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Tito & Jenna -- It's Like Donna Reed Meets UFC

5/7/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson were a picture of domestic bliss today -- you would never know she had the former UFC champ hooked up last week for felony domestic violence.

Tito Ortiz & Jenna Jameson reunited in domestic bliss
The video was shot outside the couple's Huntington Beach, CA home this morning. 

As we previously reported, Tito has already moved back into the house with Jenna and the twins.


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Just Sayin    

Jenna "lets talk the kids for a walk and act like everything's ok"

1627 days ago


LMAO papz says it's hard to find a good woman? How is this porn star that has fcked lots of men and lickd pssy's a good woman? you can not make a ho a house wife.

I wonder if tito gets turned on watching all her porn videos and the fact that all his buddy's probably jack off thinking of his porn baby mama.

1627 days ago


Jenna had an operation to try to repair the 20,oo the damage the 20,000 ****s she had in her di but the operation went wrong and she had to retire from screwing on film. If she is on Oxy she should be investagted by cfs.

1627 days ago

James Woods    

she needs to be tried for abusing our law enforcement.

it was all a PR stunt and she needs to be held accountable.

few million in fines, her children taken into custody since she's obviously unfit to be any type of guardian.

not sure about tito, he doesn't seem much better blaming it all on her drug use when she apparently tested clean.

1627 days ago


anybody else feel that tito's anger issue is shown when he rips the sun visor off the baby's scooter? could the dumb bitch have pushed the kid through the gate instead of taking the kid out, leaving the scooter there for tito the bring in WHILE he had the other kid? stupid, sad *** dumpster she is. it guess that happens when your head is hit against a bed post innumerable times. poor kids.

1627 days ago


Note: Tito again protecting himself by putting his wife and child closest to the road! Coward!

1627 days ago

ivyvine precious to watch a whore stroll with her babies!

1627 days ago


Jenna's great talents: 1) her uncanny ability to position her crotch at the exact angle for a camera shot, 2) her remarkable ability to pimp young girls on her lucrative internet porn site, and 3) her scientific ability to mix just the right milligrams of oxycotin and muscle relaxers to make the perfect ****tail!

NOW she has a NEW TALENT: Pusing a baby carriage! What is she going to learn next?

1627 days ago


I have just lost all respect for Tito. This guy must have zero self esteem. Let us look at the facts. He is with a Porn star. She has been with thousands of men and had sex for money. She is a whore.

You can tell a lot about a person by the looking at the woman a man chooses. She lied to him, she takes Oxycontin, she is pathetic and why TMZ keeps covering this train wreck is beyond me.

1627 days ago


I don't know if they read these but they should be left alone when trying to go out for a walk with their babies, and u can tell that they love them it was cute how tito kissed the little one when he walked up to the house. I feel bad that they have to deal with all the negativity and papparazzi hounding them thats wrong.

1627 days ago


Well it's official now, TMZ's annual training budget for new field camera crews is $ZERO.00! That was the most disgraceful attempt to approach a celebrity(s) for comments I've ever seen that didn't involve car chases or animal costumes. There's no hope. What the hell were Tito or Jenna supposed to say to that moron? What do you say to someone who can't socialize, can't stay on any topic, can barely enunciate any of the English language, is overly anxious and confused and who's attitude wasn't integrating the situation in front of him. Get that beast a can of Tigger Treats and call it a day, TMZ, sell the business and try high school sports coverage. Harvey is an idiot.

Posted at 10:05 PM on May 7, 2010 by PolarBear

All I can say (as a defence to the camera guy) is the guy must have been scared he'd get his head busted in. So he was nervous.

Praise you, TMZ camera guy! :)

I just wanted to post a comment about how any man could actually MARRY a porn star and be OK with that, but I can see someone already mentioned that.

I thank TMZ for the glimpse of boring marriage life of the millionaires and PolarBear for the A1 comedy.

1626 days ago


Just so u all know, Jenna is worth MUCH more than Tito. She owns her own company and makes money off all her videos. From what I have seen she is worth half a billion dollars. Pretty sure Tito isnt making that much. So she is not using him for money. Get ur facts straight!

1626 days ago


i mean come on! leave them the hell alone... what a boring tape.... they said nothing the entire time...

1626 days ago


How disgusting for these kids to grow up and learn what their mom was!!! How can you have kids knowing they will find out you're a whore?!! Why would ANY man want to be with someone who's a porn*star*?!!! I pity the kids....and could care less about the domestic, good one...and hopefully these poor children et placed in a real home soon!!!

1626 days ago


I wonder how many hits this whore has gotten at her internet porn site since she told ten versions of the "truth." She is smiling on the video, all the way to the bank! It sure got her some publicity and most likely recharged her porn! She is flaunting this whole drama! She's a whore who will take any dime you give her, and she is pimping the public right now!

1626 days ago
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