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Lindsay's Dad to Judge: Rehab, No Jail

5/10/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a letter Michael Lohan's lawyer, Lisa Bloom, has sent to the judge in Lindsay Lohan's DUI probation case ... asking for inpatient rehab or alternatively, random drug testing.

Lindsay Lohan's Dad
The letter -- which appears to be an attempt to keep Lindsay out of jail -- acknowledges "... Lindsay may have violated the terms of her probation by missing multiple court-ordered alcohol education classes."

Bloom says Michael is "gravely concerned" about Lindsay's "deterioration" and is urging the judge to put LiLo in a private drug rehab facility in New York. Michael also wants family counseling.

But if the judge won't go for rehab, Bloom and Michael are asking the judge to extend her probation and subject her to "frequent, random, court-ordered drug testing."

The letter ends with Bloom saying Michael does not want his daughter to become "the next Hollywood statistic."


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next Hollywood statistic? Really? Isn't it a little late for that???

1634 days ago


How much do you want to bet that TMZ got hand delivered this letter before the judge even got it? Why not just publish it in the paper as an an open letter to the judge Michael? Oh wait, that's right you already did... *rolls eyes*

I can't believe anyone sees this guy as anything other then the manipulative mentally abusive control freak he is. He'll stop at nothing to get what he wants, including blackmail. Who records private conversations with his daughter then leaks them out in drips and draps to try and blackmail her into doing what he wants? Oh that's right. Michael Lohan that's who...

1634 days ago


Here is a re-post of my comment in an article about Lindsay from May 6th. It is relevant to this article as well. The final paragraph is the one to read if you have a short attention span...

Lindsay is probably not going to be alive soon. There are but two options for active addicts. The first option is to enter and stick to a recovery program and the second is to continue using and die the eventual death of an addict. Option two could take a day, a month, a year, a decade...any length of time but it will happen. It is not a question of "if" but a question of "when". In the meantime, the active addict will continue to slide down that slippery slope, live a "life" (if you can call it that) of grave illness and desparity. Yes, even if she is smiling for the cameras and telling everyone she knows that she is just fine and simply doing nothing different than what most 23 year old young adults do, please do not kid yourselves. There is nothing but sadness and desparation in those eyes of hers and in her head. Her continued drug and alcohol use is aimed at washing away those feelings and quieting the voices in her head that tell her she is useless. Hearing it from everyone else doesn't help things but the problem is within Lindsay. Everyone could be telling her she is the bomb and she'd outwardly agree but inwardly cringe and continue her drug abuse.

In a way, her flippant attitude about her probation, her court dates, alcohol ed classes, her father's threats, etc are simply her way of begging for help except she doesn't really know she's doing that. The non-addict part of her brain knows that this behavior will keep people's eyes on her and watching out for her...maybe someday saving her if the addict part of her brain (which is currently controlling her actions and words) would just slip up and lose its control for a brief moment, allowing her to see she needs help and submitting to those who want to give it to her. Until then, she will continue to act more flagrantly in regards to her drug use until one of the two ends I wrote in the beginning of my comment is reached.

My opinion is that the court system needs to STOP BEING HER BIGGEST ENABLER. I don't know if the judge on her case is just star-struck or what the problem is but she is not serving Lindsay's best needs or those of her community. Sorry Michael, you are only acting as any concerned parent would but Lindsay needs to go to jail for a spell, followed by a diversion sentence of rehab but not a plush, cushy private rehab where Lindsay can go back to the business of blocking out the real world. She needs to go to a lock-down rehab with all the rest of the criminal addicts. She is no better or worse than the average crack-house resident or living under the bridge junkie and she needs to see that. Isolating her away from what is her reality doesn't help anything. It will only ensure that she will go back out and use once she is released. She needs to see where her life is headed should she relapse once released. If she is able to consort with the "low-lifes" to score and use her drugs when active, then she can recover with them as well. Just my opinion.

1634 days ago


Jail is what Lindsay needs before she goes to rehab.

1634 days ago


Hasn't she already had 2 shots at rehab? Now send her to the can!

1634 days ago


She has done this to herself. She chose drugs and alchol. She knew the risk of choosing that lifestyle. The girl had every advantage in the world and she threw it away to live a pathetic existance party and engaging in destructive not to mention illegal activities. I sincerly hope that she will seek help and put her life back on track and regain her career however I will not be the least surprised when we all wake up one morning and the news is reporting her death by overdose or suicide. What a waste of a promising life.

1634 days ago

James Woods    

She will be a hollywood statistic. she won't be see'ing a jail.

why does michael have somewhat 'celebrity status'. what exactly does this guy do for a living?

1634 days ago


Lindsay's dad may be know for bad things he's done in the past but it seems like he genuinely gives a damn about his daughter now more. He's trying so hard to address lindsay's addiction but has no one fighting with him. I know cause I'm a father & I would fight just as hard to help my children. Dina on the other hand won't admit that lindsay has an addiction & seems as if she could care less what happens to lindsay & just as much to Ali also. She's into the money & fame more then the welfare of her own children. She's to blame for all the mess. Lindsay needs to be taken away from her mom & stay away.

1633 days ago

Alan Carver    

This whole situation really just makes me MAD! When you VIOLATE your probation you go to JAIL, NO IF AND OR BUTS! However, these celebrities need to be taught a lesson! The law extends to every CITIZEN of the US - even Lindsay Lohan . . . but these 'celeb's (even though she is a HAS BEEN!) need to take SERIOUS that they are not EXEMPT from the law! If Lindsay Lohan gets preferential treatment with this judge then what is that saying to the next generation of young actors . . . they can get away with whatever they want and pay no price for bad-behavior? The whole judicial system in Hollywood CA is a complete JOKE! No actor or actress pays for their crimes! Make an EXAMPLE of Lindsay Lohan and send her sorry butt to jail to think about what she has been doing, BESIDES doing what she should have been . . . going to her alcohol education classes. They OBVIOUSLY are not working! PERIOD!

1633 days ago



1632 days ago
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