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Heidi's Mom Shops After Police Showdown

5/14/2010 4:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After Heidi Montag called the cops on her mother yesterday -- Darlene Egelhoff spent some time with her other daughter, Holly Montag, during a post-police standoff shopping trip at The Grove in L.A.

Heidi's Mom
Holly has been a staunch defender of her mother during the televised family feud with Heidi and Spencer Pratt on "The Hills."

As TMZ first reported, Heidi claims she wants to get a restraining order against Darlene after her mom showed up to the couple's L.A. pad yesterday and began "pounding on the door."


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Dear Crazy Spencer Pratt and Montag family.
Thank you for knocking me off the TMZ headlines. I'll buy you for a drink at Marmont anytime. Maybe you can explain that whole New World order/9/11 is an inside job/Jewish Cabal thing you beleive then.
Cheers! Lilo
ps: Dina and Michael says you guys need to shut up 'cause you're wrecking their headlines.

1520 days ago


Heidi is just pissed because her sister will always be prettier than her ragardless of how many surgeries her shallow body will have to go through! And they should be happy that her mom is there to care for her because its obvious no one in this world likes her or her "burnt out ken" husband!

1520 days ago


Holly and her mom should just cut their lossses and move on with their lives without that brainwashed twit a couple of years (after Spencer beats her) she will come running home to mommy (like she has in the past)

1520 days ago


Maybe once the media stops giving Heidi & Spencer press, they will figure out how unimportant they really are in this world. They think they are "celebrities", but really they are nothing mroe than trash trying to pretend to be celebrities. I think it's such a publicity shame with those two. Heidi's surgeries are ridiculous for someone only 23. She was fine beforehand. Now she looks older than I do and I'm in my 40's. Spencer is on some serious drugs. He's Kookoo for cocopuffs in more than one way. Maybe it's time for their families to intervene.

1520 days ago


Heidi/Spencer are 2 really strange birds..... JMO

1520 days ago


Darlene, you need to let go of Heidi, she can only help herself at this point. Look at what she had done & continues to do. She has to hit rock bottom first. Good luck Darlene, dont let Heidi and that weird husband of hers get you down. If they are so smart-let them go on their own.

1520 days ago

go home!    

Jesus. Let a mother and daughter shop in peace. You guys with your videorazzi are disgusting.

1520 days ago


It's obvious heidi is sharing her drugs with spencer. They are both whacked out. I suppose spencer doesn't let heidi get on the internet because if she did she'd realize we all feel the same how bad her surgery made her face. She looks like a circus side show act. Maybe that's what insane spencer was going for. They really need some therepy. Does Dr. Drew know someone they can see for mental help?

1520 days ago


Glad Darlene has one normal daughter! Holly, so glad you are treating your mom well and standing by her!

1520 days ago


Something drastic needs to be be done about spencer he has clearly gone off the rails. His family should have him involentary commited! His crzy plastic wife needs to be rescued from him.
he allready ruined her looks and gave her a drug problem.
Noone is going to hire her as long as he is in the picture. she realy needs to get away from him and file for divorce.
They are running out of m,oney so soon spencer well be pimping her out for sex with old men that atreinto the fake look.
Nothing goood can come fromt hse too. OMG they are both crazy!!

1520 days ago


heidi is obviously psychotic. Why do you keep reporting on her? I can't wait for the day when she calls up the media and they just laugh and hang up.

1520 days ago


Mybe spencer and fake girl;s fmailys need to come toghther and stage a laoan style intervetion and call them out publicly.
Once hdei realizes how bad she looks and how crazy her husband has gottn adn he is going to sink anay chance of her extending her 15 min of fame. they both want fame and drugs more than life itself. they are everything superfical about LA compiled into one ugly mess.
They need rehab hedi is never going to get off pills cuz her gone wrong surgery is keeping her in pain if not just emotionaly.
There want to be careers ore OVER.

1520 days ago


I really sympathize with Darlene. How would anyone act when their daughter changes herself in such a drastic manner? Spencer is whack and Heidi looks awful. These two live in their own little delusional world but cannot see that their choices impact others in their families.

1520 days ago


OK, I'm going to play devils advocate here and say WHAT did the mother expect to happen? You cannot go on T.V and diss your own blood and EXPECT them to greet you with open arms!
I as a mother WOULD NOT have said what she said on T.V. about my own daughter. NOTHING good came from it. I believe it was done maliciously and unfairly.

Just my opinion.

1520 days ago


Somebody brought up a good observation on the other thread. I hope the family next door aren't allowing their child to go over to the Pratt's house anymore. Spencer seems to be coming unglued.....I would be scared for my child.

1520 days ago
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