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Tiger Divorce -- Get it Done, Keep it Quiet

5/11/2010 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren are trying to strike agreements on child custody and division of assets ... and then quietly and quickly file divorce papers to end their marriage.


Sources very familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... the most important thing for both Tiger and Elin is keeping the terms of the divorce confidential.  We're told Tiger has a team -- partly based in NYC -- that is working on the division of assets.  But ... as TMZ first told you ... the key player is West Palm Beach lawyer Thomas Sasser, an expert in child custody agreements that involve more than one jurisdiction.

Sources say one of the options is to actually file for divorce in Sweden -- Elin wants to move there with their two kids, Sam(2) and Charlie(15 months), and Tiger would have to submit to the jurisdiction of the court.  Wherever the divorce is filed, the plan is to keep the custody and property settlement agreements out of the court file.  We're told the quicker and quieter the divorce, the better.

The big issue, we're told -- Tiger wants either custody or visitation, and assurance that he can go into court and enforce the agreement if Elin violates it.  We're told Tiger wants the option to go to either a Swedish or American court to enforce the custody agreement.

And sources say ... the couple has not reached agreement on any of the major issues ... at least not yet.

Stay tuned...

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No Avatar


hopefully tiger will never get to see his halfbreed (or less) spawn
she is a whore and tiger is a fraud - they both need some humility and / or humiliation

1564 days ago


Elin should be thankful I didn't do to her what I did to Nicole.

1564 days ago


He can stick his putter in any HO he wants now.

1564 days ago

mr. reynolds    

Elin should take away what she came with. I hope Tiger got a pre-nup.

1564 days ago


Tiger is in no position to start calling the shots. Elin has been the steady force in those kids lives. If he got custody, they would just be with a Nanny while he would be galavanting all over to play golf. What judge in their right mind would have children be in the care of a Nanny over being with their Mother!!!!! It's a no-brainer. He should get visitation, and they should share the part of custody that makes decisions about their health and future. But they should live with their mother!

1564 days ago


WHY is Tiger Woods acting as though he's in any position to play hardball in this situation?? Anyway, if he wanted to be with his kids so much, he should have stayed home with them during the times he was he-whoring

1564 days ago


It is GREAT to hear she is going to dump the BUM. She has too much to offer to stay with an absolute ass like him. We all know he would do it again, if he stayed married. Go for it!

1564 days ago

Bat Masterson    

Who really cares ? She wants to go after money, Hey good riddens !

1564 days ago


all i say on is this they never should of married agreed. shes a gold digger .i also think there is more to this. tigger cant have all those wemon hes not just a bar pickup. his wife is she that simple? well she is a ritch blonde now so its possible.lastly i dont care what tigger does. for the kids sake this should be privete

1564 days ago


i tkink that if his wife really loved him, she would forgive him, she as a woman should know how some women throw themselves at men with money... not only that maybe she's not doing her job too well. maybe she doesn't take care of him that well, which drove him to seek a better job at home!!

1564 days ago

Rat Man    

I don't see why people have to bring race into it. Race has nothing to do with anything in this case. I feel sorry for people who are so backwards and ignorant that they still see people in terms of black or white. Tiger screwed up and has a big price to pay because of it. What has anyones race got to do with that?

1564 days ago


tiger, for heavens sake, dont allow the divorce to be filed in sweeden.ellis, mother is a sweedish politician and there is no dobt she will play a large paart is the divorce all bad for you. your best bet is to pay her off in incteiments and not allow her to take the childrren ouu of the country . this divorce is all about money and control over you and your rights. dont for a moment relinquish your rights. good luck and all the best to you and your children

1564 days ago


No big surprise. I'm just surprised that she didn't dump him alot quicker. Not many women could or should live with that.

1564 days ago


Tiger has no looks or personality. All he has to offer any woman is money. He a grown man and insulted his wife not with one woman but several - how mean disrespectful for a man to do this to his wife and family. You give wedding vows in hollywood and then you give them three times more. Getting married in Hollowood means you will tell her you love her and a couple of years later walk down the isle and tell that woman the same thing. Older men marry younger woman and they get them because they have power and money. Otherwise if they had a $60...,000 9 - 5 job say Trupm & Douglas and King - they would not have gotten who they married.

1564 days ago


It has nothing to do with race. Tiger should have not got married and making the money and the life style he was living, he had no self control and he was not acting as a married man. He did to many things out in the open, so what you think was going to happen. The sex addiction. BULLS***. A cover up, thinking it would not end divorce.

1564 days ago
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