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Tito Ortiz Returns to His Home

5/6/2010 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tito Ortiz was spotted outside the home he shares with Jenna Jameson today -- the first time he's been seen at the pad since he was arrested for felony domestic violence on April 26.

We're not sure if Jenna was at the Huntington Beach, CA home while Tito was there  -- but either way, the protective order prohibiting Tito from contacting Jenna expired at midnight on May 3.

As we first reported, the couple agreed to have Tito move back into the home this week.


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She is a business lady at heart, not a mom, people!!

Let's look at all her other great talents: 1) her uncanny ability to position her crotch at the exact angle for a camera shot, 2) her remarkable ability to pimp young girls on her lucrative internet porn site, and 3) her scientific ability to mix just the right milligrams of oxycotin and muscle relaxers to make the perfect ****tail!

We should stop and take a moment to commend her for a few things in her spilt decision. Right before she was about to nod off into her drug induced stupor, she realized her son had a little fever, so she decided to think outside her "box" (aka: her ass) for a change and call a paramedic. She has proven an unyielding passion for the porn industry and has made an overwhelming contribution to revamp it and screw more money out of its enthusiasts, but most recently she has shown an even softer side as we are seeing: her irrefutable, everlasting love for precious Tito!

Thanks, Jenna! You just can't do it all, Babe!

1630 days ago


Guess he's back for round two.

1629 days ago


Jenna is truly psychotic. Have you watched her in the last few days? She is all over the map with her story and what she's decided about living with Tito. She vascilates back and forth like an addict. Her actions are that of an addict. I wonder about that drug test....hmmmmm. She's so erratic.

1629 days ago


The dumbing down of america. everyone watch the movie idiocracy i wish it was a comedy but its more of a do***entary. These peoples lives do not matter to you! quit getting fooled into thinking they do! it absolutley does not matter i hope shame on you TMZ and shame on people for making them sucessfull

1629 days ago


“He is not a wife-beater,” says Jameson, who is not cooperating with police. “He is so loving and so, like, protective. That’s why when it happened I was so shocked. It’s just scary that it had to come to this violent conclusio He is not a wife-beater

1629 days ago

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1629 days ago


We weren't there. We don't really know what happened. I think this crap happens every day, whether it really "happened" or not. But since they are celebs, we hear about it. I hope she was lying, and I hope they learn from it. If he did hit her, that's a whole other story.
I'd like to think she wouldn't putup with that.

1629 days ago


Lord have mercy on us all! If anyone saw her monkey tears and listened to her tell of the "beating" right after it happened, she has SLANTED this story to what she felt like saying at that moment and no one knows what the truth REALLY is: "I was standing in front of him, and he tried to move around me, then he took my arm, and pushed me aside [so he could walk by]." I am not condoning any physical abuse if it ever happens, but her story was very very sloppily told and there is WAY more to this that she said! She neglected to tell HER role in this! She probably would have been more accurate if she said, "As I was standing there, F*(&ed up on pain pills and muscle relaxers ALL DAY, after being alone with our two young CHILDREN for 8 HOURS, UNABLE to take care of them, Tito got upset and tried to LEAVE the house, but I tried to hold him back and wouldn't move! So I stood in front of him and threw my hands at him and pushed him until he finally grabbed my arm to get away to just leave the house to escape any physical violence or arguing so he could walk away before it got worse!" There is no doubt the man was trying to get away from her, and she tried her damnest to prevent him from leaving!! What in the hell did she do to him that he or she isn't telling? There was only one reason couldn't a man his size not just leave? Because she keep standing in front of him, all in his face, and wouldn't let him by and was not doing anything but exacerbate the fighting!!! If the man were trying to hurt her, he would have flattened that bitch with JUST one fist; instead his strength was way too much when he finally tried to just move her out of his damn way because she wouldn't MOVE or LET HIM MOVE...he would have NOT tried to move her at all to get by her had she not been standing there in his face, doing **** to him, and keeping him from WALKING away from it all!!! She needs to tell the whole damn story and maybe somebody will buy it!

1629 days ago


I was a biology major in college. What species of ape is Tito? Ive not seen one before. I know certain species beat the **** out of the males and then **** their mates but never beat the **** out of their mates and then **** them.

1629 days ago

Code Girl    

Ummmm hello! Shes a freaken porn star! Americas Sweethearts!? God I hope not.....

1628 days ago
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