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Former 'Survivor': Alleged Attack All For 'Publicity'

5/14/2010 4:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ex "Survivor" star Kenward "Boo" Bernis claims his alleged battery victim is a fame whore and the whole bar room incident was a "publicity stunt" on her part.


Bernis is accused of grabbing former "Big Brother" contestant Krista Stegall by the arm and forcibly moving her at Bootlegger's Bar in Lafayette, LA last month.

Bernis -- who co-owns the bar -- claims Stegall had already "caused a fight that went down between two guys," and almost sparked another one in the restroom.

As for the bruises on Stegall's arm -- Bernis says he did grab her, but only after she left the restroom, and only to escort her out of the bar.

The D.A. in Lafayette has not filed charges against Bernis.


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Where's Rupert when you need him.

1621 days ago


We ``````` the general public ````` should all just start acting up ``` when we feel like it `````` and then get the charges `` dropped. What a C`R`O`C`K!!

1621 days ago


I believe him.

1621 days ago


Ya she did all of this for publicity. That's why Boo posted on his mypage who he attacked and she hasn't said a word in 3 weeks. What a tag a long loser Boo is and I hope he enjoys the publicity now cus it's coming- oh yeah. Crack head really Rhoid boy? Krista got you ON Survivor you thankless bastard.

1621 days ago


Oh and he owns like 3% of the bar! I own 100% of my POS car and it's worth more. THIS IS MY CAR THIS IS MY CAR!!! Oh wait, it really is my car.....

1621 days ago


I 100% believe his story. When she was on Big Brother Krista loved to stir the crap.
She seemed like she wanted her 5 mins of fame. So this stor does not surprise me.
I heard somewhere else that Russell is a silent partner at bootleggers.

1621 days ago


Oops, he posted it on facebook not myspace. Oh and I made sure to screen cap it in case it gets deleted. Sucks not being able to defend yourself doesn't it? Enjoy your weekend.

1621 days ago


Yeah she's a fame whore, I remember after Big Brother 10, some houseguests went to a charity thing she had and some said she pocketed the money did not give it to the charity.

1621 days ago


Krista being a fame-whore is a major understatement. I live in Lafayette and have been dealing with her "I was on Big Brother" attitude for awhile. She used to work in the mall here. She'll tell you that CBS calls her as does MTV, wanting her for various shows. When I was going to UL I would hear her on the radio with Bobby Novasad on KSMB. She just sounded dumb. She would constantly mispronounce the name of her daughters own school and in general make really ignorant statements and justify it by saying she was country. I had to listen to CDs til I heard she left.
Boo and several witnesses saw what Krista pulled that night. His best move should have been to call the Lafayette PD to get her removed from Bootleggers. Now that he's touched her, country will look for the payoff. Boo and Russell, get ready. Fame-whore isn't going away because this is her last shot. EC

1621 days ago


why don't you contact faith house and see how much money krista raised for them,it a a great sum. check out your facts. the girl works closely with them and has proor of the donations. get your facts staight buddy.

1621 days ago

go home!    

This woman is a crazy fame whore. Even boogie said it when he was on BB Allstars that they broke up because when she moved to LA when they got engaged on the finale of BB2, she thought she was the sh*t and would always walk into places at night with sunglasses. Even she was too much of a fake fame whore for Boogie, now that says ALOT.

1621 days ago


The Faith House gig is something that makes her look good to make up for the regular crap that she pulls. The sunglasses thing is soooooo true. She went through that faze here in Lafayette. You would think she actually won Big Brother. Even though actual winners of the shows aren't as loaded with bs as Krista. She is looking for an easy payout. Hopefully Boo and Russell have their liability insurance paid up.
#5 Lisa. You have to be Krista. How are you logging on to post? Bootlegged wi-fi in the Broadmoor subdivision?

1621 days ago


I live in Lafayette an can comfirm she is a peice of trash. The reason she wore sunglasses in night clubs was cause she was high as a kite!! She is broke with no money and will try to sue anyone just to get money. she has many other law suits that she has filed which all pretty much state the same. someone has done something to her and of course according to her she didnt do anything wrong so she sues them. She is dirty and will do anything for money!! She thinks everyone just loves her here in Lafayette and in the real world everyone thinks she is a joke. She cant keep a job, is a horrible mother and thinks everyone owes her. Nobody cares Krista get over yourself!

1621 days ago


It doesn't add up. Why is she a fame-whore when HE released her name? Maybe roid-rage set in on this guy, cuz there is NEVER an excuse to lay a hand on a woman. This guy is 3 times her size. If it's "MY BAR" then why not have a bouncer escort her out? This guy sounds like a bully and his bar buddies apparantly are postin in his defense for a free ****tail.

1621 days ago


Pot meet kettle.

1621 days ago
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