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Man Hits Madonna Jackpot in $150 Blind Auction

5/1/2010 4:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A pile of Madonna memorabilia -- including a pic of her holding a water gun shaped like male private parts (top right) -- just went up for sale on eBay ... but the real shocker ... the guy behind the sale acquired all of the items for $150. Total.

The lucky SOB -- who asked not to be named -- tells TMZ he hit the Madonna mother lode on Sunday during a blind auction at a storage facility in Chatsworth, CA.

The guy tells TMZ the storage unit used to belong to Madonna's first assistant Melissa Crow -- who, according to the owner of the storage facility, fell behind on her monthly payments and therefore forfeited her rights to the property. So ... the guy was able to nab it all for a whopping $150.

Included inside the unit: Tons of photos (including shot of Madge with former flings Warren Beatty and Sean Penn), negatives from Madonna's "Truth or Dare" book, a Polaroid picture of Madonna holding the genitalia water gun, and much, much more.

There are also 17 journals that appear to have been penned by Madonna from 1988 and 1992 -- those are on sale for a ambitious $2.5 million ... but Madge's rep claims they aren't the real deal.

Crow has since taken to Madge blogs asking people not buy the stuff.


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Moral of the story is Nobody Knows is a punk....Maybe you should go look for a new job? Something you are good at....not auctions. I heard Mc Donalds is hiring!

1636 days ago


I think that him and his sidekick should throw some of that good fortune towards the one person that has always helped them when they needed it and they both dont need to be OLD GUYS to know who I am talking about. racdloraeyenin.

1636 days ago


15. FYI to the ignorant, uneducated wanks at TMZ; the word is "motherload", not mother lode. Motherload is one word. Try using Google one in a while for those words you don't understand and are not sure how to spell. I know a grade 6 education seemed like enough at the time, but gosh it doesn't now, eh.



"Crow has since taken to Madge blogs asking people not buy the stuff."

not to buy*

1636 days ago

Richard the IV    

for #15

mother lode 
1.Mining. a rich or important lode.
2.a major or profitable source or supply: New York City is a mother lode of actors.

and for #20

"Crow has since taken to Madge blogs asking people not buy the stuff."

This is proper grammar. Adding the extra "to" is just an unneeded particle in the sentence.

I love how the people are so angry about these little things... and then they are wrong. The need to go wank out some of the aggression on those Tess Taylor pics. I think GleeGeeBeeGee needs to apologize to TMZ.

1636 days ago

y o n k    

madonna sucks..shes ugly as all helll

1636 days ago

Aaron Salmon    

I always thought that Madonna made the strangest choices in men. I'm sorry but that picture of her and Warren Beaty gives the creeps. And Sean Penn? Good Lord!

The auction dude is pretty lucky. I'm sure he'll find buyers; Madonna is a effing legend!!! I understand why Melissa Crow is acting up on blogs; she's probably really pissed at herself for not taking better care of her storage. And what's up with Madonna's rep.? We all know those journals are real!!!

1636 days ago

Madge As Hell    

I don't care for Madonna, but I wouldn't mind making money off of her stuff like this lucky guy did. So what if he has it and is selling it. Madonna thrives on making money through shocking images and pushing the boundaries of decency. She gave up her right to privacy and a wholesome image decades ago.
I'd be curious to find out what kind of crazy stuff was written in the journals. Photos are one thing, private thoughts written down by the diva herself are even more interesting!

1636 days ago


LOL! "GleeGeeBeeGee" spelled the word "once" incorrectly by leaving out the "c" and is bitching because TMZ missed the spelling of "motherload". What an idiot. Before you start ragging on others for their misspellings, maybe you should do some spell checking yourself!

1636 days ago


To Jack,
Good find man, I'm happy for you! Keep up the hard work and do it again soon!

1636 days ago

kendra bethune    

i like madonna but not that extreme about her like that guy in charleston there is a tiger beat every year they give away diaries signed by the jonas brothers and people think they actually have nick jonas's diary or joe jonas it is signed by the stars it's just a scam i think

1636 days ago


To GleeGeeBeeGee: The words ARE Mother lode, not motherload you stupid uneducated wank. See Webster's dictionary:
Main Entry: mother lode
Function: noun
Date: 1874
1 : the principal vein or lode of a region
2 : a principal source or supply
I guess your grade 5 education just doesn't cut it huh?

1635 days ago


Now what's grammatically wrong with this sentence: "those are on sale for a ambitious $2.5 million ... but Madge's rep claims they aren't the real deal."

1635 days ago


I have know "Jack" for awhile now and he is an honest hardworking guy.I have seen him buy whole units that ended up going straight into the trash. The punk that wrote comment #13 is just a jealous little sissy and has no clue what to look for at these auctions.If he had any b---s he would have put his real name. He may think that nobody knows he has to take the "metro" to these auctions but he better wake up and see that "Jack" has more friends then he realizes. So good going "Jack" and I hope you make a ton of cash.

1635 days ago

nobody knows    

Fatboy regarding comment #17 relating to #13,this is your problem you run your mouth too(see how I spelled that correctly,this is taught in the first grade) much and piss people off,now about what I was saying,how are your bids really doing in your fantasy world,2.5 millon with half the words spelled wrong in the auction,yeah I dont think so,how are the other 18 auctions doing?No bids,have fun paying those Ebay fees.Why not tell the truth about the Suge Knight auction,he called you on it and you pulled most the items out of fear,am I wrong??????

1635 days ago


whaoooooooooooo yo hubiera dado tanto dinero por esto, pero no lo tengo, Madonna te amo, eres la mejor, tengo 15 años y te amo, quisiera casarme contigo

1635 days ago
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