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Michael Lohan -- Jail Wouldn't Help Lindsay

5/3/2010 8:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan could be headed to jail for violating her probation -- and even though a trip to the pokey might scare her straight ... her father, Michael Lohan, doesn't think it would do her any good.


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This is all a publicity stunt. If the court thought she was in violation, they would have called her in early. Her and Sam are still each others no.1 friends of their facebook accounts? All this does is give this family more face time with the cameras and press. Yuck.

1634 days ago

Mark Franklin    

Put her on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean for 6 months without anyway to leave. Not to excuse what Lindsey is doing but why doesn't TMZ get right in the faces of these *******s that are going out with her and ask them why they are contributing to the problem.I would be curious to see what their response would be.

1634 days ago


Bored now. If this woman, who has had oppertunties in her life that VERY few people will ever have, can't be a responsible adult then why should we care if she screws up. She may have had a bad home life but so do lots of people and not all of them drive drunk or abuse drugs. Grow up Lindsay the world doesn't owe you a thing!

1634 days ago


Wow, maybe it's just me, because I had an amazing father who loved and cared about me and protected me from harm, that I can see that even though her father has messed up in the past, he's pretty much the only person on earth who cares about getting his kid some help. her own mother doesn't seem concerned, and she certainly hasn't taken the steps that her ex-husband has. i really don't think it's a stunt - even though it's BAD press, he still generates a ton of it on his own, and i don't think this conservatorship business is a ploy for more press for him. honestly, it'd be a pain in the ass and a full-time thing, taking care of her, and i think it's out of the concern of a father for his daughter.

1634 days ago


No comment.

1634 days ago


Honestly, she need help. And his father won't help her at all. I don't trust him, everything he touch he damage. Lindsay need a lot the help and love, she need to quit for her own good that HMO of conduct need to stop. I don't care about her acting, but like human being she needs to stop, she is young have a life at front of her. LINDSAY WAKE UP!!!! YOU HAVE LIFE OUT OF TMZ!!!

1634 days ago


Lindsey isn't going to jail. Ask any judge or law officer. The state of California is clearing out all drug offenders from its system, because it can no longer afford to house them.

Secondly, in most cases such as this, the defendant will likely be fined and the original sentence re-instated with one stipulation. Everything will be court mandated and supervised. There will be no room for error this time around.

Some defendants have received 10 days for similar charges in the past, but that is because they were not in compliance. Lindsey is somewhat in compliance, so expect do not expect any big shocking announcements.

Have a nice nice day Lilo, and stay out of the Chateau Marmont from now on. They'll be watching you like a hawk to make sure you don't stumble again.

1634 days ago


Even if she does go to jail, wouldn't they let her out 50 mins later because of crowding? It won't help and then she'll go on with her life thinking she's invincible.

1634 days ago


Maybe it could be a wake up call... Something has to wake her up.

1634 days ago


This Question doesn't make sense, for me, it's both---- SHE NEEDS IT, but it won't help.

She needs it, because she owes the time now. But, no, it probably, won't change her behavior.
I mean, when I was her age, I wasn't drinking and driving, but ****, I was going out ALOT. No drugs, just alcohol. Yeah, I think I would have looked like a wreck too. But I got through it, and it was fun. Who's to say she's not just having fun (besides the drunk driving part). Who's to say she's doing drugs? Proof TMZ? I'm NOT speaking on her behalf, yes, she looks like a wreck. But I'm saying ANY ONE of us would have too, if they only showed the many pictures of us drinking when we were her age.

1634 days ago


Some of you are missing the point. Who cares if it helps her or not? Jail is not in business to "help" people. It's to punish people for violating a law. I think she should be sentenced just like anyone else would be. It might make her lose a bit of the sense of entitlement she feels; and to realize there are consequences for every decision a person makes, whether it's good or bad.

1634 days ago


TMZ please quit giving Michael Lohan attention
This is like watching someone masturbate in public
You don't applaud and reward them
You contact the authorities and shun them
People need to tell this attention whore to get out of the way of their cameras
And hang up on him when he calls with a story

1634 days ago


what a load of crap..1 meeting every 21 days is a clear violation for someone with multiple DUI's..She is supposed to be in a multiple offender program that is 18 months an is to be attended every week NO EXCEPTIONS!!!..I 've been thru that process back in the late 90's an ur only allowed 2 absences or your out of program an charged with a violation of probation.It boggles the mind that she hasnt been hauled into jail sooner..typical hollyweird justice..anyone else wouldve been thrown in jail to complete the program but not Blohan...

1634 days ago


I usually defend Michael Lohan, but on this one, he couldn't be more wrong. Lindsay feels entitled and above the law. What Lindsay Lohan needs is a serious reality check. Going to jail would be a reality check like no other for this out of control brat. I don't think he has a choice about what he's saying here, if he says she belongs in jail it will surely backfire on him, and a parent normally doesn't want their child to go to jail. But trust me, it's the one thing that will make her have to stop and actually think about what she's doing and about the consequences of choices she's making!!! She'd change her attitude about her father AND her mother alot faster if she had to sit in jail for awhile.

The ONLY other alternative I see is a conservatorship or a very long stay in an in-patient rehab clinic.

And speaking of conservatorships, I don't think the one on Britney ever will or should be lifted because (sorry to say) I'm almost 100% convinced that girl has a serious mental disorder that cannot be fixed. And I think her parents are too.

1634 days ago


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1634 days ago
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