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Michael Jackson's Dad -- 'He Was Not Gay'

5/3/2010 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson is pissed at Michael Jackson's former best friend/doctor, Arnold Klein, for telling TMZ MJ was gay and had a relationship with Klein's office manager.

Joe railed at Klein, telling TMZ, "It's not true.  Michael was not gay."

Joe feels Klein has betrayed his son: "He has no respect for Michael ... to say things about him when he's gone is shameful." 

Jason Pfeiffer was on TV last week, claiming he had a sexual relationship with Michael, and Dr. Arnold Klein spoke of walking in on the two men and seeing them with their shirts off.  In the last few days, Dr. Klein has told TMZ Jackson was gay and had no problem with people knowing about it.

Joe Jackson went on, "He's a doctor and knows better than to break his vows against a patient."


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Gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay...if you missed it...see the first part of the comment!!!!!

1601 days ago


I respect Mr. Joeseph Jackson so much. If it were not for Joe, we would never heard of the Jackson Five, our beloved Michael Jackson or Janet Jackson. He gets berated so much. How many dads who makes fun of Joe on this website, what have you done for your children? Do not make fun of another man's hard work, unless you walked in his shoes.

1601 days ago


yeah, but little do you know, joe and michael buried the hatchet years before he died. if you read one thing about what michael said, and no so much the media, you'd know that. BY THE WAY, of course michael wasn't gay, even if he was, why this big ass whale decide just now a month after his death, and once again in april 2010? something is wrong with the damn picture, and i can't be the only one notices.

1601 days ago

Andreia Brazil    

It's amazingly stupid that Dr.Arnie Klein! Imagine if his customers will trust him now? Everyone knows now that it is true or not, every one of your clients may be embarrassed by it at any time, because he has no scruples. Besides talking about this big lie about Michael, he talked a lot of nonsense! Who can trust him now??

1601 days ago

gimme a break!    


1601 days ago


Who cares? Gay, straight, bisexual, asexual. It doesn't matter he was a musical genius, and a humanitarian. That's what he should be remembered for! I would not believe anything Dr. Klein states, he is a physician... yet what physician exploits his patients medical diagnoses?? Hmm someone that sought after FAME! I think this is just another ridiculous rumor, Michael loved women, and that's a fact. Whether he may have found men attractive? I don't know, and neither does anyone else. Only Michael knows that. Leave the man alone!!!! And if he were truly Michael's GOOD friend, he wouldn't be saying all this stuff. Dr. Klein wants something!!!!!!!! Fame, money, or maybe Michael did something to him to make Dr. Klein hate him, this may be his pay back. WE DO NOT KNOW. You can't believe everything you hear people!!!!!!! That means you too TMZ! People are disgusting, and can be FULL of lies. Yet people report it as being facts. Someone's opinion is NOT a fact. Stop reporting trash, and report the FACTS. Oh wait, this is TMZ... of course it's all useless information about celebrities. Who cares, leave them alone.

1601 days ago

blue pen    

Well he would say that wouldn't he.

1601 days ago

Mj fan with love    

For one time, I agree with Joe.

Michael Jackson forever!

1601 days ago


What would you expect Michaels father to say? Very few fathers want to know their son is gay.

1601 days ago


jackson was a screaming ***get from the word go... and daddy made him that way

1601 days ago


Michael Jackson was not gay. Michael Jackson was once married to Debbie Row and Lisa Marie Presley. Lisa once described Michael as "hot and amazing", but a little shy about his body. Well of course he was shy about his body. Michael had Vitiligo and Lupus. Both of these are serious auto immune diseases, which affect the skin. Vitiligo destroys the dark pigments of the skin leaving pale white patches. Lupus leaves crusty scarrs. Anyone suffering from these two diseases, who were as sensitive as Michael Jackson would be shy about their body.

This story is absolute bull****. First, Michael Jackson told everybody that he loved them. Secondly, I read another article where Michael took off his shirt for another male, who was not gay. He took his shirt off to show him that all the darkened pigments were now gone and that his chest was now one color, white. There is nothing gay about that.

Doctor Klein also said in his interview that Michael asked him whether or not an african american doctor was a good doctor. Klein's response was inappropriate. Klein is a Dermatologist, who holds a medical license himself. Doctor Klein knows that there is an organization called the California Department of Professional Regulations, which who he should have referred Michael Jackson to. This organization can tell you whether someone holds a license, whether or not there has been any reprimands and whether or not there has been any malpractice.

Doctor Klein and his assistant are fame seekers, who are out to damage the good name and reputation of Michael Jackson for their own few moments of glory. Let Michael Jackson rest in peace.

1601 days ago


offcourse Michael wasn't gay!

1601 days ago


Sue the fat ass dogs papa Joe and bring the belt to court! The fans are behind you all the way.

1601 days ago


this is ridiculous!! will you ever get that Michael is not public property??!!! shame on you and especially to those saying he was gay because they just want him to be. how convinient. bashing someone who's not even here to defend himself!

1601 days ago


Michael Jackson NÃO É GAY porra!

1601 days ago
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