn't the same color as them. Sounds like a lot of racists here...

1647 days ago


Yet another token black kid adopted by a white movie star. Were there NO white kids to adopt or is this really Obamas new healthcare program. Adopt our black babies pleaase!!!

1647 days ago


Some people apparently didn't read this very thoroughly. She and Jesse had already adopted the baby TOGETHER. She did not go into it with the intent of being a single mom, but thanks to his actions - she now IS a single mom. And whoever said she had a "fledgling career" apparently didn't watch the Academy Awards. She is definitely doing the right thing by keeping the little boy and by divorcing him. She could never trust him again, I don't care how he thinks he did with his so-called "therapy."

1647 days ago


I think Jesse is a World War II buff, and was interested in Nazism, for designing choppers. This Michelle McGee, and her husband were doing grifter blackmail on Jesse by having him wear the nazi hat, and arm band. Once Michelle had those photos, she then blackmailed Jesse, and possibly Sandra into paying them extortion payments to keep quiet.

The Nazi part is the frame-up Michelle, and possibly her husband played on Jesse for money. For Sandra to say, "this was not the man I married." Concerning the nazi frame-up as the reason for the divorce is not a good reason, however, Jesse cheating on Sandra with all those other women, and as Sandra stated "boatload of other things have no place in my life." would be a fair statement for her divorce.

Michelle McGee, and her husband Shane Modica, owner of Lucky's Tattoo Parlor in San Diego. Although Shane Modica is now blaming McGee for the frame-up, if Shane knew McGee was doing this frame-up with on Jesse, why did not Shane go to the police since McGee was working at his club at the time? Is Shane lying, and now trying to cover his tracks in his involvement for Jesse's frame-up?

I would wonder what McGee side would say about how deep her husband was in this grifter frame-up of Jesse.

1647 days ago


What in the hell is wrong with you people. One sentence you call Jesse a racist and in the next sentence you talk about how Sandra and him agreed to adopt the baby together. So which is it? A nazi adopting a black baby or Sandra posing on the cover of a magazine holding a baby that no one knew about?

Since when does it take celebrities 4 years to adopt a baby?

Make up your mind, either your sweetheart if full of **** or Jesse is not the Nazi lover everyone thinks he is.

1647 days ago


Never ever could I see her attraction to him especially hearing of his past relationships w/ porn stars, etc. He was definately no prize to begin with and truth be told- ONE UGLY CHEATER TO BOOT!
I do feel sorry for the children involved in this mess! Best of luck to Sandra & her family!

1647 days ago


Please leave that baby boy's penis alone. There is no excuse for mutilating a child's genitalia. If you adopt a child, you should be protecting it, not hacking away at it's penis.

1647 days ago


People People. That baby is her new toy. She can hack away at his wiener if she wants. Maybe they will hack to much so he can't reproduce and protect our welfare programs in the future. Oh wait he is the golden token BLACK kid with a silver spoon now. Nevermind we are safe.
Maybe he and all the other token black hollywood babies will start a support group in the future and ask for government grant money to help support their cause in trying to handle a life of privilage and wealth

1647 days ago
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