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Elin Nordegren -- One Big Happy Family

5/3/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Elin Nordegren continued her Swedish getaway today, hanging with her two kids and her mother in the town of Gavle.

In English, Gavle means "Place to get away from your cheating husband." We think.


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Jean Shonay    

Please divorce Tiger asap. Thank you

1571 days ago


Thank you TMZ for showing us this photo of Elin and her two precious children!!!I am glad Elin and the children are with family that love and care for them!!!

1571 days ago


On an interesting side note in English TMZ stands for "beating a dead horse"...I think? Enough of this already! We get it shes there with the kids and Tiger is here, they are divorcing!

1571 days ago


Elin moved out of the house as soon as all the scandals broke - she supported Tigers rehab efforts (although no one believes in sex addiction) so she and Tiger have been separated since late November - Many marriages do not dissolve for years although the former marriage partners live their separate lives - Elin has a large and supportive family which is great for her children to be around aunts, uncles, grandma and grandpa - it's nurturing for them and they need to know their mothers countries culture -
Tiger returned to golf with all his old "group" who enabled alot of his bad behaviours - So I would not believe he was sincere about making the marriage work - Whatever! His betrayal of his family speaks volumes about his lack of character and there is certainly no hurry for either of them to divorce. Tiger will likely stay single so he can spend life between the legs of porn stars and Elin will not marry until the "pain" of this betrayal heals and that will take some time. She has her two children whom she loves to care for and her own heart to mend as she actually "loved" Tiger before all this.

1571 days ago


She is a good mother.

1571 days ago


Those Kids Be Ugly

1571 days ago


Angeleyes:I totally agree with your beautiful words of wisdom!

1571 days ago


Ok all you Tiger haters.. Please give it a rest. He didn't kill anyone. He cheated. So what. Everyone has cheated whether it was 1,5 or 10 people.
Tiger woods will be rich for the rest of his life and will have his kids and probably will have more women.
He'll still have his children.
Next story please.

1571 days ago



1571 days ago


can somebody please take that pacifier out of the girls mouth.. holy christ, what is she 4?!?!...and they are always being carried.. let them god those kids are gonna grow up and be depenedent on everyone and not have any self esteem or respect.. kinda like Elin... Elin u need to take a page or two outta Sandra Bullock's book!!!

1571 days ago


Would you folks please quit following this poor woman and her children. Enough already ... she flew to Sweden to get away and be with family for a little quiet time and these people keep following her .... isnt there someone else you guys can stalk?

1571 days ago


Yeah, but Elin goes looking for paparazzi stalkers. She's all smiles whenever she gets snapped. She's enjoying this. It must be terrible to play the whiney victim and gouge $500 plus of Tigger's stash. His camp offers $500 mill for her to go away, but she still wants more, yet there are claims she was precious being called gold digger. If that was the case, why is she putting her hand out for more and not making her own money? Some independent woman. Riding on Tigger's coattails lol.

1571 days ago


omg that is the worst joke i have ever seen on tmz

i mean really, english for ....

did harvey write that joke ?

1571 days ago


Really angeleyes, Elin in love with Tiger??? Quit telling fables.

This former nanny met a not handsome black man and got rolled over by money and prestige. She is now stuck with this imperfect person for the next 18 years. This is the unhappy truth.
TW is stil the father of those children. He committed no crime. She can go to wherever to nurse her wounds but will have to return at some point and probably several times a year so TW can see his kids. She messes up with custody, she will loose custody. Period. At least she will have 300 millions to keep her happy. Nobody else will be allowed to daddy for those kids other than TW. TMZ, get over it. And the rest of the haters too.

1571 days ago

Ozzie X    

I hate Swedish architecture with their irregular angles and pastel color arrays as far as the eye can see. I image their homes and cities to look like IKEA showrooms.

1571 days ago
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