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Drug Testing May Not Solve Lindsay's Problem

5/25/2010 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Lindsay Lohan can still take two drugs, in spite of Judge Marsha Revel's drug testing requirement -- and one of the drugs could be at the root of Lindsay's problem.


Sources tell us Lindsay has prescriptions for Adderall (a stimulant that treats ADHD) and Ambien.  Under the rules of the drug testing program, Lindsay can still take meds, provided they were prescribed by a doctor. 

Lindsay will check in with the L.A. County Probation Department on Thursday and provide the case worker and the court with proof of prescriptions.  At that point, any prescription that shows up in Lindsay's system during random drug testing will not get her in trouble with the judge.

But here's the issue.  Friends of Lindsay ... and her father Michael ... tell TMZ the scripts are a big source of Lindsay's problem. 

So Lindsay could still pass her drug tests and still have some of the problems she just can't seem to beat.


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1591 days ago


Delicious, delicious loophole

1591 days ago


Delicious, delicious loophole.

I'm sure she's thrilled about this.

1591 days ago


Didn't Brittany Murphy, Heath Leger and Michael Jackson all take script drugs?? And look where they all ended up...just sayin!!! Enabling doctors are a prescription for death!!

1591 days ago


The threat of drug testing, or jail, won't make an addict stop. The addiction is more powerful than the threats, and people only recover from addiction when they want recovery so much that they're willing to go through the hell of getting off drugs/alcohol despite a compulsion to stay on them.

1591 days ago


She can take them but not abuse them. The prescription tells how many pills to take, how often, and the strength of the pill.
The test tells that it is present in the urine, and the more precise testing methods tell how much. There are standards that will tell how much should be in the urine based on the doseage and if the ammount found is abovethe standard then she is taking too much.
Too much is abuse and could be considered a "dirty sample"

1591 days ago


Comment #8

This was obvious to most people.

1591 days ago


Pills will not replace her beloved Vodka.

1591 days ago


At the very least they could monitor her Ambien intake to make sure she's not taking more than the prescribed amount. They also need to check in with the doctor to see if he is aware of Lindsay's problems (and deal with him accordingly if he is doing anything improper).

1591 days ago


Who fricking cares just die and get it over with so we don't have to read anymore stpid Lindsay stories. I have absolutely zero sympathy for this train wreck. In my opinion she is one step above turning tricks for cash. When they find the body my bet is a needle will be in her arm. So many other people would give there left nut for the chances she has had so give me a f'in break........

1591 days ago


@Spot is "SPOT ON", pardon the pun.

Lindsay was either seeing multiple M.D.'s or she was buying them on the street. Either say, her counts are going to be off the wall. If they don't see a reduction in the amount of Anbien to that of what is prescribed, they will violate her.

The amount in her system like @spot said, plus the amount of metabolites will show what's happening.

1591 days ago


i mean she can get a script for anything - soma, benzos - prescription drugs are dope.

1591 days ago


If she has a prescription for the drug then she has a reason to take it.So if it shows up in a test it is legal and she will pass. Even if she is "abusing" it by exceeding the dosage then stuff can happen like she could say she was extra stressed or whatever and she could probably get out of it the first time it occurred.

1591 days ago


I think Lindsay's biggest drug problem is named Dina. If she could make a break from that mother and father and clear her head a bit, I think she could be okay. Isn't Ambien the drug that causes people to do stupid stuff?

1591 days ago

pigs in zen    

Oh, this is priceless. For the past 2 weeks TMZ has been tripping over themselves, smugly pointing at LiLo, saying "Haha, she's going to jail." It's almost as if you guys were having little mini-orgasms thinking about her having to face the music.

First, you guys were saying "she's only taken 9 (then 10) of the 13 alcohol ed classes...the judge will definitely put her in jail for not completing all of them." I don't know how many times I read statements like that on your site. You were so sure of yourselves, weren't you?

Then, she skipped the court date last week and you guys thought for sure she would go to jail for that.

So, on Monday, she managed to remain free (by posting bail at some point), but TMZ still couldn't let go of that pathetic little dream of seeing her go to jail. So you guys droolingly said "Oh, but the conditions of her being out on bail are that she has to stay away from drugs and alcohol." And then you guys posted up little tidbits about how her friends and those close to her say that there's no way she can stay away from the drugs. So, you were happy again, like a little baby who's just gotten a shiny new toy.

But, now, whoops...she may have found a loophole to get her out of that condition, too.

How it must hurt deep down in your black little hearts to be faced with the possibility that she will skate again.

Tell me, does one of HarLev's unicorns die every time Lindsay gets away again?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

1591 days ago
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