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Dr. Murray May Ask to Delay Preliminary Hearing

5/10/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray's legal team claims it may not be ready for the preliminary hearing setting next month, because they still have not received the full criminal file on the Michael Jackson manslaughter case.

Miranda Sevcik, spokesperson for Murray's lawyer, Ed Chernoff, tells TMZ they have only received 3,500 pages of discovery.  Sevcik cites a news report in which the D.A.'s office claims it has "hundreds of thousands of pages of material." 

But a D.A. spokesperson told TMZ on Friday that the statement that there were "hundreds of thousands" of pages was their error ... and in fact there are only  "thousands of pages" and the defense has received "the bulk of it."

Sevcik's response ... "It's odd. It seems like an awfully big miscalculation."  

Sevcik says if the defense team does not get all the docs soon, they may ask to delay the preliminary hearing setting -- set for June 14.


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This man will not receive a fair trial. It will be a huge waste of tax payer money.

Posted at 5:19 AM on May 10, 2010 by dkm909

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I am NOT trying to be inflammatory when I ask you this but am only seeking your opinion. Why do you think he will not receive a fair trial? I know you must have your reasons for thinking this. Is is a matter of race, the fact that he is accused of harming a 'celebrity', or what is your reasons for thinking this? Like I said, I am only curious & I don't 'attack' people just because they may have a 'pro-Murray' stance on an issue. I enjoy learning about the legal profession & enjoy hearing other peoples opinions on any legal case, whether it has anything to do with MJ or not. I enjoy following the coverage of trials, 'True TV' & such.

What is your view on the outcome of MJ's '05 molestation trial. Do you believe 'he' received a 'fair trial'? Did you agree with the verdict? That trial cost the taxpayers millions & millions as well. Your opinion on the DA in that case-'Sneddon & company'?

I've not seen you post on the MJ articles before, although you well may have & I just haven't seen any of your posts. I've been following the MJ articles since his death here on TMZ. Before that, I had never been to this site. I'd seen the tv broadcast of TMZ a time or two & watched only because I think the staff can be kinda amusing. I generally don't follow celebrities 'cause I find them rather shallow & boring with their silly 'antics'. I am not a big 'hardcore, bizarr-O' MJ fan but am a fan, just not an 'obsessive or delusional' one(as some posters seem to think we ALL are-lol!). Anyway, I am enjoying following this & will until the trial & the outcome, as I said before, I enjoy learning about the legal process. I have been in the medical profession for 25+ years & that is ALL I KNOW but think that a 'legal profession' would probably have been my second choice as a career if I had a 'second life'-hehe.

Anyway, I'm only asking because your posts are 'new to me', although you may not be 'new to TMZ' & since I've seen the same faces on here for a very long time & pretty much know where everybody stands on this whole Conrad vs. MJ thing. So when I see a new poster(new to 'me' anyway), I always enjoy reading what they have to say.

So dkm909, that is why I'm asking for your opinion:)

1594 days ago


Waste of taxpayers money. He has as much as said he was administering a dangerous drug outside a hospital setting. Dr. needs to take a plea deal and quit wasting the courts time. JMO

1594 days ago


Tell you what.......

Haters REALLY HATE themselves......

1594 days ago


Dear Sue from tampa,
would you please stop spamming this comment section with your angry comments. Using that name is insulting and hurtful and does not add to any discussion at all. If all you want to do is cause hurt then please go do it somewhere else (in a locked room on your own would be great.)
Though i very much disagree with you you have every right to your opinion, but please do realize that the people who love Michael Jackson and want justice to be done also have that very same right.

1594 days ago


Much, much love for you Dr. Murray.

1594 days ago


Interesting, the same people, who say, they love MJ, blame Dr. Murray BEFORE he´s getting a fair trial. They call him murderer and some more really bad things.....never forget, innocent until proven guilty!
Why does that remind me of the wellknown 2005 trial???
Think twice, look at the allegedly evidences, and then you´re able to judge!

1594 days ago


Everyone knows you are not the real Sue from Tampa.
42. Wacko Jacko was a horrible selfish "father" he didn't care about those kids at all. He only cares about his drugs. The world is a better place without WACKO JACKO in the world.

Posted at 5:48 AM on May 10, 2010 by Sue from Tampa

1594 days ago


'People who try to talk down on you, are ACTUALLY the ones who look up to you'.

Funny how some talk about how fans are so obsessed about MJ, yet their actions on here, show just how much obsessed they are themselves. If you weren't obsessed, why do you keep posting on every MJ-related board? Because you just can't get enough of his name, can you?

1594 days ago


Sue from tampa,
please stop your rude comments, i don't know why you want to hurt fans so badly that you spend all your time on comments like this, but judging by your rude language, you know the truth as well. we, as fans have the high ground on you and intend to stay there.

1594 days ago


why is tmz so obsessed with this guy?

1594 days ago


I Have A Peice Of Paper In My Hand.
*Scrunches Up Peice Of Paper.* That Was Murrays Head.

1594 days ago


#Sue from Tampa

I´m sorry to read such horrible comments and I wonder, what makes you that angry. Whatever brought you to the hate, STOP IT!
There´s absolutely no need to be rude, whether you like MJ or not, you don´t know nothing about him, about his private life, about his sexuality, about his nature or charactere.
You believe Arnie Klein or Jason Pfeiffer? Then do it, but stop the hate against the person MJ!
You said, he was a pedophile? What part of the word "INNOCENT" didn´t you understand???
You´re glad, he´s dead? Didn´t your mother teach you decency???
You should have listened to MJ´s words about LOVE, maybe, just maybe you´d understand, what that word means....but honestly, I doubt that!
He was a junkie? A drug addict? Said who??? Well, read the autopsy report, nothing points to the fact, MJ was really addicted.
I hope, you´re able to read, you know, who´s able to read, is clearly in advance!
Better inform yourself BEFORE bothering people with your unqualified comments!

1594 days ago


I would never wish death on even my worst enemy. why would you be happy that someone's dead? you're entitled to your own opinion, but as a human being, that is a very horrible thing to say.

1594 days ago


LoveUmore, That is not the real Sue. The real Sue from Tampa is a fan of MJ. This person is a clone. He/she is only trying to pi** people off. Don't pay any attention to it because that is what he/she wants.

52. Sue from tampa,
please stop your rude comments, i don't know why you want to hurt fans so badly that you spend all your time on comments like this, but judging by your rude language, you know the truth as well. we, as fans have the high ground on you and intend to stay there.

Posted at 6:17 AM on May 10, 2010 by LoveUmore

1594 days ago


At 5:00 pm this evening Monday May 10th Michael Jackson will be beaming a special messege to his fans .....
You must wrap your head in FOIL and stand on any street corner to recieve this messege....He is alive and well and will be returning soon...

1594 days ago
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