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Lindsay Lohan Goes in the Closet -- for Pay

4/30/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is back in NY to have an intimate girls weekend with her sister Ali and her loving matriarch Dina -- but, of course, the whole thing will be on camera.

Lindsay Lohan, Dina Lohan
TMZ just spoke with Dina Lohan, who confirmed that Lindsay and Ali are at her NY home to shoot a Mother's Day special for E!, in which the girls will help Dina rearrange ... of all things ... her closet.

Dina -- who was in hair and makeup during our conversation -- told us there was one family member who wasn't welcome at the shoot ... Michael Lohan. And as for Mike's ultimatum, Dina tells us she will not speak with her ex-husband and reminded us that she still has a criminal stay away order against the guy.

Dina also told us she has a plan to help with Lindsay's personal issues, telling us "We're on it."

As for Ali, Dina says she was only in L.A. for a week and now she's back in New York to stay.

The L.A. County Sheriff's Department can rest easy.

UPDATE: A rep for E! tells TMZ that whatever show Dina is shooting ... it's not theirs. It could be a segment for ET, but a rep for the show hasn't returned our call yet.

UPDATE 2: Lisa Bloom, Michael Lohan's attorney, released a statement that reads: "Michael Lohan loves his daughter Lindsay and stands ready, willing and able to help her any time she needs him, day or night. Our # 1 priority remains to save and protect Lindsay. All legal options in that regard remain open. We hope that Lindsay agrees soon to voluntarily enter an appropriate treatment program.


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Suuuuure she's working on it. By cashing checks. E! probably wouldn't agree to the deal until Lindsay signed on.

Heh. I remember Dina was pimping "Living Lohan" and was asked by someone in the media if Lindsay would appear on the show. Dona said: "I'm going to be honest with you, it would be a step down for her."

Times change I guess. LOL

1635 days ago


Maybe they can find the bottom half of Dina's nose while cleaning the closet.However,nose's lost to drug sniffing are usually rotted[burned]away.

1635 days ago


This woman is a piece of crap! She lies, drinks heavily and is the worst mother EVER. Why E! would EVER put this family on a special is beyond comprehension. Who told E! this is what we want to see on their channel?

Oh wait...they also put the head of the burglar bunch on her own show. What a stunning failure in judgment.

1635 days ago


Way to cover those tracks Dina! Ali was only there for a week, maybe you should check your calendar, last I looked there is only 7 days in a week.

1635 days ago


Maybe Dina is finally beginning to see the Light. She needs to bury the hacket with her ex, Michael so they can both get on the same page in order to help their children. This finger pointed and denial on her part is not doing any good. It just keeps driving a wedge between her family. Face it, Dina. You are stuck with Michael. He is the father of your children... like it or not. You shoulda, coulda, woulda ... but that doesn't help now. The guy really seems to mean well. He has bought up a lot of good points that shows her concern for his children. When you are going to lighten up yourself??? You are not as perfect as you like to think you are. It will be good for everyone involved if you both could find some common ground to reach out to help your kids in a positive manner. You both are acting like children yourselves and need to stop it and start acting like adults. It is very obvious to millions of people that your daughter, Lindsay has some very serious issues. All is not fine. We can see the photos and videos of her. She is on probation and almost going to go to jail. What part of that is "fine" in your mind? GROW UP... you don't need to go on television to clean out closets. You need you clean your heart's closet first. Then maybe things might get better and people will see you in a different light. Right now most think you are an idiot. Can you blame them oh perfect one???

1635 days ago


Dina isn't going to speak to him? LOL - Ali's back in NY and not living with Loco Lindsey anymore, just as Dad Lohan wanted.

1635 days ago


Maybe an intervention is in the works.... lets hope so!

1635 days ago


TMZ - quit reporting on all of the Lohans. Not a one of them DO anything. They are not relevant to anything, in anyway. This family is the King and Queen of Drama with two Drama Queen kids. At the end of the day, it's a Big To Do About Nothing, because they DO nothing except for hunt for attention. TMZ, Give it a rest already.

Read more:

1635 days ago


ummmm, i think its gunna be on Entertainment Tonight not E!. Get your facts right perez ..i mean x17.. i mean tmz

1635 days ago


Wait a minute....they just had a feature on how messy Lindsay's apartment was on The Insider. That annoying Niecy Nash (who claims she is a Size 8), brought her Clean House crew to the apartment. It looked like an episode of Hoarders. Now, Lindsay is going to help her mother clean her closet?!?!?

1635 days ago


Dina Lohan is just the worst mother ever. Worst! Letting your 16 year old live in LA with her addict sister, alone? Who does that? these girls might as well have been orphans for all the guidance and direction that their parents have given them. I hate to blame parents for the things their kids do, but in this case I'd say it's 99% the parents fault, they haven't even TRIED to be parents. No effort at all. No wonder the girls are messed up and it will be a miracle if they ever recover. Lindsay should be under a conservatorship but her dad has no qualifications to be the conservator. Find some random stranger on the street, he or she would do a better job.

1635 days ago


What a piece of work Dina Lohan is. Plays Mom for the cameras but in reality allows her under age daughter to stay with a crack whore and sees no "red flags" what so ever. Dina you should be turned in for parental neglect and your children should be taken away. You are a sorry excuse for a mother and a sorry excuse for a human.
Your oldest daughter is in way over her head and you are so dumb you can't see the writing on the wall. Stop looking at her as your meal ticket and start parenting before she is no longer around, the girl is headed for an early grave as you sit back and watch.

1635 days ago


Oh my gosh, she is the worst mother in the history of motherhood. "We're on it..."???? How "on it" do you have to be to throw your crackhead kid in rehab? It doesn't take much of a plan... I suspect the reason she hasn't done so is because Lindsay can't work if she's in rehab and no work = no $ for Dina. It's embarrassing how she tries to be a friend to her kids instead of a mother. Grow up, lady, you're a mom now. What a fool.

1635 days ago


This family. Ali was only in LA for a week? OK. Surely she wasn't on Spring Break? Yet Lindsey told some radio station the other day that "Ali is fine, she's in school." What? You take off, go to LA, enroll your 16 year-old a** in some school? For a week?
How much you wanna bet girl dropped out?
Shame on E! for encouraging this freak show.

1635 days ago


Ali's not back in NY because of Michael. She was just in LA for 2 weeks, that was the plan. She spent all of March in NY with Dina and most of February. At some point she'll be back in LA with Lindsay or jetting off somewhere with Lindsay. Ali officially lives with Dina in NY but from time to time stays 2 to 6 weeks in LA with Lindsay and travels with Lindsay. She's done this all of last year until now and recently her father used her current stay as an excuse to try to get to Lindsay. Almost all of Michael's public actions are trying to get control and influence of Lindsay's life and he's just recently started to include Ali.

1635 days ago
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