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The 'Lost' Diary -- The Candidate

5/5/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Welcome back to another edition of The "Lost" Diary.

I IMed my old college roommate Chris on Tuesday morning to ask what he was thinking going into "Lost" tonight. "I need at least one death," he told me. I responded, "Yeah, it's been awhile … it's hard to be 'Lost' w/o killing off a few people. This isn't '30 Rock.'" Haven't had any major RIPs in a while. Are we due for one? (Ed.'s note: Yes, this was an actual conversation and yes, this was written before the episode).

For all you "Lost" Diary newbies, here's how it goes: I gather with a group of friends watching "Lost," writing what happens on the show as it happens, and throwing in my two cents along the way. I am over at Ari's place for a Lakers/"Lost" double feature. Lakers did their job, now it's time for "Lost." Let's roll ...

9:00 -- On the DVR, the first three seconds of "Lost" were the end of "Dancing With the Stars." It was the worst three seconds of "Lost" ever.

9:01 -- "I think you're a candidate." -- Jack

9:02 -- "Welcome to Hydra Island." -- Sayid. Not to be confused with Fantasy Island, Shutter Island or MILF Island

9:03 -- Sawyer, Kate, Jin, Sun, Lawnmower Man, Claire and Hurley have been put in the bear cage "for their own good." For once, I want to do something someone's "own good." Actually, by this time next week, I will. Check back in a week.

9:07 -- Is it me or is Bernard a tad creepy?

9:10 -- Not Locke has an interesting strategy to try and get Jack to help him -- by reminding him that, if he wanted, he could easily kill everyone. Scary, true, and effective.

9:11 -- "Feels like we're running circles, back in these cages?" -- Sawyer. Yes, yes it does.

9:12 -- Another Sun/Jin reunion scene that just doesn't do anything for me. In this scene, they have about as much chemistry as me and Larry King.

9:13 -- I get super duper excited lately whenever I know the Smoke Monster is about to attack. Not sure what that says about me. 

9:14 -- Do you think Jack ran alongside the Smoke Monster? Did the Smoke Monster carry him like on a magic carpet ride? Did Jack actually see Not Locke turn into the Smoke Monster? These are the things I think about. 

9:19 -- The whole gang is almost back together, heading to the plane. Wonder what Desmond is up to? Is he still in that well?

9:20 -- Jack is trying to see Anthony Cooper and he runs into Helen. This seems like as good time as any to mention that Katey Segal, who is awesome in her small parts on "Lost," absolutely steals the show on "Sons of Anarchy." Highly recommend. 

9:21 -- Doesn't look like ol' Anthony is doing too well. 

9:22 -- Not Locke/Jason Bourne just killed two guys and now he's aboard the plane. 

9:23 -- Seems the whole plane was wired with C4. Hate when that happens.

9:24 -- Not Locke wants to take the submarine now. I still don't like the submarine plan.

9:25 -- Sawyer wants Jack to get Not Locke in the water and he will "take care of the rest." This I gotta see. 

9:30 -- "Push the button … I wish you had believed me." -- Locke

9:31 -- Claire is at the hospital to see Jack, and she has a music box with her. 

9:32 -- "Oceanic Flight 815?" -- Jack

9:33 -- Operation Steal the Sub is underway. 

9:34 -- And it's really, really easy. 

9:35 -- Jack just tossed Locke into the water and Kate got shot. I am surprisingly happy about the latter. 

9:36 -- Not Locke is finally out of the water and gunning down Widmore's people. Meanwhile, all the candidates are on the sub. Just saying …

9:37 -- "Trust me, you don't want to be on that sub." -- Not Locke. Ruh-roh!

9:38 --  Is that a shirt in my backpack? Nope, it's a ticking bomb.

9:39 -- "Locke … we did exactly what he wanted." -- Jack

9:43 -- Sayid is trying to play Hurt Locker with the bomb Locke left behind. Does anyone really think the bomb is going to go off and kill half the cast?

9:44 -- "We are going to be okay. You just have to trust me." -- Jack. I have done a complete 180 on Jack. He's been my favorite character of the past few weeks.

9:45 -- Let's discuss what just happened. Sawyer grabbed the wires, which did nothing but make the bomb mad. Sayid told Jack where to find Desmond, told he was the one (like Neo), then ran with the bomb, where it blew up. Here's my question -- would the bomb have gone off if Sawyer never touched it? I think not. 

9:46 -- Everyone is scrambling. Hurley is helping Kate … while Jack, Jin and Sawyer are helping Sun. Um, I think I'd rather Sun right now. 

9:47 -- Actually, things don't look good for anyone right now. 

9:52 -- I have nothing good to say about the last five minutes. 

9:56 -- Locke is being discharged from the hospital, seemingly as if nothing has changed. 

9:57 -- Locke is in the wheelchair because he was in a plane crash -- he was flying, and his dad was a passenger. 

9:58 -- "What happened, happened." -- Jack

9:59 -- "To finish what I started." -- Not Locke 

There's a good possibility that I am completely wrong about everything I am about to write. And I fully expect everyone to hate me for this. That being said … 

Sayid died. Jin died. Sun died. 

Guess what? I don't care. 

Not one bit.

Didn't react. Didn't say a word. Didn't blink. 

Do you know why I don't care? Because "Lost" has made it impossible for me to care about what happens.

I'll explain. 

Right now we have the island, and we have the flash-sideways. I don't quite know what they have to do with each other or which one is "real."

But if I apply some kind of logic -- which is never a good idea with "Lost" -- then one of them has to prevail in the end, right? Can they both be "real"? When the show ends, Oceanic 815 either crashed or it didn't. 

So that being said, that means until I know what is going on, how can I care what happens in either timeline?

