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Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston Finally Play Nice

5/5/2010 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For the first time ever, Levi Johnston has made on-time child support payments to his baby mama Bristol Palin for two consecutive months -- but even more shocking, both sides are finally getting along!!!


Ever since Levi paid off his $21k debt to Bristol -- in full -- earlier this year, lawyers for both sides confirm that he's followed up with a $1,750 support check for both March and  April. 

But what's more impressive -- sources connected to both Levi and Bristol tell us that the two Alaskans are being civil towards one another.

In fact, we're told Bristol -- who was awarded primary custody of 1-year-old Tripp -- is even allowing Levi to spend time with their son "whenever Levi wants" ... and Levi has been taking her up on the offer.

We're told Bristol and Levi are also planning to sit down for private mediation to work out the rest of the kinks in their custody battle -- mainly money issues and visitation -- before they're due back in court in September.


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I hate that bitch, she needs to shut the **** up and die!

1602 days ago



1602 days ago


There is no way he can 1750

The guy is making nothing now

I would expect 300-500 soon

This is not fair it doenst cost 40,000 a year to raise a kid she sould have to pay her fair share also

1602 days ago


I don't get why people trash this boy. Sarah Palin knowing the girl was pregnant paraded her and this boy exposing them to derision and ridicule that must have been terribly embarrasing. Yet this very young man is berated by much of the media. No competent adult concerned about her daughter would or should have done that. Palin is selfish greedy cow! She should be paying Him.

1602 days ago


Why are these people "famous" again?

1602 days ago


i actually feel a bit sorry for the guy....the stupid pressure he was under to marry her, as if two teenagers would stay married anyway in the end ???

1602 days ago

Throwback kid    

I would like to see Bristol have a reality show with Ray J

1602 days ago

the DQ    

"In fact, we're told Bristol -- who was awarded primary custody of 1-year-old Tripp -- is even allowing Levi to spend time with their son "whenever Levi wants" ... "

This is SUCH a crock of ****e, I bet they can smell it at the S. Pole. You really need to quit getting your information from that POS Van Flea. As for the rest of your comments...............mostly WRONG!!!!!

1602 days ago


lis must have issues with her appearance...since she thinks she knows what ugly is. the comments i have read. Shameful.
I can tell that most of you must really fell bad about yourselves. You really should learn to like yourself more. it must really suck to be so insecure.

1602 days ago


I can tell most of you are highly educated and the most attractive people on the planet....that was sarcasm by the way.

1602 days ago


Levi was really a sorry excuse for a man. Might still be. We shall see. He had no class. What kind a man would go out and trash the mother and grandmother of his own child? No real man would do that. Only a child could be that immature. Since he isn't a can't be excused. I feel sorry for that baby. Good thing he has a decent mother. In the interest of the baby..I hope he grows up and gets his head screwed on straight. You can al trash the Palins all you want..I may not agree with everything..but they are a good family. These parents didn't turn their back on their child and grandchild. People make mistakes. Don't make the child suffer for that. Forgive. I'm sure a lot of people are really just jealous that they didn't have a close family that supports you even if you screw up. Must be nice. Bristol is a beautiful girl. She doesn't have any more acne than Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson. Don't make fun of things like that. It is really childish. We've all had acne or other things that are a part of life and you can't do much about it. No one wants to be judged by that. Pamela Anderson without makeup is not very glamourous. I've yet to see anyone with the perfect body and face. Grow up kids. Grow up.

1602 days ago


Levi is butt effing ugly, and looks like a retard. I apologize to all the mentally challenged individuals out there, but he does. Ugly and stupid is no way to go through life, Levi, so feel free to take your own.

1602 days ago

who dat    

Their both redneck trash.

1601 days ago


I think TMZ was pretty low to print the worst picture they could find of Bristol. We know you hate conservatives, but can't you be a little fair??

1601 days ago


I'm not sure how child support laws work in Alaska, but $1750/month is ALOT of money for monthly child support for ONE kid. I am hoping this includes support for the mother too, but with Sarah Palin as the grandmother, how broke can this bitch be? Here in California, monthly child support payments are based upon the income of the father. Levi must be making alot of money a month to have to pay $1750 a month for child support. Honestly, that is a huge sum of money to pay for one child. As much as I dislike both of these pieces of garbage, LEvi is getting raped, big time.

1601 days ago
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