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Jenna Jameson & Son Rushed to Hospital

5/4/2010 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jenna Jameson and one of her two boys with Tito Ortiz were rushed to the hospital in an ambulance last night around midnight -- after her son Journey began projectile vomiting and losing consciousness shortly after 11 PM.

Jenna Jameson
TMZ spoke with Jenna, who told us she was by herself when her son became sick -- and tells us she thought the best course of action was to call 911 for an ambulance.

Jenna tells us Journey was "hydrated" at the hospital -- and released a few hours later. Jenna also says that doctors informed her that Journey is most likely suffering from a stomach flu.


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PR stunt

1632 days ago


Oh, I have a feeling you are going to start seeing stranger and stranger behavior from Jenna Jameson. I believe the accusations about her drug use and I also believe she's having a hard time letting go of the spotlight. No person in their right mind and with common sense calls 911 for a vomiting toddler....unless they got in to poison or had a stomach injury. She's gotten an awful lot of publicity over the DV thing and now...well, times are strange in the Ortiz/Jameson household.

1632 days ago


What a drama queen. My kid has the flu so I need an ambulance and paparazzi, stat.

1632 days ago


I guess she will be on next seasons dacing with the stars...oh boy

1632 days ago


Really 911 for the stomach flu...She is BEGGING for attention....Maybe if she spent more time as a Mother and less as a sex object and liar, her kids would not become so drastically ill.

Lets keep watching this train wreck in progress.. Tito run, bad things are coming with her...

1632 days ago


It's going around...but SHE COULDN'T JUST DRIVE HIM HERSELF??? This ding bat.....Tito Run....Tito Run....

1632 days ago

Dennis F.    

Seriously she named the kid Journey? Look if you're going to name your kid after a crappy rock band, it should be either Styx or Nickelback.

1632 days ago


It's really common for parents to be strapped down with their baby. If the kid is only sick and not injured they will let a parents hold them for the child's comfort, but the parent has to be strapped to the stretcher for safety reasons.

Also, the flu is extremely dangerous for children and the elderly, and taking an ambulance guarantees that they won't have to just wait in admittance for who knows how long.

1632 days ago


This is so stupid. Her little publicity stunt/munchausen syndrome just took what? 6 workers and an ambulance away from people with REAL emergencies. It's sickening the special treatment that celebrities get.

Just awful.

1632 days ago


How old is her son? This is not something to fool around with! When my son was a few months old he started doing the same thing and I was also told he had the flu. When the vomiting continued I took my son to emergency....after xrays I was told he had a condition called Pyloric Stenosis and had to have surgery right away!

1632 days ago


Why would she call a ambulance when she has all those vehicles outside? Maybe she thought she wouldnt have to wait in the waiting room for hours. IF the emergency room is busy it doesnt matter if you take a ambulance. They still put you in line just like everybody else. Its seems like she trying to get pictures of her taking care of her children, Her behavior is really odd.

1632 days ago

little debbie    

Let's hope this isn't Munchausen syndrome by proxy.

1632 days ago


This is turning into a joke

1632 days ago


You have to take a picture of a baby on a stretcher? I mean come on, this is getting pretty low guys!

1632 days ago


Give me a break... put the kid in the back of your Bently and go to the hospital yourself. I am convinced she is on pills. The baby was so scared.. SAD... she is really losing it.

1632 days ago
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