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Elin Nordegren Runs Away ... to Sweden

5/2/2010 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With divorce reports looming, Elin Nordegren -- loving wife of Tiger Woods -- went jogging around her native Sweden yesterday.

As we first reported, construction crews began renovating the home Elin owns there ... perhaps an indication she plans to rebuild her life there.


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"Nubian King," why are you so obsessed with skin color, race, hair color, eye color, blah blah blah? As someone said, we're all from the same race, the human race. I think each ethnicity or race as you want to call it, has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it's 6 of 1 and a half dozen of the other. In every "race" there are people who misbehave and people who are good and kind. It all evens out, and no group is superior or inferior. Give it a rest why don't you. It's become boring.

1634 days ago


Nubian King-
SHUT UP! No one wants to read any more of your CRAP POSTS!

1634 days ago


Those who say "she was just a nanny" don't know what they are talking about. a lot of swedish girls go abroad and work as au pairs for a couple of years in order to see the world, and that is just what Elin did. Unlike most americans we are very interested in seeing and experincing other cultures.
Elin is not without education, as someone wrote. She studied psychology before she left to work as an au pair, and I think she has continued to study in the states. Elins mother, whom she is now visitin, lives in a castle and is the mayor of a swedish providence. Elin comes from a very prominent swedish family and she would have been doing well (maybe even better) even if she would never have meet Tiger.

1634 days ago


I see Nubian King is still posting.

Wonder when he is going to go back and address my counteraguments to his bullsh**t...Since you know, he knows better than all of us, and we're just all brainwashed. Even though he doesn't comprehend 99% of what he is talking about.

1634 days ago


Whateverpeeps, LOL. I agree with you about "Nubian King". What's so hilarious about this is he doesn't seem to know that American "blacks" are mixed and have Caucasian DNA. Compare their appearance to the real blacks in Africa, and it's obvious.

1634 days ago

Icelandic Cod    

First of all this isn't even her

1634 days ago


I love the way she handles herself ..I hate Tiger ..

1634 days ago


Some of you idiots just cant stop yourself from hating on a white girl can you ?

1634 days ago

tip top    

yea do like everyone else that comes from other countries take united states money then return to their country

1634 days ago


I certainly did not expect to read a politically angled research report here on TMZ. Second, what in all senses does this have to do with two people married and having two great kids? Third, you must be an underdog trying to justifying your own existence. I feel sorry for you. All people have the same value.

1633 days ago


Tiger's managed to bamboozle all of you ! By blood this man is 3/8 Thai, 2/8 Chinese, 2/8 African and 1/8 Caucasian. So going on about the faults of whites & blacks is a waste of time ... bash the Thai's and Chinese if you must ... otherwise just drop this idiotic talk. The simple truth is that Tiger Woods is a cruel and arrogant child, trapped in a grown man's body. Perhaps a better angle for you people to pursue, would be to question why he has absolutely no contact or relationship with his 3 x half siblings ? (ie: from Earl's first marriage). Understanding the reasoning for that, will likely give you people a better insight as to what makes this man tick ... Leroy Blomfeldt

1633 days ago


Are we sure this isn't Elin's twin sister?

1631 days ago


I'm glad to seem that they both realize it is time to go their separate ways. THe kids will be fine. They're young enough to where it really isn't a big deal. But I don't think Tiger could go on and break the records with a bad marriage hanging around his neck. Sometimes you're better off cutting your losses and moving on. Sure he'll miss the kids but really she really was the one with them and so they should go with her to Sweden. He's got enough money to see them whenever he wants so no need in bickering. Just get your check book out, pay her the 15 mil agreed to in the pre nup and move the heck on. As for Elin, while I never thought she was what Tiger needed in a mate, she DID NOT deserve the cheating, though I find it hard to believe she had no clue. She can go on and find someone to love her the way she wants to be loved and be happy and that is probably best in Sweden. She may not have all the perks of private jets and $30 million dollar yachts and all the goodies that came with being Mrs. Tiger Woods BUT she will have PEACE of mind and less reasons to look and feel angry. She deserves to be happy and I do think she is a great mother and that is really what is important. All in all, these two were doomed from the day they said "I DO." They don't mix. I'm rooting for them both to find happiness just not with each other.

1625 days ago
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