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Elin Nordegren -- One Big Happy Family

5/3/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Elin Nordegren continued her Swedish getaway today, hanging with her two kids and her mother in the town of Gavle.

In English, Gavle means "Place to get away from your cheating husband." We think.


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let me repeat: The pre-nup specifies that she will get $20 million. Nothingh more. TW will not give her a cent over that amount. This figure of $300 million is fiction.

Come on , people. This is an ex nanny. She is lucky to get some cash. Time for the idiot to go.

1643 days ago


11 -- Bee Davis, ever hear of someone being "materially rich but spiritually poor" ?? That's your idol Eldrick. He trashed the mother of his children and therefore the children also for a bunch of sluts.

These racist posts against Elin, the victim, are interesting. People who support Eldrick merely because they are the same color are trying to trash Elin again by lying and saying she was a nobody when Eldrick chased after her. She didn't want to go out with him at first, so she is no gold digger. She comes from a well-connected family in Sweden. She didn't need him and should have followed her first instincts about him. For those morons who keep harping that he "didn't kill anyone," how do they know that he didn't transmit a lethal disease like AIDS to Elin? I hope not, but time will tell.

I hope she has a lovely summer there in Sweden, a beautiful, clean country. Tiger contaminated her, but she is young and can heal. Did anyone see the picture of the Princess of Sweden, Madeline (sp) and her fiancé? She broke their engagement because a woman said she spent the night with him at a ski resort. He is one handsome Swedish hunk. Elin can find a new love among all those good-looking Swedes.

1643 days ago

And thats the truth    

11. Ok all you Tiger haters.. Please give it a rest. He didn't kill anyone. He cheated. So what. Everyone has cheated whether it was 1,5 or 10 people.
Tiger woods will be rich for the rest of his life and will have his kids and probably will have more women.
He'll still have his children.
Next story please.

Posted at 5:50 PM on May 3, 2010 by BeeDavis

Sorry to burst you bubble, but, I have been married for 14 years to a man that comes home to me every day. He has never had an affair, nor have I. There are a lot of mature responsible men in the world and Tiger is not one of them.

As far as Tiger having lots of monies, this is true, but, money does not buy you happiness. In the end he will be alone with all of his precious money. The girls that he "dates" will be after him for his pocket book.

1643 days ago

Allie Davis    

Elin, stand by your man. You need a Tiger in your tank. To err is human, to forgive divine. Get thee to the golf course and pump that fist when your man puts his ball in the hole.

1643 days ago


Elin has a profound sad and lonely expression. Makes me very sad and so sorry she's had to endure this. To have this kind of thing happen and then have the press stalk you to get a pic of your sadness is just horrible.

1643 days ago


**** you tmz taking pictures of the kids.

1643 days ago

Christina G.    

No wedding ring.

1643 days ago



1643 days ago


That's incredible ... when I lived in Sweden back in the early eighties, I was working at Volvo "Torslanda-Verken" and I had a co-worker friend who came from "little" Gavle ... it's the first time that I've heard of that name since ... anyway, getting back to His Highness here, I'll bet you Tiger-Lovers "dimes to dollars" , that Fish Lips won't even make the cut this weekend ! ... What say you to that ? ... in fact, I predict that His Highness is going to end up in an "unpleasant" green-side altercation with the gallery ... chew on that you suckholes ! ... with love, Blomfeldt

ps: hey Tiger ! ... you big man "billionaire" who probably can't speak even five words of Swedish ... check this out ... "drag at helvete din bog djavel!"

1643 days ago


Elin is not a gold digger. She deserves every penny. Half a billion is a reasonable amount considering what Tiger put her through.

He did not cheat once or twice, where you can say it was a mistake. He did not cheat 20 times, where you can say he's a habitual cheater. He cheated on her with over 100 women.

He did not use protection. He put the woman at a risk of AIDS, and other diseases. Here's a lesson kids, some STD's don't have symptoms in men, but they can spread them, and those STD's can cause permanent infertility.

500 million dollars is nothing. You cannot put a price tag on life and fertility. If so, how much do you think Tiger would pay to keep his disgusting pen*s attached? How much would you pay?

If Tiger wanted to screw who*es, he should have never entered a committed relationship, and PROMISE someone fidelity. But as stated earlier, he did not only break his vows, he put the woman at risk. What if she had developed AIDS? Tiger would be sitting in a jail cell for manslaughter.

I hope she gets him for every penny.

And btw, to someone who said everyone cheats, you must be 12 and have never been in real relationship. No, not everyone cheats. Only lowest trash of society with no self control do.

1643 days ago


I feel you're right on the money......well said!
I totally believe that Elin is gone.....and maybe even from America forever......what with what just happen to her and the taxes that she doesn't have to pay in her home country. I'm just saying........~Paul

1643 days ago


Tiger's an arse. An animal.

Elin, stay in your native country, and marry a nice Swedish man.

1643 days ago


I highly doubt that they are one BIG happy family. Elin `````` I'm sure got ``` robbed of her life. She pretty much lived ``` a lie ``` b/c of Tiger and his sluts. I hope she can rebuild her (real)life, with or without him. Hope`` the kids will be fine b/c of this scandal& they are both very young.

1643 days ago

Maria Lopez    

"He cheated. So what. Everyone has cheated whether it was 1,5 or 10 people."

First of all, not everyone cheats.

Second, those that do cheat do not normally do it with dozens and dozens of people! That is not cheating! That is living every day as a sex orgy! Disgusting. He risked his wife's health with STD's by doing that.

1643 days ago


Yes Daisy, Elin was in love with Tiger and he with her - but his ego and priorities to satisfy his entitlements got in the way of being a husband to his wife and a father to his children.
Elins mother lives in a castle - does yours? Sweden still has a King and Queen - so don't think Elin comes from a system of society that condones such permissive debauchery. This sort of scandal breaks down the very fabric of humanity - of caring for your mate - of caring for your young, of making that your priority as a man to look after what is truly yours in life - It is an empty life to look back on when you sit with trophies and no one that truly loves you to share the journey with - Money buys you many "toys" but never buys you faithfulness, love, consideration, kindness or friendship - For Tiger - he is a hero till the next game he wins - but someday all that hero-worship stops and he becomes a 'has-been' as a new champion emerges -

1643 days ago
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