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Barack Obama

The President of Comedy

5/2/2010 10:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama isn't worried about his approval rating here in the United States, because he's still well-loved in the country he was born in. *RIM SHOT!!!

Barack killed at last night's White House Correspondents' Association Dinner -- even lobbing a few grenades Jay Leno's way.

Afterward, we got Scarlett Johansson as she made her way through fans and autograph seekers -- where our camera guy threw out a pretty interesting wager ...


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He is the horrible inside and out-----Anit-American trash!

1603 days ago


Please ... quoting the national enquirer? Didn't they run several stories on how the Bush's marriage is over because he's an alcoholic? Hmm strange how the conservative media is keeping that quite.. I wonder why? Maybe cause the paper is a rag?

I thought Obama was very funny. Can't wait to vote for him again in 2012.

1603 days ago


it's not massattusetts it's massachusetts.... like chuchu train not tutu train..

1603 days ago


ummmmm 11:40 he says massattusetts correction which should be massachusetts....

1603 days ago

Jody P    

It is amazing how people disguise things as related to the issues when it is very evident that it's color related. Bush could do no wrong amongst the American public majority even though the national debt increased, we engaged in the Iran war and the economy tanked. Never a mention of impeachment, the country still had national pride(i.e. establishing the Tea Party)and rallied behind Bush. This is unfortunate!!! Bush was clearly mentally retarded(Clinton-Rhodes Scholar, Obama-Harvard graduate)!!!

1603 days ago


What a comedian! He does better at that than running the country.

1603 days ago


What a comedian! He is better at that running the country.

1603 days ago


Most of you guys are such a bunch of sore losers! Mimimimimimimi!
Neoliberalists under Bush brought us this hole economic mess, not the so called "progressives"; this word is even from your fantasy created! Admit it and get over it!

You had 8 years the chance to make a difference, but you only brought us war over oil, ignorance to ecological questions, economic crisis and poverty for milions and milions for only a few!

1603 days ago


I can hear it now! "I DID NOT HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH THAT WOMAN, MS. BAKER." I can't wait till he's called to testify. My understanding is he can't be impeached for committing adultery, but he CAN BE impeached for lying about it! Can we say "One Term President?"...oh YES WE CAN! He's nothing but a presidential thug.

1603 days ago


Gee, I wonder how many people watching and listening to his comedy act that lost their jobs, can't provide for themselves, much less their family, have no hope in finding a job anytime soon, and went to bed hungry that night because what food they did have they gave to their children, thought he was hysterical?? I wonder.

1603 days ago


I really don't find that funny at all Mr. Person holding the office of President of the United States of HAVE WE ALL LOST OUR ****ING MINDS?

1603 days ago


So glad he was having such a wonderful time as the Gulf Coast is being destroyed by the oil spill. Also glad he found time to go and play golf since this happened and hit the road and campaign for his cronies and talk about his socialist policies. This man doesn't give a rats ass about the American people or America itself. Anyone who thinks he does is a fool. I'm sure the ones looking for a handout just love him though.

1603 days ago


TMZ posters never fail to show the failure of the American education system. What a bunch of in-bred morons led by FIBiker.

1603 days ago


"49. TMZ posters never fail to show the failure of the American education system."

Actually the system worked EXACTLY like it was set up to do by the liberals... it got the socialist elected.

We MUST vote out the progressives in November, and then the pretender in 2012!


1603 days ago


Laugh it up Chuckles, while your country crumbles beneath you.

1603 days ago
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