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Miley's Dad on Lap Dance Video: 'Just Fun'

5/13/2010 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Billy Ray Cyrus is blowing off the controversy over his  then 16-year-old daughter Miley Cyrus grinding on a 44-year-old man -- saying, "It's what people her age do."

We spoke to Billy moments ago about the video that TMZ first posted yesterday -- Miley dirty dancing with Adam Shankman during the wrap party for her movie "The Last Song."

In our poll, an overwhelming majority said the dance was inappropriate ... and 40 percent of readers blamed Miley's parents -- who were not there when the dancing deed was done.

Papa Billy says Miley was just "having fun."


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wow she was a porn star now a hore on the street beging 4 butsex im not rely suprised

1593 days ago


Wow really?!? how the he** could you allow your 16 year old daughter to grind up against a man twice her age! really? God they fail as parents...poor excuse for people honestly. Monitor you daughter better because she has little kids younger than her stupid ass looking up to her. I dont know why but they love her. God help this generation of kids...they just dont know...

1593 days ago


Completely and totally inappropriate for a 16 year old girl doing a lap dance for a grown man !
Does she really want to be a stripper that bad?

If her parents weren't riding on the coat tails of her success they would learn to discipline her like the child she is.

Is this really the role model young girls are supposed to have?

Maybe she should just start handing out blow jobs to all the crew.

1592 days ago

Disgusted Girl    

yeah, okay, so she's not the first girl to dance like this with a guy. but the Man is about 30! He should've stopped it! then you have the fact that Miley Cyrus is on the Disney Channel where as 30 million children [or more] watch her show, and she knows that millions of 5-8 year old girls looked up to her. If she didn't want the responsibility of that then maybe she should just quit Hannah Montana; or someone should have the balls [*coughs* her father] to say, "this girl's a little bit too sexual for the Disney Channel". If thats something she doesn't want, then maybe she should stop acting like such a hoe. && no, it's not what "normal teenagers" do, it's what SLUTTY teenagers do.

1591 days ago


She is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NASTY okay i know hes gay and everything but are you kidding me its a 44 year old MAN. ok im only in 7th grade going into it but like me and my friends will pretend to do that but not even to ppl to the air we be like "HEEEEEEEEEYY" PARTY OVA HERE but i would want my ass in some old dude penis GAY OR NOT I WONT HAVE BILLLLLLLLY IM ASHAMED OF YOU

1591 days ago

bisma arif    

well i dont blame her.........i blame the parents.......
they have too much of an ego that they cant even admit that thier daughter is an item girl and dont give a dawm about what kind condition thier child is in......
without a doubt billy ray cyrus and tish....
have done a very bad parenting...........
miley cyrus is the next britney spears...........

1590 days ago


16 yr olds to do this all the time but the ones i saw doing it wasnt with grown men it was with friends their age and they was in a scenario like that...a party
i think everyone there is to blame miley for grindin against a grown man, the man for letting a little girl do that, and her parents for not letting his daughter respect herself
the blame mostly should to her parents obvisoulsy they dont mind letting her be loose goose
me and miley r totally different people and im younger but i wouldnt do stand to even be that close to a man older enough to be my father

1589 days ago

Eric C    

Everyone is saying "the next Britney Spears".... BLAH BLAH BLAH... What Britney went through is NOTHING like dancing on a guy. Miley AND Britney are people just like us. Thus we all forget that EVERYONE has effed up in life, so who are we to judge?? Granted, little girls look up to Miley, but its not HER responsibility or her parents responsibility to be a babysitter to YOUR kids. Times have changed since the 70s and 80s generation. What was deemed "unacceptable" back then is NOT the case nowadays. What is the saying about glass houses and stones???!! Walk a day in her shoes and then talk! All of this RAMBLING about her being a skank and a whore is CRAZY! She isn't naked. She is caught up in the music and GROWING UP. We have all done the rebellion thing. PUUUUU-LEEEEEZE! People need to stop with the name calling and "Pop star bashing" Let them do them and stop worrying about what they do. You dont live their life! Thanks!

1589 days ago


can she go anywhere with out being an attention whore?

1589 days ago


Hey Eric C could you come up with anymore cliches to defend her?

How about you go on you tube and scream "leave miley alone!!!!"

1589 days ago

Eric C    

Hey Dan, I dont even like Miley that much. I'm just sick of hearing people criticize her and every other entertainer/actor out there. Are you guys THAT bored in your own lives that you have to be THAT nosey and dive into other people's own life? (Hows that for a cliche?). Just STFU about it. If "you" (people in general) dont like it then stop looking at it and move the hell on!

1588 days ago


Eric C maybe we could say the same about you getting a life since you are on here commenting anyways.

And it's a free country if you see someone behaving badly celebrity or not you have a right to call them on it.

1588 days ago


loook at that! its jaw dropping and its ALLL HER ACTIONS, she is doing this publiclly you might as well get a room little slut. its barley her parents faults. i blame her. they better cut her off, btw shes moving into a house with her 21 year old boyfriend. by herself. horrible parentss **** you

1587 days ago


well since we have the right to call her out... SLUT!!

hate miley so much because she knows the cameras are following her, that what people call an attention whore.. or a lohan either way shes eff-ing stupid

1587 days ago


Ok seriously who cares what she does??? shes a teenager and we do stupid **** and her parents werent around to stop it so you cant blame them either cuz what are they gonna do about it now??? and as for the little kids that idolize her....its their parents repsonsibilty to monitor what the watch and see on the internet and you cant get mad at miley for living her life

1584 days ago
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