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Conan O'Brien on NBC-- It Was 'Toxic'

5/1/2010 1:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'Brien says he wouldn't have done what Jay Leno did to him -- and that there was nothing NBC could have done to repair his relationship with the network.

Conan sat down with "60 Minutes" to discuss the "Tonight Show" fiasco and how he felt he needed to part ways with NBC no matter how they went about things.

The full interview airs tomorrow night.


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CoCo has got to understand that he is simply not as good as Jay. If he was, he would still be hosting the Tonight Show. His feelings are hurt, I understand, but shut your mouth and know your role. You're not as good as Jay.

1637 days ago


Sorry I always knew Conan would not make it. I have my stupid blog to prove that. Conan always comes across like a puppet having a seizure.

1637 days ago


There's no more story here to report about.
Conan's fans will watch him on TBS.
Jay's fans will watch him on NBC.
End of story.

1637 days ago

The MediaBlog    

re: GabirleS

Since when was quality or talent the hallmark of ratings success? 30 million people each week watch karaoke wannabees and tubbies standing on scales.

1637 days ago


Wah! Wah! Whine and moan while getting paid millions of dollars to do NOTHING! AND gets a new show. People have real problems. Time for Conan to shut up and move on. What a whiner! Boo-hoo!

1637 days ago


The moral superiority is striking here. It's TV Conan, and your show failed because you weren't funny. This was never the fault of Jay Leno, who is funny! What a whining toddler you are. Go cry in your money Conan.

1637 days ago


Conan stop crying! Jay didn't do anything to you. Your argument is with NBC. But with 40 million in the bank, to the average person living in a recession shut up already!

1637 days ago


Conan was VERY WELL compensated for "his loss" by NBC - if COCO wants to keep whinning, then give NBC's $$$$ back

1637 days ago


Conan is doing the same thing Jay did to him to George Lopez. Conan's ratings were not good as Jay's. Why didn't Conan take the midnight time slot instead of moving George Lopez to it. No pity for this whining jerk who made MILLIONS $$$ off the deal from NBC. His statement that says he would not do it to Jay makes me furious but he would do it to a Spanish guy. BIGOT

1637 days ago


His ratings were too low. He let Dave Letterman beat him. Jay did a better job on The Tonight Show and Conan walked away with millions. NO PITY FOR THIS WHINY SPOILED BRAT.

1637 days ago


None of this was Jay's fault. Jay was just a humble guy doing his job. He expected to be fired if he wasn't funny enough, and when he was offered his job back (AFTER Conan was already fired), what was he supposed to do? He's grateful he can keep working. Conan has a heart of Gold, but he only brought his B-game when the game was almost over. That doesn't cut it. Jay welcomed him with big arms (and a big goofy car), and this is the thanks he gets? How ungrateful.

1637 days ago


Come on Conan. Nobody did anything to you that you didn't do to yourself. Your ratings sucked. You couldn't even beat David Letterman.......and that guy hasn't told a good joke since 1972. If you were pulling in the hugh numbers Jay was, they would have told Jay to fly a kite. It's all about money, my man. Not personalities.

1637 days ago

Rock Singer    

It's hard to feel sorry for anyone in this fight when you walk away with big $$$$...who you kidding !!!

1637 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Conan can afford to be disgruntled. He got paid. Now he is acting like a disgruntled athlete hatin' on a former team for cuttin' him. Well, it happens and if you don't like it, go buy it and make your own rules. Did NBC pull the rug out from under Conan? Yes, but they paid him the big bucks to go away and live the rest of his life. That doesn't happen to the rest of us.

1637 days ago


NBC was decent to you. They wanted to move you a half hour but you were a chronic whiner and didn't want that. I think they were decent in keeping you on as long as they did - you're not funny and the new show or whatever you are going to do will fail too. Who will you blame when it does because apparently you don't see the truth in yourself - you're not funny or entertaining.

1637 days ago
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