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Will Filed in 'Survivor' Wife's Murder

5/8/2010 4:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the will left by Monica Burgos Beresford-Redman ... and she left all her property to her husband, former "Survivor" producer Bruce Beresford-Redman -- the man who has been called "a person of interest" in her murder.

Under the will -- drafted in 2004 -- Monica leaves her jewelry, clothing, furniture, cars, books, real property and everything else to Bruce.

The will names Bruce as the executor, but if he is unable to serve, Monica's sister, Jeane Burgos-Carrno, is the alternate executor.

The will states if a guardian of her child becomes necessary (at the time they only had one child -- they now have 2), Monica's other sister -- Carla Ferreira-Burgos -- will become the guardian.

However California Probate Code (sec. 250) says, "A person who feloniously and intentionally kills the decedent is not entitled to ... any property, interest, or benefit under a will of the decedent." The code also forbids, "any nomination of the killer as executor, trustee, guardian, or conservator."

Remember, Bruce has not been arrested or charged in Monica's killing.

A court has made Bruce's parents the temporary guardians of the 2 kids.  They are asking for permanent guardianship.


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The children should be with the sister if it is in her will. Why are her wishes not being honored? Will someone with legal advice please explain this to me.

1598 days ago


Hopefully her will gets those kids away from his parents and to the person she wanted caring for her kids.. her sister!

1598 days ago


"The tribe has spoken!"

1598 days ago


The courts need to step it up and take the children right now and place them with the sister. I trust the sister is acting expeditiously in filing for full legal custody of children. Who said it was ok to place those children with the parents of the suspected murderer? For shame.

1598 days ago


I don't understand. Why would you leave all your money to the sister that is not going to raise your kids. (Since the husband won't get it). I mean it's like saying, "Hey sis, take my kids but pay for them yourself". The other sister dosen't have to give anything to the foster parent if she feels like it. Right??

1598 days ago

Kim Carter    

It's a wrap.

1598 days ago


he is still a person of interest. Unless there is a huge life insurance policy or she has tons of money or anything of value to him that would suspect him of killing her. WHO CARES?

1598 days ago


Why TMX, cnn and all the other major news are not talking or giving space to important new like the four students sent home for wearing AMERICAN flag clothing on Cinco de Mayo, in an AMERICAN school in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA???? Are you serious ??? do you Americans really think this is not important???

1598 days ago


What the hell else is going to happen with these freaks on Survivor and Dancing with the Stars?

1598 days ago


He has a penis, so he is guilty... End of story!

1598 days ago


@#6 Rhode, she didn't leave anything to her sister. The executor is the person who is legally appointed to manage her estate. They will inventory the estates assets, see to it any claims from creditors are paid from the estates assets, execute any wishes in the will etc. According to the will she left everything to her husband. The executor is legally entitled to get paid some reasonable amount from the estates assets (if any) for administering it.

1598 days ago


Why do they get the kids? They already raised one murderer, so now they get a crack at screwing up 2 more kids? They shouldn't be able to see the kids unsupervised. It seems clear that the wife wants her sister raising her kids. The courts have to start following the deceased wishes and not going overruling their written directions.

1598 days ago

john smith    

It seems really strange, considering that she took all the funds out of her joint bank account, and put spyware in his computer and bugged his car with a voice activated voice recorder taped to the back seat of his car. I don't think that this is the real will, reports are that the initials, not signature are fake/ she does want her sister to have the kids.....

1598 days ago


See people!! She didnt want his parents to raise her kids!! Now... does anyone have any doubts about who murderer this pour womam??!! Please, for god sake, put this guy in jail and give the kids to her sister!!!! :O!!! What is wrong with this people??!!! :O!!

1598 days ago


We visited her club a few months ago and she was so nasty and rude to customers!! She didn't deserve to die, but she had a horrible attitude so it's not too far from my mind that they got into constant fights and she pushed his buttons. He didn't have to kill her though.

1598 days ago
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