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Lindsay Lohan - Problem Pupil

5/5/2010 3:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Lindsay Lohan has not attended the required number of alcohol ed courses -- and we're told school officials are saying Lindsay has "a bad attitude" and "entitlement issues."


TMZ broke the story that Lindsay is bound for jail because she hasn't been in alcohol ed class at least once a week -- as required by the court.

There have been reports that Lindsay made up the courses she missed, but we've learned she is still -- as of this date -- deficient ... she hasn't attended the required number of classes.

Fact is ... even if Lindsay makes up the classes, the judge made it clear in an earlier hearing, "Defendant must attend program at least once a week without fail ... defendant must be in full compliance to not be in violation." 

Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, takes issue with our story, telling TMZ, "Ms. Lohan is on track to complete her alcohol program within the time frame set by the judge, and any classes she missed were made up for."

Based on what we know about Judge Marsha Revel, it's almost certain she'll order Lindsay to appear in person on May 20.  In addition to missing classes, we're told Lindsay's bad attitude at the school will have a big impact on the judge.  So the stage is set for a showdown.


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Im sure nothing will happen

1633 days ago


Depressingly enough, the judge will probably order her to jail and she'll be out in less than a day. She needs 90-day rehab and to pay restitution to the people she terrorized. At LEAST.

1633 days ago


If I had parents like hers, I'd have a bad attitude too!! She shares genes with these moronic people, there's no hope for her!

1633 days ago

Christina G.    

What an ass. All she had to do was attend once a week to stay out of jail. How hard is that? I hope she has to do some time and I hope they don't let her out early. It made Paris Hilton grow up a little, so I'm sure it will be time well spent.

1633 days ago


Anybody named Lohan should be in jail. And Lindsay should go first.

1633 days ago


She was such a cute little girl... Now she looks like a wrung out 30'ish something.
If she keeps making that face, she's gonna be frozen like that!
Hell her mother looks better than her at this point & that isn't exactly a compliment.

1633 days ago


Just because you have a messed up childhood doesn't mean you get a free pass as an adult... My mom sold crack my dad was killed by one of his hookers and I don't feel that gives me a free ride to do whatever. This chick needs some jail time, pay some restitution, and then have to do some community service for some kids who lost there parents due to drunk driving or something along those lines. She needs a wake call like last year forget I hate it when celebrities get off easy or get 2nd, 3rd, or more chances this needs to stop. If it was me I would have been put in jail no question.

1633 days ago


Entitlement issues,that's so funny. I thought paris was the laughing stock,seems lindsay has taken over that one. Too bad she doesn't realize everyone is laughing at her. Wonder where her and her momma went to get their drink on last night?
Maybe she'll get an Oscar for playing Linda Lovelace,NOT!!! LOL!!!!

1633 days ago


"Bad attitude" and "entitlement issues". Nothin new. Where have we heard that before? Why am I laughing?

1633 days ago


damn she's looking worn, i wouldn't f*@k he with Harvey Levin's d*@k

1633 days ago


WTH...Isn't there anything else TMZ can report on...What a waste of time. I think you should send Michael Lohan back up in his plane and maybe this time the lightning will hit him.

1633 days ago


The girl needs help ASAP

1633 days ago


She's got a court date in two weeks and she waits till NOW to screw up? What a f ucking twit. Why even bother going in the beginning. Like @Madisyn, I'm laughing too!

1633 days ago

Dennis F.    

She has deeper forehead wrinkles than me and I'm 26 years older than her.

1633 days ago


I don't drink but a lot of my friends do, and drive. DUI is not about being stupid and it is not about the law. It is completely about money. The processing, charging, convicting, and sentencing DUI offenders is a well oiled machine with everything done as if in lock step. I have never met anyone who has much if any good things to say about the "course" they were compelled to attend. Most just shrug off the time spent and when asked about it they refer to the people running the course as *******s! She has my sympathy on this point!
However, no matter how anoying or difficult the order of the court is you must comply. If you don't then you had better be ready to face a pissed off judge. She knew the conditions of her parole and has known all along tht she was playing with jail time. She also knew that the charges she faced when she was given parole could have fetched her 2 years in PRISON not jail. She also saw what happened to Paris, the fate of someone who also ignored the order of the court.
If I were the judge she would do 30 days in jail, and I mean thirty conescuitive 24 hour days. Then two years of supervised probation with the higest level of random testing, and re-take the course with one class per week mandatory and un excuseable.

1633 days ago
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