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Matt Barnes Dominates Bowling Match With Sons Loser Does Push-ups!

11/13/2018 3:37 PM PST
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Matt Barnes stays winning ... 'cause he mopped the floor with his twin boys at the bowling alley!!

The match was pretty epic ... the two 10-year-olds were neck and neck with their ex-NBA dad -- only a few pins apart heading into the 10th and final frame.

But, that's when Matt turned the chill all the way off ... and buried two straight strikes for the W.

The best part?? Barnes trash-talked through it all ... especially when his boys asked if he was gonna get the turkey to finish off the victory.

"Call it Thanksgiving, you better f*cking believe it!!!"

Losers had to do push-ups ... and yeah, Matt made sure to keep the chirping going through those too!

Don't worry too much for the boys ... Matt scored a big win in court last week against his ex-wife, Gloria Govan, that'll give them plenty of time with Barnes to get revenge.

Kevin Durant's Mom I Love LeBron and Magic Johnson ... Sooooooooooooo?????

11/13/2018 10:01 AM PST

Kevin Durant's mom tells TMZ Sports she loves LeBron James and Magic Johnson, which can only mean one thing ...

Wanda Durant loves LeBron and Magic. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Of course, Lakers fans are gonna love this clip ... K.D. is a free agent this summer and some are hoping he'll end up with the King in L.A.

We asked Wanda if she thought the 2 superstars will link up and wreck the West together ... and SHE DOES NOT SAY NO.

"My son has been in the NBA now for 11 years, so he's wise enough to make the decision that's best for him. I trust that."

There's more Laker love in the clip too ... Wanda gushes about Magic and his wife, Cookie -- which could be a whole lotta nothin' ... but, could also be a whole lotta somethin'.

There you have it. K.D.'s free agency mystery solved. You're welcome.

Kristaps Porzingis Hits NYC Party With Ivan Drago ... 'How Tall Are You, Man!?'

11/13/2018 9:01 AM PST

Kristaps Porzingis can't play basketball right now ... but that doesn't mean he ain't havin' fun -- 'cause the Knicks superstar just hit up an NYC party with Ivan Drago!!!

Dolph Lundgren was out at Mr. Chow Tribeca -- celebrating the upcoming release of "Creed II" -- so the Unicorn put his ACL rehab on hold and popped by to join the party.

Why?? We're told Kristaps -- whose nickname used to be "Young Drago" -- is a HUGE fan of the 'Rocky' villain, and always wanted to meet him.

The first interaction between the two at the Haute Living and Zenith Watches bash was pretty great ... K.P. towered over the 6-foot-5 actor -- and, at one point, Dolph just had to ask, "How tall are you, man?!"

Of course ... Kristaps measures in at 7-foot-3 -- only about a foot and a half taller than Drago's most famous opponent, Sylvester Stallone.

So ... it all begs the question -- WHO YA GOT IN THIS FIGHT?!

LeBron James, Paul George Praying For Caris LeVert ... After Gruesome Injury

11/13/2018 6:20 AM PST
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9:30 AM PT -- LeVert reportedly dislocated his right foot and ankle in the incident ... and he can return later this season.

The NBA community is rallying behind Caris LeVert after his sickening leg injury on Monday ... with superstars like LeBron James and Paul George showing support for the Brooklyn Nets player.

LeVert went up for a block toward the end of the 2nd quarter against the Minnesota Timberwolves ... and he landed awkwardly on his right leg, which appeared to snap.

If you haven't seen the video already, it should probably stay that way. If you DO want to see it ... we warned you ... it's painfully gruesome.

"Young Fella prayers to you!" LeBron tweeted Monday night. "Speedy recovery and even stronger impact coming soon for sure!"

George added ... "God bless you youngin tough road ahead but we’re here to help lift you @CarisLeVert ! You know how to reach me"

"Prayers for Caris LeVert," Kevin Love tweeted. "Hate to see this. Having a hell of a season. Keep strong"

Gordon Hayward -- who also suffered a nasty injury last season -- offered his assistance in recovery ... saying "Best wishes and prayers to @CarisLeVert on a speedy recovery! The journey back is hard, but you’ll be stronger in the end. Please reach out if you need anything!"

FYI -- 24-year-old LeVert was having his best NBA season by far ... averaging 18 points a game.

LeVert was stretchered off the court and rushed to a Minneapolis hospital for treatment. Players in the game were so shaken up by the injury that some were reportedly crying in the locker room at halftime.

Chris Paul shared his sympathy, saying, "Prayers out to @CarisLeVert!!! Been watchin him play this season and I’ve loved every bit of it! Hate to see him get injured."

Austin Rivers added, "..... smh too sad! Thoughts and prayers go out too @CarisLeVert ! He was having a great season! Hope he comes back stronger than ever! 🙏🏼🙏🏼  prayers up for the kid!!"

Brooklyn Nets Star Caris LeVert Suffers Gruesome Injury ... Stretchered Off Court

11/12/2018 6:57 PM PST
Breaking News

11/13 9:30 AM PT -- LeVert reportedly dislocated his right foot and ankle in the incident ... and he can return later this season.

