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Michael Jackson's Alleged BF -- On the Run

5/6/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Arnold Klein's office manager -- who claims he was Michael Jackson's lover -- is facing such intense death threats that he's moving from place to place ... hiding out from angry MJ fans.

A source close to Dr. Klein and Jason Pfeiffer tells TMZ incensed Jackson fans have walked right up to Pfeiffer's home and knocked on his door -- and they've also tracked him down at his friends' houses. 

Since Jason went public last week with allegations of an affair with Michael, we're told violent and homophobic threats have poured into Dr. Klein's office by phone, fax, and email. According to the source one voicemail said, "I'm gonna put a bullet in your heads."

Klein and Pfeiffer have hired bodyguards, and reported the threats to the FBI. We're told Pfeiffer is currently at a private location with friends.


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if MJ was realy not gay which i dont belive
fans woudnt have been so offended

1631 days ago


Calm down people, you are giving the rest of us homophobes a bad name. No need to get violent.

How can anyone be shocked by this. We all heard the rumors, and MJ's kids are WHITE!!!

I can see why MJ liked him. He has chubby boyish features....

1631 days ago

King of TMZ    

Michaeeeeeeeeeeeel I love
We need More More MOREEEEE MJ news TMZ
no has-beens or unknowns!
MJ for life.

1631 days ago


LMAO Don't be mad. Many people MJ knew were crazed.

1631 days ago


LMAO I guess that was not the LOVE he was looking for... This is a good learning lesson he will keep his mouth shut from now on and hitch a ride of someone else.. like Kline... Good Run run but u can't hide MJ has fans everywhere.. while he is Running he will loose some of that weight he is carrying around... Plz MJ would not even look to seconds at him... what a F..ken joke...Kline as far as I am concerned you should be right next to murray.. and Jason... The lord dose not like Ugly... Karma is in full swing...

1631 days ago


Threats belong nowhere. I somehow have my doubts that this story is true - Murray seems to be fine, and he killed Michael Jackson - Michael fans are not that violent a bunch. I wouldn't send either Klein or Pfeiffer even an e-mail, I vent what I think about them here. But if the threat story is true, it's a crazy and criminal thing to do. Leave the jerks alone.

1631 days ago


I am positive these guys are lying about MJ trying to get money out of the estate. If there really is a tape (of which 3 seconds was played on Extra) this pig Jason would be on a plane to the UK to sell it to a British tabloid (The Sun or News of the World) which pays big $$$ for things of this nature. He's a LYING PIG. So is Klein.

He already told his story to an Australian woman's magazine. If there was a credible tape it would have been played last year when he gave the interview and he would have given an interview to a UK tabloid which pays money for this sort of thing.

1631 days ago


I have no problem believing/accepting that MJ was gay. What I find IMPOSSIBLE to believe is that he was a chubby chaser. Considering how obsessed MJ was with perfecting his own looks I think he would have been absolutely repulsed by the tub of lard shown above.

1631 days ago


A book in the works? Well, if Jason and Arnie were to write a book, that would be a book I wouldn't even read online, because I wouldn't believe a word of it. Even though they knew Michael, there are probably not that many interesting things for them to reveal about him. So my guess it they would spice it up quite a bit, and I am not interested in that.

1631 days ago


This story is a load of crap. Jackson said it best himself: "You would do anything for money."

1631 days ago


If Klein is really getting threats then why did he leave his web site up with his medical office address and phone number on it??? Also his twitter account is still active AWKmd on twitter and it's getting tweets on it...wouldn't he deactivate it or whatever? I don't think that the majority of MJ fans are the type that would harm anyone. Of course there are exceptions, MJ himself had some nut threatening him in the FBI file released last year.

I think they're both liars. I haven't seen Jason's address posted anywhere online....

Also, the story that he's a CEO. Give me a break. He's a CEO of what company?? He's Klein's employee and lover. No CEO would risk their career to make these ridiculous claims.

1631 days ago

Janice MIlligan    

I don't believe in violence or death threats and I'm sure MJ loved all
people gay and straight, but trying to settle Mike's personal business
after he has no voice is morally wrong and for his doctor to do this
seems criminal. miss you Mike.

1631 days ago

Janice MIlligan    

I don't believe in violence or death threats but Dr. Klein
and his office manager are totally s***.

1631 days ago


I have no symphony for either of them, what the hell did they expect.
Nothing good comes from lying..

1631 days ago

Christina G.    

This is joke, right? MJ fans are about as dangerous as the kids on a short bus. They may talk the talk, but they'd pee their pants if you sneaked up behind them and whispered boo.

1631 days ago
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