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Arnie Klein: I Did Not Betray Michael Jackson

5/3/2010 7:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Arnold Klein -- Michael Jackson's long-time best friend and physician -- tells TMZ he did not betray Michael Jackson by claiming to TMZ that MJ had an affair with Klein's office manager ... and he's freaked out that he's getting "a lot of horrible death threats."

Klein and office manager Jason Pfeiffer were featured on "Extra" a few days ago -- during the interview Pfeiffer claimed to have had a romantic relationship with MJ.

Klein called in during TMZ Live last Friday, and said Michael was gay and Jason was "the love of his life."

On Saturday, Klein told TMZ he does not believe he betrayed Jackson because Jackson never tried to hide his sexuality. We called Klein out on his statement, because it seems to us MJ went to extreme lengths to keep his sexuality a secret.

Klein told us Saturday, "Was he gay? Yes." He then went on to say his declaration is meant to shoot down rumors that Jackson was a pedophile. And, Klein says, as far as he knows, Jason's alleged two-month relationship is the only gay relationship Jackson ever had.

Pfeiffer says, "Michael was not ashamed of his sexuality."

Klein and Pfeiffer say they have received numerous "horrible death threats" since their statements became widely public this week. They have both been in touch with the FBI and now say they have bodyguards.


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Oh. My. God. There is NO possible way MJ was attracted to THAT even if he was gay and I seriously doubt he was. He noticed women, not men. And he made no secret he noticed them. I am floored at Arnie Klein. What a freak! I guess nobody has noticed this man for a bit and so he conjured up THIS. Leave MJ alone, Arnie.

1635 days ago


I don't believe he was Gay i think he was Straight. Or he was just Asexual. Or if he was Gay maybe he wanted to hide it? Who do we believe? we can't ask him now so we don't know.

Michael was and still is a Legend! RIP

1635 days ago


What a great big load of rubbish. There's NO WAY this is true. This sad Jason person has obviously misinterpreted affection/hug/attention etc for something else. Michael hugged and kissed everybody. He was a very loving man. As for your dreams my dear... no way Jose, no chance Lance. Sad fat lump.

1635 days ago


of all rumours this has got to be teh lamest shi* ever. That Klein is so full of cra*. Michael jackson was not gay, he was a misunderstood man thats all. I am just amazingly surprised at the amount of BA thats had been coming form Arnie klein. "michale jackson was not ashamed of his sexyality"? of course he wasnt he was obviouly attracted to women.Enbellievable teh amount of BS taht the media will continue to give us, what kind of lame no brain stupid incredibly brainwashed person would actyally believe this? LOL.

1635 days ago


You guys seem right! LOL Why would MJ want to go out with this loser!

1635 days ago


Who gives a damn if Michael Jackson was gay or not? Why do we feel we should know or care? Hell, HE didn't even know or care what he was.
Leave it be.....he's supposedly "dead" anyway...what does it matter.

1635 days ago


And, Klein says, as far as he knows, Jason's alleged two-month relationship is the only gay relationship Jackson ever had.

"only gay relationship he ever had", do we even need to discuss this any longer. it's soooo obvious that they are making up this story.

1635 days ago

Glenda in Texas    

An Angel between two lying attention whores.

1635 days ago

Throwback kid    

This guy Klein is just a real creep! and if MJ was gay, does anyone think he would go for a disguting fat slob like this loser? give me a break! I can't put my finger on it but something is just off with this guy Klein? He claims to have been Michael's friend but there seems to be some unerlying anger he has with him that causes him to make remarks like this.

1635 days ago


Michael said he was straight. The people closest to him have revealed details that prove that point. This shouldn't even be up for discussion anymore. Have some respect. If not for him, then for his kids.

And even if Michael had been gay, he maintained his intimacies very private and a real friend would never do that to him. I don't know how Michael attracted such s*** in to his life. How are these people medical professionals?

1635 days ago


What I find bizarre is that it seems that the majority of the MJ fans who are outraged about this refuse to accept that Michael could be gay. Michael impregnated 2 women with other people's semen and that's "OK" with them but say that Michael's gay is an impossibility?

Come on guys,,,, you know it's a possibility. Why can'y Jason be telling the truth? He had phonemails and everything - were they manufactued?

1635 days ago


Klein was no friend to Michael. He should be ashamed of himself. I think the head trauma he suffered gave him delusions of grandeur and logomania....or perhaps he was always that insufferable. Michael never tried to keep his sexuality a secret...he said many times that he was not gay. It's quite apparent that MJ was heterosexual when you see videos of him hugging women in concert...the gold pants don't lie, lol. As far as Pfieffer goes, he's obviously a very deluded man who should seek professional help.

1635 days ago


Oh yeah, and rumor has it that it's Arnold and Jason who were hooking up. Now doesn't THAT make a lot more sense? Hm!

1635 days ago


KLIEN is a sick bastard! quit making up ****!
and I HIGHLY doubt that MJ was gay.. and please even if he was .. he wouldn't touch that FAT BASTARD jason .. sick!!!! MJ had taste!!!! ..

1635 days ago

Dane Joe    

All of you idiots are ridiculous: Klein, Pfeiffer, Levin, and TMZ's entire staff.

Michael Jackson never "went to extreme lengths to keep his sexuality a secret." What he DID do, out of the kindness of his heart and his ever-present sense of common decency, was go to great lengths not to offend his many fans who happen to be gay. The man is a legend, and it was no real sweat off his back. Think what you wanna think because that's what most folks do anyway.

Even so, when Michael Jackson became older, he did state outright on several occasions when asked that he isn't gay, not that his sexuality matters one bit anyway. Michael Jackson is obviously attracted to women only, which is clear to people who aren't stupid, ignorant, deaf, dumb, blind, and did I already mention stupid? And if he is gay, that's his personal business.

Sickening Klein and his clown Pfeiffer are interested in one thing only -- attention -- and it looks like they got way more of it than they bargained for with this latest stupidity. Let that be a lesson, but I wouldn't count on it.

SUGGESTION: Instead of worrying about what gender Michael is sexually attracted to, why don't dummies like Klein, Pfeiffer, and TMZ et al go plant a tree or try to help make the world a better place for the less fortunate? Do any of you morons have fulfilling lives of your own? That's what I thought -- No.

The saddest and sickest part is that so many wastes of space spend so much time discussing a complete stranger's sexuality when he has no way to respond. Get a life -- you'll be happier and less laughable ... maybe.

1635 days ago
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