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TMZ's Messy Makeup Contest -- WINNER!

5/4/2010 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The tribe has spoken -- and the adorable Makeup Moustache dominated the competition in our Messy Makeup Contest!

This week's contest is our Matching Mother-Daughter Contest -- so if people have a hard time telling you and your mama apart, take a pic -- and email it in ASAP!

The winning mother-daughter pic will win our weekly $250 prize and some extra special Mother's Day gifts from the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego. CLICK HERE for prize details!

**CLICK HERE for contest rules and regulations!**


No Avatar



your contests suck

1603 days ago


omfg can go suck on lindsey lohan

1603 days ago


If this contest was mother-son look alike, my son and i would kick some butt!!!!!

1603 days ago


that was the top 4? lol a kid with a drawn on moustache wins? how is that a makeup mishap? that emo/clown makeup freak casey was the best of the four, not great but at least it fit the rules of the contest. i bet the next TMZ contest will be even more lame like "best duck face contest" LOL

1603 days ago


Why is it that the most UN ORIGINAL one always
wins. Anybody can draw a stupid moustache on a baby.

Stupid contest!

1603 days ago


if ANY0NE has a problem with the bby
ill be 0h s0 happy to take ur rude comments "D
he's a 5 1/2 month old boy

1603 days ago


he's so cute, he looks like that Addams baby from the movie, the Addams Family Values

1603 days ago


Hey Evie...I have no problem with the problem is with the idiotic parents who think writing on their child is a good idea. If you are, in fact, the person who did this, please find other ways to amuse yourself. Why are some people allowed to reproduce?!?!

1603 days ago


as long as my childs not in any danger;then im perfectly fine;writing on his face isnt a bad nor good idea;hahah but i dont see how someone like you can take life so seriously? & yes i was allowed to produce & now u can say u saw the cutest bby alive l0l as idiotic as i might seem to you at least i kno to laugh every now & again in life;even if im laughing at a bby with a eyeliner moustache ")

1603 days ago


hey evie, i have no problem with your kid. wanna know what i have a problem with? stupid moms posting photos of their kid, using their kids name, then inviting whackos to talk to her at myspace. how many freaks are out there that want access like that to babies? know what i have a problem with too? 16 year old children that go and get knocked up and have babies with men they dont intend on staying with that end up posting photos of their kid on public websites cuz they think they are cute and then not realizing the danger they put that kid in (hope the pedos reading this dont take note that his name is andrew and you tell people private details on your myspace and formspring pages Evelyn Yvette Hilu. SEE YOU ON MAURY TRYIN TO FIND YER BABYS DADDY!

1600 days ago


hahaha wow ur kinda going overboard its okay u can have all the problems with me in the world i honestly dont care;;but i will say that even at 18 i KN0W im a better mom then u will/are
AWWW thanx i l0ve watching maury! l0l

1599 days ago

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