Brooklyn Nets star Caris LeVert suffered a nasty leg injury Monday night that was reminiscent of the injury that sidelined Gordon Hayward for an entire season.

LeVert landed awkwardly after going up to attempt to block the Timberwolves' Josh Okogie and appears to have snapped his ankle. You can see how much pain he's in right away as he covers his face. LeVert had to be taken off the court by stretcher. 

The injury is eerily similar to the one Hayward suffered last year during his debut with the Celtics. Hayward also landed awkwardly on his ankle, and had to undergo surgery to recover. 

LeVert's injury is undoubtedly a season-ending one. There's been no official update on the severity of the break, but it's a huge loss for the Nets, who were 6-7 going into Monday's game.

Jimmy Butler Embraces Sixers GM Elton Brand At Minneapolis Airport

11/12/2018 10:39 AM PST

Jimmy Butler was personally greeted by his new Sixers GM, Elton Brand, and a private jet on his way outta Minnesota on Monday ... and TMZ Sports has the pics!!

The ex-Timberwolves forward was just shipped to Philadelphia in a blockbuster trade that sent Dario Saric and Robert Covington to Minnesota ... and Brand clearly couldn't wait to meet his newest superstar.

The Sixers are in Miami to play the Heat Monday night ... but we're told the guys are going straight to Philly. Butler's expected to suit up for the Sixers on Wednesday against the Orlando Magic.

It's Brand's first huge trade in his new position as general manager after his own 17-year NBA career ... and judging by the pics, he's happy with the results.

Magic Johnson Pumps Brakes On Lakers Hype ... 'It's Still Early'

11/12/2018 9:05 AM PST

Don't start the championship parade planning in L.A. yet ... Magic Johnson tells TMZ Sports SLOW YOUR ROLL on crowning the Lakers!!!

"It's still early," the LakeShow honcho says.

Of course ... Magic is one of very few people feelin' that way in L.A. -- 'cause the Lakers have won 5 of their last 6 and 3 in a row ... including a Sunday night thriller over the Hawks.

But, MJ -- just a couple days after not exactly giving Luke Walton the strongest vote of confidence -- clearly needs to see more before he gets all fired up.

BTW ... how did Magic leave Staples Center after the game Sunday?

Ya gotta watch ... the hoops legend straight-up walked out the front door and caused a frenzy!!!

Paul Pierce Evacuates Home During California Wildfire

11/12/2018 6:29 AM PST

Paul Pierce tells TMZ Sports he had to pack his things and leave his Calabasas home behind ... saying the California wildfires were getting too close for comfort. 

The retired NBA superstar was leaving Mastro's in Beverly Hills on Saturday night ... when he told us he had spent the day evacuating due to the massive wildfires that have forced more than 250,000 people to leave their homes behind.

At least 177 homes have been destroyed in SoCal by the fires ... and a ton of celebs and athletes have been affected -- including Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth and Gerard Butler, who all lost their Malibu homes.

Pierce shared a video from his multi-million dollar Calabasas home on Friday ... showing the fires moving toward his area.

When we spoke with Pierce Saturday night ... he said everything was okay for his family at the time, but it's unclear if that's still the case.

LaMelo Ball Ineligible for McDonald's All-American Game ... Officials Say

11/10/2018 12:40 AM PST

LaMelo Ball's stint in Lithuania has made him INELIGIBLE for one of the biggest honors at the high school level -- the McDonald's All-American Game ... officials tell TMZ Sports.

The All-American game features the top 24 players from around the country selected by a voting committee based on their athletic and academic success.

Superstars from Magic Johnson to LeBron James to Kevin Durant to Melo's older brother, Lonzo, have participated in the game -- being selected to the team is one of the highest honors a high school player can have. 

Of course, Melo announced his return to prep hoops earlier this week by enrolling in elite Spire Academy private school in Geneva, Ohio ... bringing him back to amateur status.

But, a rep for the organization's selection committee tells TMZ Sports LaMelo will NOT be in consideration to play in the game at the end of the season ... citing his past professional status as a means for disqualification.

"LaMelo Ball is a Professional Basketball player and has played professionally in Lithuania resulting in him being ineligible for the McDonald’s All-American Game," the rep tells us.

There are reports Melo didn't receive a cent of his salary while playing for BC Vytautas, making him clear to regain his amateur status.

But, reps for the All-American Game say they're not convinced -- yet -- however, they're willing to reconsider Melo's status if he can prove without a doubt he wasn't paid. 

We also reached out to the organization behind the Naismith Prep Player of the Year award -- another huge honor for high school athletes -- and they told us Melo is NOT disqualified from consideration. 

"As long as he maintains his amateur status, plays a full high school season and is in good standing with his team all season long, he’ll be considered just like any other HS candidate." 

But, Melo and the rest of the Ball family aren't about accolades anyway -- for them, the only thing that matters is getting PAID in the NBA. 

