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'Rock of Love' Chick Busted for DUI

5/1/2010 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Beverly Palmer -- one of the four girls left standing on the third season of the Bret Michaels reality show  "Rock of Love" -- was arrested last night for DUI.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Palmer was busted at around 1:45 AM after her ride crashed into another car (no injuries). Cops gave Palmer a field sobriety test (watch the video).  Our law enforcement sources say Palmer left the .08 legal limit in the dust.

Palmer was cuffed and is now being held on $10,000 bail. 


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She hasn't noticed any trend in our society discouraging DRINKING AND DRIVING? Air head.

1633 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

Beverly admits that she has seen the Copper on patrol but never behind bars. She’s a tomboy with an attitude, which matches her signature cloggy-cowboy boots. Beverly isn’t someone to be crossed, since she has quite the temper when threatened.


Viva Argentina - We eat goatheads for snacks!

1633 days ago


Good thing they didn't test the camera person.

1633 days ago


What a Retard! Doesnt she know shes not famous enough to get away with things like that!!!

1633 days ago


She was such an out of control drunk on the show. You would think she had embarrassed her kids and family enough going on that show.
What a loser!

1633 days ago

Ms Kris    

Not good Beverly

1st pig Megan now you

1633 days ago

youdrink toomuch    

Rock of Love had a third season? wow!too bad this fool didnt win the Best Skank award on that show...

1633 days ago


OMG I would rail that so hard. Something so sexy about her thicker figure and tomboy personality!

1633 days ago


10,000??? Look like someone has priors...woohoo!!

1633 days ago


Women crimimanls should be given just as harsh sentences as men. No special treatment! Female drunks are out of control, since the gossip media makes them 'funny' and spotlights attention seekers, so dumb girls who want to 'fit in with cool chicks' drink too much.

1633 days ago


Why do these "F" list people who appear on reality shows stay in L.A.? Do they really think they'll have a career, seriously?????
& if I remember correctly, Beverly lost custody of her kids before Rock of Love. So it looks like she didn't bother to regain it, or lost it again.

1633 days ago


She came across as being pretty nutty (not to mention bitchy) on ROL. Especially when she was drunk. She attacked another girl on Charm School and got kicked off the show early on. There were talk on some message boards that she lost custody of her three kids to her husband prior to her ROL appearance.

1633 days ago


This vermin isn't worth our commentary or thoughts ... so let us focus on that which is really important ... how did the "Buddhist" play as well as he did at the Masters ? Though dumbfounding at first, when you stop to think about it, perhaps it wasn't really so surprising after all, if you consider that he probably played at least 25-30 practice rounds at Augusta during the weeks prior. There's no doubt that he and his team likely put "everything" they had into hitting a "home run" there, thus hoping to restore his credibility and image, etc. It was a "one time" opportunity at redemption, that they knew they had to seize. Unfortunately for them, they came up short ... and after the months of hard work and preparation, that must have been extremely deflating and very damaging for them. What we saw yesterday (ie: a defeated and dejected Tiger) is merely the reality of where we are today ... and it's likely to only get worse, from here on in. I hate to say this, but I've got an uncomfortable feeling that this may all eventually end up like OJ, with Tiger going berserk and killing the likes of Steve Williams and Jim Nantz, before taking his own life in a hail of gunfire, etc ...

1632 days ago

Sarah Nown    

1632 days ago

me not you    

I hope that when Bret Michaels gets better, he learns a lesson and doesn't renew this stupid show featuring nothing but toxic drama queen skankolas. What a lesson to teach your daughters, Bret! Little girls look to their fathers to see how men should treat women. I've never been a super-fan of his but I wouldn't mind watching a reality show that featured him on the road to recovering from this brain bleed.

1632 days ago
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