'Survivor' Star's Alleged Victim -- 'Big Brother' Alum

5/13/2010 8:00 AM PDT

'Survivor' Star's Alleged Victim -- 'Big Brother' Alum

TMZ has learned former "Survivor" contestant Kenward "Boo" Bernis has close ties to the woman he allegedly roughed up in a bar restroom ... because she's also a former CBS reality TV star.

Krista Stegall -- who appeared on "Big Brother" in 2001 -- tells TMZ she was in the bathroom at Bootleggers Bar in Lafayette, LA last month when Bernis allegedly stormed in, grabbed her arms, shoved her against a wall, and shouted, "this is my bar!"  Stegall claims these photos (above) show the bruises she suffered in the alleged attack.

Stegall says she filed for a restraining order against Bernis last week.  She claims she and Bernis -- who co-owns Bootleggers Bar -- were longtime friends, but never dated.

We were unable to reach Bernis for comment.