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Halle Berry's Ex Comes Out Swingin'

5/3/2010 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For the first time since news of their breakup surfaced, Halle Berry's baby daddy ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry was spotted out this weekend ... doing his best Tiger Woods impersonation.

If you believe reports ... Gabriel also didn't make the cut.


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Good, now he can go find himself a nice blond white girl to "MARRY"...
He's got a lifetime hook into Ms. Barry, so he can go get the wife he REALLY wanted after all....

Who says "there's no work for Male Models after they've reached their prime"?!

1633 days ago


He is the best guy that ever happened to Halle Berry...good looking...good cook...have family values (he's french too!) what else does a woman want?

1633 days ago


Kevin, you're vile.

1633 days ago


Blond white wife, really Kevin,those days are gone.This is America!

Hateful raw sewage you,

1633 days ago

Jason Chambers    

who cares? who is this guy?

1633 days ago


Halle will ALWAYS come back to black men. Our bodies are built to join in a special way. No white man can satisfy a black woman for very long. It is physically impossible! Our "stroke" is better and all-emcompassing of the female anatomy. The smell of most white people is very offensive to black people and that kinda kills sex after a few times. Just a few reasons why once you go black, you really dream about it. Doesn't this guy look like the rumored bisexual that he is? UH YEA!

1633 days ago


I had no clue who this guy was until he got together with Halle Berry.. actually I still don't know who the **** he is. But he's always seemed a little gay to me.

1633 days ago


#6: Uh huh. There's an offensive odor coming from my screen. I think it's coming from your direction.

1633 days ago


He was a nobody until Halle made him a somebody now that he's gone he will always be known as Halle's baby daddy! Personally I think this relationship was built on LOOKS and sometimes LOOKS don't mean a thing!

1633 days ago


Elin should date him asap. He's the perfect guy for her and so much hooooooooooooootter than Cheetah.
Go Elin !!!

1633 days ago


#6 if Halle's going to hook up with a black man because the "stroke" is better, then why are more and more black men ignoring that same "stroke" with a white woman? IN any event, HALLE, has to take a longggggggggg look at HERSELF IN THE MIRROR! To me, Halle and Angelina are in the SAME BOAT! They married TWICE, but they WILL NOT MARRY THEIR BABIES DADDY!! SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THAT PICTURE!

1633 days ago


Hey humbleking...not only are you a racist, you are a complete horses ass!!

1633 days ago


Humbleking is so stupid I bet he typed that message with his knuckles. It's sad when some black men are so insecure they just cannot bare that a black woman might not find their them the most attractive. If Halle goes "back to black" (and I'm sure she will) it'll be because she's just really never been that open minded. Even when with Gabrielle, she seemed uncomfortable, and very awkwardly made out with jamie Foxx at an awards show just in case they might storm the stage and take away her black card. She's not really her own person, and cares too much what the black community thinks, overcompensating to the 10th degree because she's actually half white. So I'm sure she will go back to the relationships that didn't work for her for 40 years, either out of horrific abuse (Wesley Snipes, David Justice) or massive unfaithfulness (Eric Benet, Christopher Williams).

Kevin: You ever think Gabrielle's not the problem and that Halle was just never going to marry a white man? She's said she'll never marry Gabrielle a 1000 times, and never really committed to him I feel.

1633 days ago


Aubry was too good for Halle. She is attracted to the same type of man that her father was and probably will never feel comfortable unless there is abuse or disrespect as evidenced by prior relationships. Aubry's family does not have that poor track record and hope he finds someone who shares his values.

1633 days ago


Humbleking most of us find the odor of greasy food eating, constantly complaining and lack of using deodorant people abhorrent. Trust me "we" do not have a problem with avoiding someone like you. Give us a "French man" anytime, any place and in any way...LOL

1633 days ago
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