When I said before the episode that I needed someone to die, I didn't realize how nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing of any actual consequence had happened on the island this season (save for maybe Juliet's death) so I didn't know how little I would care. 

Sayid is dead. Jin is dead. Sun is dead. And yet, next week, when the flash-sideways kick in … they'll be alive and well. 

They're dead on the island, but not off it. 

So I ask you again … why should I care about what happens in either timeline?

I'm skipping the grade this week. Doesn't feel right.

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what are you smoking?

1633 days ago


I am really hoping Frank did not die as well. Also, Not Locke couldn't turn into the smoke monster after being pushed into the water. Interesting; not sure what I make of that yet.

1633 days ago

Professor Obvious    

Yeah, the scene where Jin and Sun drowned did noting for me. It was flat and devoid of any true emotion. Not to change the subject, but where is Walt? The writers invested weeks of story into this character. "Did he ever appear somewhere he wasn't supposed to be?" "He is special". For weeks we invested time and energy into Walt and apparently the writers have simply forgotten him. A total waste of time.

Also, what have Ben and Richard been doing lately?

1633 days ago


I look forward to reading this every week. Sometimes your recap is better than the actual episode. I thought this episode was ok, just so frustrating.

1633 days ago


I must admit I had a tear in my eye when Sun/Jin came to an end. I'm not sure what happens in side-way, alt-universe to them and I don't remember seeing them on the previews. And you know that Desmond is alive -- I don't think Sayid could kill him. In the end, I feel we're going to see a switch up. Everyone expects it to be Jack -- it looks like it will be Jack -- but does Lost ever do the expected. I wouldn't be surprise for it to be Sawyer or Desmond who stays behind. Richard and Ben -- I'm not sure what happens to them.

1633 days ago


Don't forget that Lawnmower man died. He wasn't on the island at the end with the rest of the "castaways". Sad to see this end!

1633 days ago


We are dealing with two dimensions both are REAL... two alternate realities that exsist side by side... all I am trying to understand is WHAT IS THE ISLAND... it better not be heaven or hell because that will ruin it for me... maybe it is a bridge between realities, it kind of is, people on it can move in time, in place etc...

Thoughts anyone?

1633 days ago

The Evil Marshall D    

Did nothing for me either, strangely enough. You'd think there would have been more emotional impact after all that death and destruction. Not sure why there wasn't.

Riddle me this: let's say Widmore DID rig the plane to explode. When he didn't hear a big "BOOM" after the escape from Alcatraz, wouldn't he have, maybe, put some more guards around the sub? Ones that could SHOOT. Seriously, this man has more money than God and he can't hire expert markmen and buy them automatic weapons? Where did he find these "nerds with guns" on some discount mercenary site? Wouldn't he also put the sonic fence all the way to the pier? Get a machine gun nest in the high ground in case you have to mow down people trying to jack your ride? And how about some research into "sonic guns" in case you need to smoke a Smoke Monster? Short-sighted in plan-making, but don't drink his liquor. I just don't get that guy! far does a sub go in five minutes? Is it further than a human can safely swim BACK from? And does it "dive" in the harbor? How deep is that damned harbor? Why did Claire need to "back-up" Smokey, who can shoot like Wyatt Earp and never seems to get holes in his garments? Aren't file cabinents strapped down in subs in case of, you know, rough water? Where did Smokey learn bomb making? For answers to these and other mysteries, tune in next week...for absolutely no answers to these questions.

1633 days ago


I kinda have an interesting theory. What if somehow it isn't someone who stays back on the island to guard the smoke monster dude, but what if Jack and Sawyer somehow switch places and become the next Jacob and smoke monster? It just seems that there is so much building between these two characters - all the animosity from all the seasons, then Juliet's death, then Sawyer not trusting Jack with the bomb, the last two resulting in deaths that they each can blame each other for. Then the teaser for next week indicates it's all a chess match between light and dark. I'm just wondering if this is setting up to be Jack and Sawyer on the island as the new Jacob and the new smoke monster. Hmmmm.....

1633 days ago


I love reading these every week...that said. I was DEVASTATED when Jin and Sun died. LOVED that Sayid turned to good and tried to save everyone. I love the characters so I may just need a neat and clean ending. I am loving Jack too. Jack on a mission is better than preachy boring by the book Jack by far. Sawyer has been fantastic taking on Jack's role but with an edge.

1633 days ago


I didn't care either. I was surprised I didn't. When you don't know what the reality is you are supposed be following it's hard to care. I have been a devout follower since season 1 but they really lost me last season. I don't know where it's going but I don't like it. My worst fear was always that it was a dream sequence or that in the end the plane didn't crash. My ideal ending is for the last scene to be the first scenes from the pilot episode, see them all standing there in amazement with burning plane parts falling and realize that they will keep reliving it over and over again and there is no escaping the island.

1633 days ago


I was sad to see Sun and Jin die but I too was dissapointed in the lack of emotion put into this. We have spent years invested in this show and the characters and there was no build up or climatic moment. What makes a show or a scene to me is if I wake up the next morning thinking about it or feeling the same emotion I felt when I watched it. This morning I woke up thinking should I get up and get on the treadmill or sleep a bit more (the snooze button won) but I felt nothing about Lost. I have loved this show from the beginning but all I'm getting now is that they are rushing it along to get the show over and done with. It's not how I want to remember it in the long run.

1633 days ago


Was it just me or did Jin's voice sound strange during the sub scenes?

1633 days ago


Sounds like you are one of those bitter Lost fans - why did I waste these past five seasons? If that is the case, why bother doing the recaps? Ad money, I guess.

1633 days ago


those first 3 seconds were definitely not the worst 3 seconds of Lost ever...The show has had many worse moments

1633 days ago
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