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Jenna Jameson & Son Rushed to Hospital

5/4/2010 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jenna Jameson and one of her two boys with Tito Ortiz were rushed to the hospital in an ambulance last night around midnight -- after her son Journey began projectile vomiting and losing consciousness shortly after 11 PM.

Jenna Jameson
TMZ spoke with Jenna, who told us she was by herself when her son became sick -- and tells us she thought the best course of action was to call 911 for an ambulance.

Jenna tells us Journey was "hydrated" at the hospital -- and released a few hours later. Jenna also says that doctors informed her that Journey is most likely suffering from a stomach flu.


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Seriously? so from now on the regular public can call 911 when they feel it was needed? Hell, my son last year on labor day weekend morning (he had just turned 1 years old), fell into the wooden coffee table and split his eyebrow open! I WAS ALONE and my kid was bleeding and screaming....all I did was panic for a few minutes and sit him in front of the mirrored door while I got dressed because once he saw his face bloody he stopped crying! I cleaned him up and put him in his carseat and drove to our ER that was 10 minutes away! Please!

1630 days ago


Good grief! What a waste of emergency services and medical facilities. The child is clearly alert and curious about his surroundings in the photo--and not in need of an ambulance. Mom's dramatic over-reacting was not only manipulative, it was unfair to the kid. Now he's going to be terrified that he's dying every time he has a stomachache. If he needed 'hydration,' fine--he could have arrived at the ER like millions of dehydrated kids with the flu do every year--in his parent's car. Hope the people in the ER who had strokes, heart attacks or traumatic injuries were understanding of the need to drop everything else and make room in the ER schedule for the kid with a tummy ache in an ambulance. I used to work in an ER and we HATED people who did this--tried to jump the line for minor illnesses (ambulances are always triaged first) by abusing emergency resources. If you need attention, get it some other way. Don't tie up badly needed medical transport just to get your picture in the paper.

1630 days ago


She CALLS an ambulance to her house for vomiting? And then she has two workers put HER on the stretcher and push her big ass INTO the ambulance? Oh please. I liked her up until now.

1630 days ago


I think if you call the police for nonsense these days they can arrest you or give you a ticket...I think the same holds true if they summon the police via a 911 call. They really ought to start charging a large fine for these idiotic ambulance calls.

On a reverse look though, you can't deny that one of the EMT's may have been looking for some face time on the camera and advised the trip to the ER in case of poison or heavy that case they ought to suspend the EMT for the unnecessary trip. Yet again, these whiny "stars" would probably complain and get the guy fired for being UNCARING or UNPROFESSIONAL.

Just keep some childrens anti-nausea syrup and some pedialyte ice pops on hand...not like this won't happen again.

Maybe he was found vomiting while playing with her drug vials or his steroid syringes and she was worried about possible poisoning.

1630 days ago


Can't wait for those kids to get old enough to see what mommy looks like with her tongue up some chick's ass. Let the freak show begin!

1630 days ago


wow! my son is home from school with diarrhea and vomiting...maybe i should call 911!!! RIDICULOUS!! save 911 for someone with a REAL emergency!

1630 days ago


Can't wait for those kids to get old enough to see what mommy looks like with her tongue up some chick's ass. Let the freak show begin!

1630 days ago


#41-Terri, Good points.

1630 days ago


Debster, yeah, we all know she did porn, but as a normal person, NO, I'm not hinging on "the kids to be old enough to watch it." That is very sick of someone to say, and you said it.

1630 days ago


What's the big deal about projectile vomiting? I do that every time TMZ posts something about the money grubbing Jackson clan.

1630 days ago


That precious child is not ugly, ...**** (how appropriate that is your name) However, I wonder how much of this baby's illness was used for Momma's PR. Poor little tot, he was bewildered. I hope no one had a heart attack or another child was in a car crash and needed urgent rescue and no service was available because this was one was being used for Momma Jenna's drama. Sober up, take care of your kids and drive them to the ER yourself. I hope the little tyke is feeling better. You can do better, Jenna.

1630 days ago


Is it really difficult to see that this isn't the best match made in heaven....on 1 hand you have a guy whos passion in life is to beat the crap out of someone till they can't fight back anymore....and on the other side of it you have in what some circles is described as the queen of pornography....ok....lets put them together and see what happens.....great idea!!!....good god

1630 days ago


I guess Tito didnt want the kiddo to hurl in his Bentley!

1630 days ago


Sometimes, I really wonder about people!
1) When a child is that young, yes the EMTs will have mom put child in lap on the stretcher. It is comforting, and less scary for the child.
2) It is more than obvious, that mom & dad have enough cash to pay for the hospital bill! So don't worry your precious tax money will be wasted some other way, by Uncle Sam.
3) As most mothers/medical personnel know, temperatures rise during the night. If the temperature cannot be brought down, and there is sufficient vomiting....and not enough fluids going is a recipe for disaster.
4) It obviously, was a smart move on mom's behalf. As the article states the child was "hydrated" at the hospital. When dealing with a small child, it is always better to error on the side of caution.
* There is nothing more sickening, then to see a parent blow off a fever or proper hydration, and watch their child have a seizure/stop breathing. I've noticed some of these celeb moms, for the most part (Julia Roberts, the woman from 13 going on 30) are good attentive moms. So here is another one taking care of her kids, and she gets grief for it? Can't win for losing.

1630 days ago


I'm glad he's okay, but Child Services needs to step in. This is ridiculous! Jenna could have quietly taken him to the ER, but she would have missed the Photo Op. She is totally posing for this picture. Jenna, I don't buy the concerned Mom act. If you were such a loving Mother whose number 1 priority is her children, you would have never left your kids to go to Vegas after their Father supposedly beat you up!

1630 days ago
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