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Lindsay and Mom

Party Before Deposition

5/4/2010 10:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is clearly in a better place now that her mom is in town -- actually, it's the same ol' place ... the Chateau Marmont where mother/daughter partied until 2 AM today.

If Lindsay made a beeline for home, she might get 5 or 6 hours of sleep before her deposition this morning ... if she doesn't appear this morning it will be her 3rd no-show and she'll probably lose the case.

Lindsay is being sued by passengers in a car who claim they were held hostage by LiLo during a crazy, drunken ride down Pacific Coast Highway in 2007.

Dina Lohan flew with Lindsay from NYC to L.A. yesterday to make sure she showed up this AM.  Right.


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I hope this idiot doesn't show up and ends up in jail. That is the only thing that will save her now.
PS: Good work "Mom" Lohan, you are a model for all other white-trash mothers to look up to.

1635 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Oh yeah, GREAT mothering skills. I have often thought that people should need a license before becoming parents.

1635 days ago


This entire family is about as screwed up as a soup sandwich.

1635 days ago

Ron Oldmiller    

they should blackball Dina from Hollywood or any associated events, the worst enabler in hollywood

1635 days ago


Awesome Mom Supporting her little Addict. Keep up the good work!

1635 days ago


Way to make a good impression.. Do Lindsay and her mom not realize that their shena****ns have been made public on this site as well as on all the entertainment news shows? I'm sure the judge is aware and will throw the book at her if she fails to appear this time.

1635 days ago

Harry Kunt    

All Lindsay needs to straighten her out is a good over the knee, pants down spanking, that would get her "back on track".

1635 days ago


Did you hear the one about three men who were held hostage in an SUV bt a drunk drugged up girl??????

Fill in your own punchline!

1635 days ago

Henry Stauf

1635 days ago


funny how everyone seems to have a invested interest , in what lindsay and dina do . funny they want to give the dead beat dad who breaks into his daughter house , to do a welfare check on ali , his daughter who is a minor and who is behing on his child support. he can afford to fly back and forth from new york to los angeles but can not pay his child support on thing you know , they will give him the father of the year award . no one is really going after his bad hard core against him . so when is not paying child support become acceptable , seriously . do us tax payer now , have become ali parent and paying for a child we did not have . it seems like we have lost our moral compass here , partying is a crime , being behind on your credit card payments is a crime but breaking and entering and not paying child support is not . give me a break . every one wants to give michael lohan a pass because he post religious crap on twitter . hiding behing religion , to escape accountability , is false religious believe . treligion of convience .

1635 days ago


If Dina cared so much for Lindsay, she would put her foot down and do what she could to change Lindsay so she doesn't kill herself already! That is the road Lindsay's headed on with how she cannot take care of herself. Dina just denies Lindsay has a problem and DOES go out partying with her even if this story is false this time.

1635 days ago


Okay Seriously what kind of mother does that to a child I mean COME ON!!!!! you know come to think about it its not Lindsay that needs some serious help it the FREAKING PARENTS DINA AND MICHAEL!!!!!!!! Those selfish worthless so called "parents" They need to go to HELL!!!!!

1635 days ago


I don't see partying here but it's predictable that TMZ and other gossip rags would report it as such. Dina deals with family issues in her own way and she's in LA meeting with Lindsay's people and supporting her eldest child. I think Dina didn't live her dreams, is thrilled that Lindsay had so much early success but is looking to get Lindsay back on track. With Ali, she's looking for Ali to live her dreams and get her to be focused and confident. I think Lindsay wants Ali to take it easy and break into the business slowly so what happened to her won't happen to her younger sister who you can tell she loves dearly. Right now, for the huge gossip machine, it is about perpetuating an image of all 3 Lohan women and Dina is trying to have her daughter's work counteract it where Michael is playing martyr/savior and actually may be part of creating this image. Lindsay doesn't help with her twitter rants, excessive clubbing, excessive shopping, etc., however I see no concrete proof of substance abuse. Some of Dina's comments make her seem like an enabler and Ali behaves remarkably well but doesn't defend herself against baseless allegations of cosmetic surgery and partying with Lindsay and, yes, she does not go to a conventional school. However, she's not legally required to go to school at age 16 and how she's schooled is nobody's business but the Lohan's. Best of luck Michael Jr. and Cody.

1635 days ago


Oh please, you can't see Dina in this video plus the fact if she was there, they went out to dinner at the Chateau, no partying, just dinner with friends, relaxing and then went home. Who are you TMZ to tell anyone when they should go out or not? This is beyond a joke, your intrusive bullying of Lindsay Lohan is now dangerous. Lindsay has done NOTHING wrong.

I notice you have conveniently not mentioned fame whore Michael Lohan's latest escapade into celebrity land! He is appearing in a Swedish singers video where he spills a drink on her and he licks the liquid off her breast! Come on TMZ, give your readers the details on that!

For the idiot who said the judge in the deposition should send Lindsay to jail...this is civil case you dork, NOT criminal.

1635 days ago


you know I am glad she and her no-good excuse for a mother partied until 2 a.m., btw, if my mother partied with me I would be deeply ashamed of her and disown her, but anyhow, I am pretty sure she will be a no show and FINALLY get locked up!! She needs to be locked up like yestarday, and btw, Dina, you are truly TRULY PATHETIC....TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE MOTHER...SHAME ON YOU!!!

1635 days ago
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