And, that starts with ballin' out in Ohio. 

Trae Young $138k Audi Trashed Popcorned By Teammates!

11/9/2018 10:23 AM PST
Breaking News

Remember how STOKED Trae Young was to get his brand-new, $138,000 Audi back in July??

Well ... it took his new Atlanta Hawks teammates only a few months to kill his chill -- 'cause they JUST STUFFED IT WITH A BOATLOAD OF POPCORN!!!

Jeremy Lin documented it all on social media ... showing the Atlanta rookie's new custom Audi R8 packed to the brim with the buttery stuff.

Trae wasn't the only victim Friday ... fellow rookie Omari Spellman had his (far less expensive) whip filled with the kernels too!!

At least it wasn't your average stale popcorn ... Lin performed a taste test and said, "That's high-level popcorn!"

The rooks seemed to take it in stride ... which is good news for the Hawks vets -- 'cause these pranks don't always go over so smoothly.

Kenyon Martin once threatened to kick the crap outta whoever stuffed his ride with popcorn in 2010 ... and Jaylen Brown told us just a few months ago he's STILL out for revenge on Amir Johnson for the prank.

Bottom line ... better sleep with one eye open for a while, Hawks vets.

LaMelo Ball 'Can Make Blind See, Cripples Walk,' ... Says New Coach

11/9/2018 9:38 AM PST
Breaking News

"We got the guy who can make the blind see and the cripples walk in LaMelo Ball"

Yeah, that's a REAL quote from LaMelo Ball's new high school basketball coach, Jermaine Jackson -- who says he's so excited about the young player, it's like Magic Johnson all over again. 

LaMelo, along with Jackson and LaVar Ball, just hosted a media event at the Spire Academy in Ohio where the 17-year-old will play this season ... and they're HYPED UP!

"Like Magic Johnson said in the '80s, don’t look down because you might miss something," Jackson said about Ball ... "It’s showtime baby!"

LaVar added this message to the Ohio media -- "Since LeBron left, I brought you a Ball boy."

Don't worry, LaMelo has a plan after he finishes his senior year -- he wants to play college ball. 

In fact, Ball told the media he's already got some schools in mind -- including North Carolina, Duke, Kentucky, Kansas, Michigan State ... according to WKYC's Ben Axelrod.

"We got the guy who can make the blind see and the cripples walk in LaMelo Ball"

LaVar also told the media he thinks LaMelo is the most famous high school basketball player of all time -- even more famous than Bron was -- because James was virtually unknown overseas. 

Ball is expected to make his Ohio high school debut in the next few days. 

Stay tuned ... 

LaMelo Ball Gets LeBron Treatment ... 'Welcome to Ohio!!'

11/9/2018 6:45 AM PST
Breaking News

LaMelo Ball is already getting treated like a king in Ohio ... 'cause the kid got a LeBron James-style billboard to welcome the high school baller to his new home!!

ICYMI -- the youngest Ball bro announced his return to prep hoops earlier this week ... enrolling in elite SPIRE Academy private school in Geneva for his senior year.

The billboard -- paid for by Overtime -- popped up just minutes from Quicken Loans Arena on I-90, by West 3rd Street Thursday night ... so a LOT of people are gonna see it.

It's a play off the MASSIVE Bron poster that used to hang across from the Q. Of course, that's been replaced by the hideous Guardian of Traffic banner.

The hype is real for the former No. 7 recruit in the Class of 2019 ... and we'll see if he can live up to it as he's scheduled to suit up for SPIRE next week.

It's great timing for hoops fans in northeast Ohio now that Bron's in L.A. ... but let's be real -- nobody's replacing the King.

NBA's Udonis Haslem Hey Dwyane Wade ... Make Me the Godfather!

11/9/2018 6:28 AM PST
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One of Dwyane Wade's Miami Heat teammates is already angling to be the godfather of the new baby -- it's Udonis Haslem ... and he's ready to kick some ass!!

As we previously reported, D-Wade and Gabrielle Union welcomed a brand new baby girl earlier this week via surrogate -- after trying to get pregnant themselves for several years. 

The couple says the baby is nothing short of a "miracle" -- and they're super excited about it! 

So is Haslem, who's played 15 seasons with Wade. In fact, Haslem was on the Heat when Wade was drafted back in 2003. 

UH clearly thinks he's got a good shot at being named "godfather" ...

"Congratulations to my family @dwyanewade and @itsgabrielleu on the birth of their beautiful baby girl. Got my ass kicking boots on and ready to be the best godfather ever my boy!!!"

The problem for UH ... Dwyane is pretty close with LeBron James and Chris Bosh -- so he could have some competition! 

In fact, Chris' wife, Adrienne Bosh, also chimed in ...

"I’m sooooo happy for the both of you!!! I have seen this moment in my mind and heart a million times... She will always be cherished and loved and celebrated Just as the love that you and @DwyaneWade share!"

The Miami Heat also offered congrats to the couple -- noting, "We have something on the way for your ViceViceBaby!"


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