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Tiger Woods' Wife -- Back in the U.S.A.

5/4/2010 10:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' wife Elin Nordegren has finally returned to the USA -- after a trip with the kiddies to her homeland of Sweden.

Tiger Woods' Wife -- Back in the U.S.A.

Elin and her two children arrived this afternoon by private jet in Orlando, where two vehicles were waiting for them. Elin took the wheel of a white Escalade and drove off. 

By the way, Tiger's out of town playing in the TPC Sawgrass tournament.

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TMZ turned the comments section off about Gloria Allred, she was getting too many honest feed-backs from the public about these sleazy hos trying to shake down families. Male stars need to learn to keep it in their pants, because they are being targeted by hookers and Gloria Allred. TMZ protects them. Stop hookers and Allred from taking money from the father's kids.

1612 days ago


i'm a lovely giril with beautiful smiles, do you like to play the game of exachange photos with me? that's interesting if you are interested in that you may email me at lilian@ipal.com.

1612 days ago


26, Eldrick set himself up; Gloria Allred is not to blame. If he didn't realize some of his hundreds of prostitute girlfriends would cause problems for him, he's dumber than a box of rocks. How far did he get at Stanford, by the way? I know he dropped out; was it in his 1st or 2nd year?

1612 days ago


Now she needs to get on a plane and book a room with him for his next Golf tournament. A Tiger with no sex is no tiger at all. Keeping Tiger Woods horny does not help pay the bills for Lady Nordegren.

1612 days ago


"Finally?" Have you been waiting all this time?

1612 days ago


this is the LAST time i"m commenting!!!!

WHO - THE - **** - CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

are you kidding me???????

really, come on!!!!!!

1612 days ago


Why did TMZ shut down the overwhelming negative comments on the "Gloria Allred on Boreanaz: What Happened Was..." story? I'm so sick of this woman abusing the legal system. Gloria Allred has made a career of walking right up to the line of what's highly unethical but still legally permissible. What she's doing on behalf of these jilted mistresses is de facto extortion. She's careful to skirt the legal definition of the crime but it's still extortion by any common meaning of the word. What else do you call it when someone attempts to extort money in return for their silence? Blackmail? If she weren't acting as the middle man in these negations these women would be arrested for extortion. I mean f'n Jesus Christ she comes up with these weak excuses to threaten to sue (because you can sue for just about anything even if it is frivolous) and then uses the pretense to enter "settlement talks" where her client will guarantee her silence in exchange for a fat pay check. How much you want to bet she doesn't even follow through with a suit now that David Boreanaz has told her to go to hell, there's no deal? Enough is enough already! When is the California Bar going to take disciplinary action against her already? She needs to be put on probation and ordered to take a remedial course in ethics. She's a disgrace to the legal profession!

1612 days ago

Nooo she didint    


1612 days ago


Sonia...please, please, please...don't disparage pigs like that. What did they ever do to you?

1612 days ago


@29..disagree with you completely...Gloria Aldred is the classic lawyer, "ambulance chaser" just like John Edwards...she makes her name and money by trying to cash in on the misery of others...as such she deserves to be, and is, held in scorn by most knowledgeable people...your problem is you are still hung up on your anti Tiger feelings mixed in with your anti male feelings...time to get over it girl...Tiger can afford it, and whether he stays with his wife or not he will have ample opportunity for more women sex partners, as unlike men, women are unable to keep their legs closed for rich celebrities.

1612 days ago


That is a very pithy comment on Gloria Allred gimmeabreak. I haven't really been following that situation but I think I'll take a look. I'm not a fan of Tiger Woods, but when Rachel Uchitel got that huge payoff I definitely had a sense in the back of my mind that you just articulated well.

1612 days ago


Why would Woods be willing to give Rachael $10 million to keep her quiet?? It was already known that they were doing the nasty. I wonder what else he's done.

I agree poor Elin walked right into it. She wasn't street smart about this country, unfortunately.

1612 days ago

Jason Chambers    

Still can't get over the fact that this woman takes her children to day care, as if is busy working. ridiculous. tiger is WAAAAAAy too good for her.

1612 days ago

Mr. Bate    

Leave the wife and kids alone. I want to see what the Tiger
drags out the sewer next. Find out if he's HIV positive. That would make a great story.

1612 days ago


To Jason Chambers correction this is Elin who is tooooooooooooooo good for him. Dude you need to get the facts straight.
Who cheated with more than 120 sluts and bimbos ? Who didn't use protection when having sex with porn stars ? Who lied, betrayed and let down his family for cheap tarts ? Who portrayed himself as a good decent family man while he was chasing trashy whores ?
Who missed his daughter's baptim ? Who missed his son's first birthday ? etc......................
So please spare me your stupid moron comments. You have to admit the fact that Cheetah screwed up big time. You need to wake up. Don't care if it's Tiger Woods or Joe the plumber. Any guy who is capable of destroying his family without any regards is lower than the dirt. If you defend this kind of behavior you are no better.
You talk about Elin as a bad mom. She's always with them. She's the only parent in this marriage. We never see Cheetah with his son or his daughter.
TMZ could you please leave this woman alone. Go on and stalk the douchebag. Right now he must be with his 122 whore. He can't get enough of being laid.

1612 days ago
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