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NBA Rookie Stars

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'Black People-itis'

5/11/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NBA rookies Brandon Jennings and DeMar DeRozan claim they were suffering from a unique affliction on their way out of Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles in L.A. yesterday ... "black people-itis."

Among other things, the two rooks also checked out the local ladies, showed off their "jerk" dancing skills in the parking lot, and discussed the possibility of Jesus being black ...

Yeah ... these guys are awesome.

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do you know what abe lincoln said after he woke up from a 3 day drunk?I freed who? someone is gonna shoot me over this,where is the klan when you need to stop the black people itus,and jesus is not black, he is middle eastern, if he was black the powers that be would of okayed havign blacks as slaves, even the romans and egyptians had black slave, ahhhh for the good ole days, the south shall rise again

1594 days ago


Actually Roscoes is a very HUGE restaraunt in L.A. I think more whites than blacks go there, but everyone loves them....Huge industry restaraunt.....

1594 days ago


Not its not racist, they are just ignorant, I'm a black female and I wouldn't date those walking idiots. Its a shame that when u get money you dont get intelligence as a free gift with purchase. I mean he's actually doing the jerk, hold a carryout bag. Lord please help them

1594 days ago


If yo you live in Denver Colorado their is also a great place where they sell fried chicken and waffles its called M&D'S restaurant is really good. Everything their is home made and family oriented soif you leave in Denver Colorado check the restaurant out !!!!!!

1594 days ago


These dudes are NOT even funny. Boring jerks. And they act like thugs. Why can't they get an education, and be productive to society?

1594 days ago


I know that's right - they do suffer from "black-people-itis". Just look at how they act!!!

1594 days ago


I bet their "bro" Obama is so proud of these
idiots' "black-people-itis"! (Not really, I'm sure
he is cringing!!)

1594 days ago

MJ is the Greatest of all    

It's MORE like PATHETIC-itis!!! MY 2 YEAR old nephew CAN DANCE way BETTER than these TWO FOOLS!!!

1594 days ago

Let's Talk Money!    

White ppl give up you can try to make slick comments on the internet guess what it's the internet we all know ya'll wont say that **** to a blk person so stop trying it's 2010 the world has no room for racist pigs and the itis is when you eat a meal and you get sleepy Damn some of you should been locked in a room with 10 blk ppl for punishment so they can beat the living **** outta you!obviously they out enjoying their life while you sit at home a be the little person you are!We will get you sooner than later!

1594 days ago


and if a white person made a comment like that it would be front page news and they would be called racist.

can we say double standard?

1594 days ago


They are very young I guess kids can't have fun anymore...

1594 days ago


These guys are just funny.

1594 days ago


If you listen very closely the person doing the recording introduced the idea that Jesus was black. You
all must understand that TMZ goal is to get the person being recorded to say or do something outlandish. I hope that no one takes their conversation too seriously.

1594 days ago

Nanny Grace R.    

@43 Oh really? Wow then i need to try that fried chicken restaurant when iam in Denver. Lord knows i loooooove fried chicken and i am not ashamed to say so, its just food and they know it tastes good.

1594 days ago


Demar Derozan is awesome. Unreal nice guy and does so much for Toronto's kids who can't afford to play sports. He's a good guy.

1594 days ago
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