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Michael Jackson's Lawyer -- Mystery Suicide Note

5/3/2010 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0502_peter_lopez_EX_single4Peter Lopez -- the music attorney who had close ties to Michael Jackson -- left a suicide note that was completely silent as to why he took his life ... sources connected to the situation tell TMZ.

We're told the one-page, handwritten note expressed his love for his wife and kids and asked for forgiveness, but did not even hint at why Peter would end his life.

A source close to the family tells TMZ Peter dropped the kids off at school at about 9:00 AM Friday.  When he got home, we're told Peter went to the backyard and shot himself in the head.

We're also told people close to Peter thought he seemed "stressed out" in the weeks leading up to his death ... but that he did not tell anyone -- including his family -- what was bothering him.

Lopez was married to Catherine Bach from "The Dukes of Hazzard" for 20 years. They had two children together.

In addition to working with Michael Jackson, Lopez -- who worked with Jackson on the 25th anniversary of "Thriller" -- was an attorney for The Eagles and served as a co-producer on the movie "Selena."


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Look at the posts above mine. Just horrendous! This is tragic but even worse are those sitting behind a monitor typing this toxic hatred. A scary commentary on humans.

1632 days ago


We’re also told people close to Peter thought he seemed “stressed out” in the weeks leading up to his death … but that he did not tell anyone — including his family — what was bothering him. Mystery Suicide Note

1632 days ago


Michael Jackson
Evan Chandler
Bruce Ayers
Peter Lopez

1632 days ago


Was Peter Lopez possibly stressed out in recent weeks due to the Jaafar Jackson and Blanket Jackson stun gun incident? Concerned with the involvement and outcome of Child Protective Services decisions at Hayvenhurst?
Was Peter Lopez possibly Blanket's biological father? And because of confidentiality agreements he was unable to step forward and protect and serve his sons safety and best interests with the same honor, diligence and pride that he afforded his children with his wife Catherine Bach? And could Catherine Bach possibly be Blanket's mysterious biological mother? Were they the donors?
Was this a burden of conscience that became too heavy for this gentle natured warmhearted person to carry?
So many questions left unanswered.

1632 days ago


Why does TMZ need to make these phony ass exaggerated connections to Michael Jackson? The guy was a music industry attorney and one of his clients happened to be Michael Jackson, that's all. There's no reason to believe his suicide had anything to do with Wacko Jacko so why bring him into it? Instead of titling this "Michael Jackson's Lawyer -- Mystery Suicide Note" why not... "Catherine Bach's Husband -- Mystery Suicide Note" or... "Attorney for The Eagles -- Mystery Suicide Note" etc., why does it have to be about that freak MJ?

1632 days ago


7. Look at the posts above mine. Just horrendous! This is tragic but even worse are those sitting behind a monitor typing this toxic hatred. A scary commentary on humans.

Posted at 1:33 AM on May 3, 2010 by JLS

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You are exactly right. Scary.

This is so sad & tragic. I've had someone close to me commit suicide & it haunts you the rest of your life. Always wondering why. The sad truth is that Catherine Bach may have absolutely no idea but will have recognized certain signs in retrospect. It's just a tragic way to leave people you love behind if your unable to endure the pain of living

May God Bless this man & his family he left behind. RIP

1632 days ago



1632 days ago





yeah im being sarcastic.

1632 days ago


There does not have to be an alternative reason as some people are thinking. Sometimes people just have enough and want out. He left a I love you note to his wife and children, but also asked for forgiveness. To me the forgiveness he is asking is for going - taking his life. She may never really know why he took his life. It just ends this way sometimes.

People need to talk more.

1632 days ago


Well at least he did it in the backyard and didn't mess up the house.

1632 days ago


Well TMZ .... you hit a new low.
ANYTHING to tie MJs name to a story to make it a headline.
Or is this yet another clue....

1632 days ago


From our own undercover courthouse reporter:

"We have breaking news from law enforcement! It turns out there was a 2nd page to the suicide note that flew away and landed in the bushes nearby. The 2nd page of the note rambles on about who and what he will miss...but then lands squarely on the reason he chose to take his lfe, I quote: "I cannot go on anymore! Night after night I have been haunted since Michael's passing and I just cannot take it anymore. I can't sleep...I can't eat. Everytime I close my eyes I'm haunted by a strange apparition shaped like a nose. It sneezes on me...snores at even whistles at know, like when there is a bit of a booger clinging to the nose hairs? Except this nose whistles to the tune of "Beat It"...I have to end it...I mean if it was "Thriller" I could handle it...but "Beat It?" No man can handle that night after night...I'm outta here. Goodbye cruel nose!"

And there you have it...mystery solved!"

This breaking news has been brought to you by Wombat News, All Wombat, All the Time.

1632 days ago


This has NOTHING to do with Michael Jackson TMZ. Sensationalism once again.

1632 days ago


yes its a clue. a guy takes his own life with a blast to the head, so its a clue. Arnie says MJ pisses in cups in front of children. A clue. Everything is a clue. For years MJ and his camp, planned for this guy to kill himself and ruin 2 kids life, with the loss of thier father, for a "clue". I beLIEve in conspiracy theories, or at least alot of them, but if people believe this is part of a hoax by Michael Jackson, please see a doctor. Get checked out. Cuz you have big problems. Honestly.

1632 days ago


I think people need to put their prejudices aside regarding MJ whatever they may be. Fact is I agree with comment 9. that it is all too easy to dismiss this guy's death as just being a suicide. Who knows who was pressurising him? So now we have a list :

Michael Jackson
Evan Chandler
Bruce Ayers
Peter Lopez
who are all connected one way or another. The death of MJ is still not resolved. So many people could have benefited from his death - too many - and a lot of the so called facts in the case are inconsistent. I smell money, gangsters and more who are involved in this. Too many deaths one after the other. I only hope the authorities have the guts not to be leant on and that they investigate it but my guess is that they won't! Very sad.

1632 days ago
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