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Sandra Bullock's Biggest Adoption Hint

4/30/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sandra Bullock dropped a big adoption hint when she bought her New Orleans home in June 2009 -- but no one noticed.

Sandra formed a corporation on June 5, 2009 that purchased the $2.25 million Victorian home a few days later.  The name of the corp -- Big Easy Bebe LLC.  It's an educated guess, but we're thinkin' "Bebe" is slang for baby.  We doubt she named the corporation after a clothing store.

Sandra says the process of adopting bebe Louis took four years  ... so when she bought the house she was nearing the finish line.


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Who knew an LLC is a Corporation....generally it stands for Limited Liability Company....but they do things differently down in LA.

Good for her.....

1616 days ago


You go Sandra! Congrats to you on your beautiful baby and home.

1616 days ago


SOOO boring... move on.....

1616 days ago


It's not "slang". Bebe is French for baby and since French is a big part of N.O. and Louisiana, it's not a far stretch. Duh!

1616 days ago


Bebe is not slang for Baby. It's the french word: Bébé

1616 days ago


dummy writer! 'bebe' is spanish for baby...duuuuuh!

1616 days ago


Actually, Bebe is French and Creole for baby...fitting for New Orleans.

1616 days ago


Obviously not too educated if you had to guess that bebe means baby in French!

1616 days ago


Hooray for humanity. Everyone leave this lovely lady along to raise her family. It's become so sad that the talented people of this country have become our obession. For once, a person with dignity has chosen to practice her art and leave her personal life just that, personal. She should be the standard bearer of all "really" talented people. It's fun to make light of the "famous for being famous" folks, but please let this fine woman live her life without all the hyperbole.

1616 days ago


Congratulations Sandra on your new baby boy; it's good to see you smiling again.

To TMZ: bebe is not slang for baby, it's bébé, the true French word for baby, but with the accents dropped.

Juniper, Montréal, Québec, Canada

1616 days ago

Ne Pas Votre Bebe    

Bebe is not slang for baby, it's FRENCH for baby. Louisana, French creole, ring a bell?

1616 days ago


I agree, Ken -- with all the babies in the world, it shouldn't take 4 years. That's absurd. I know her and the baby will be so happy in their new digs.

1616 days ago

Reality Bites    

The name of the trust that bought the house was a hint. Also in the Barbara Walters Oscar interview she said what do you want to see in your life in 5 years (or something to that effect) and she said cryptically.. "That the same people who are in my house now are still in my house".

1616 days ago


Sandra says the process of adopting bebe Louis took four years … so when she bought the house she was nearing the finish line. Sandra

1616 days ago


In the name of my Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, will someone please tell me why should we care that Sandra adopted a black child when she's White? They're making her out to be Mother Mary because of this and to me what's the big deal. I think it's great she has given hope to a black child because in these days most black men are marrying White women and having bi-racial children. There will come a time when the black race will be watered down so much that the bi-racial population will out number the black one. Personally and not mean to be insulting to Sandra, this is one of the slickest moves to improve one's stature and career than I have ever seen. Kudos Sandra, America is impressed. Whomever said political correctness was evil never met Ms. Bullock. Too bad Sandy doesn't possess good judgment when it comes to selecting Men.

1616 days ago
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